Work in Ibiza? The paradox of summer 2016!

Work in Ibiza during the summer season? It’s the dream of thousands of people from all over the world.

But, as we have already written (read here), sometimes the reality is very different. Recently, several restaurants and bars have written to us, asking if we could advertise their job opportunities.

Why? Simple – job applications from abroad for summer 2016 are lower than previously. The reasons?

As per our recent article, in most cases salaries are not very high, and over the last few years, the cost of renting in Ibiza has increased dramatically.

For example, to rent a single room can cost from 400-450 € up to 600-650 € per month.

If you don’t work in a top location, where you can earn good tips on top of your salary, and your employer won’t provide you lodging in a staff house (many restaurants & clubs provide staff accommodation) working in Ibiza may not be beneficial. So this is the paradox of summer 2016: there are still several job opportunities out there, but with fewer numbers of candidates applying for them.

Potential employers understand that with the cost of flights, the cost of renting and the cost of living in Ibiza, it won’ be easy to save money.

So…why waste several months to return home with very little money?

This is unfortunately, Ibiza, with all its contradictions and paradoxes.

Welcome to summer 2016!

If this still hasn’t put you off and if you would like to see the updated list of job opportunities, click here.

Text by Steve M. & Emma M.

Breaking news about Amnesia opening party!

Amnesia Ibiza four our ago gave an important announcement about the opening party.This is the text:

We need your support!

You will never dance alone friends and promoters; We are Ibiza

10 years ago, we had to fight alone against the schedule restrictions on the clubs and the “afterhours” prohibition in Ibiza, that supossed to us the sanction to close for 1 month in 2007.

At this year 2016 and trough the constant pressures by the institutions of the island, restricting the schedule´s clubs to promote other interests and having accepted and paid all the fines that have been imposed us and deny one more time the exceptionality of a morning schedule for the Opening.

Although don´t share the decision of the official institutions and before this drastic negative, Amnesia has decided to accept it and change their Opening time from 16: 00h to 06: 00h, producing 14 hours of music followed with new additions on the final Line up as Ricardo Villalobos, Pan – Pot and many more surprises to celebrate the biggest party that Ibiza has seen in a long time and will never forget; because, despite the continuous obstacles and disadvantages that put us on the road, we will fight that the magic continues in Ibiza and avoid that the music stops.

Finally, we apologize for the constant changes of schedule, due to external causes that have wanted to avoid the most important event of the summer that has held and affected many of you personally.


* You can use this hashtag to manifest your impressions and opinions about that, whoever you are.

See you on the 28th of May, family!


Nunca caminaréis solos amigos y promotores; todos somos Ibiza

Hace ahora 10 años , tuvimos que luchar en solitario contra la restricción de horarios
de las discotecas y la prohibición de los “ afterhours “ en Ibiza . Eso nos supuso la sanción de cierre por 1 mes en el año 2007.

Llegados a este año 2016 y ante las constantes presiones de las instituciones de la Isla, por restringir el horario de las discotecas para favorecer otros intereses y tras haber aceptado y pagado todas las multas que se nos han impuesto, se nos ha vuelto a negar la excepcionalidad de un horario matinal para el Opening .

A pesar de que no compartimos esta decisión de los estamentos oficiales y ante esta drástica negativa, Amnesia ha decidido acatar la decisión y cambiar su horario de apertura de 16:00h hasta 06:00h, produciendo 14 horas de música seguida con nuevas incorporaciones al Line Up definitivo como Ricardo Villalobos, Pan – Pot y alguna sorpresa más para celebrar la fiesta más grande que haya visto Ibiza en mucho tiempo y que jamás olvidaréis; ya que, a pesar de los continuos obstáculos e inconvenientes que nos pongan en el camino, seguiremos luchando para que la magia continúe en Ibiza y evitar que la música deje de sonar .

En último lugar, queremos pedir disculpas por los constantes cambios de calendario, ocasionados por causas externas que han querido impedir que se celebre el evento más importante del verano y que ha afectado a muchos de vosotros personalmente.


*Puedes utilizar este hashtag para manifestarnos tus impresiones y opinión acerca de este tema, seas quien seas.

¡Nos vemos el 28 de mayo, familia!

Further info on our website!” More info here

And this is the new line up, and will play more artists as  Ricardo Villalobos & Pan Pot (and won’t play Ilario Alicante).


David Vincent presents: Dance 88/89 at Sankeys!

Tonight at Sankeys Ibiza will be celebrated the opening party of “Dance 88/89”, one of the news of summer 2016.

But, what is “Dance 88/89”? David Vincent, Sankeys owner, says:”Dance 88/89 is my personal artistic project. It is when I firts got into Dance music and experienced House Music in the 80’s and Balearic Beats in Ibiza in 1988. I want to bring back the music heritage of our beautiful island as I feel it is needed.  These two summer of Loves for me muscially were the best period of Dance Music for the quality of music”. 

The line ups? Will be very interesting as explain David Vincent:“And it is a honour to work with the original pioneers of the dance music scene like Alfredo, Bushwacka, Danny Rampling, Mr C, etc as they are in my opinion the “Beatles of house music” as if it was not for them I doubt we would all be here now expect the unexpected but I can assure you there will not be any better real house music played on the island this summer than Dance 88/89. I will be in the front screaming Aciieed!!! It truly does bring back my childhood memories to me

On these premises, are you ready for a great party and also to scream Aciieed???

Here you have the official poster with the complete line up!


Watergate Berlin: the program of June!

As we announced, Ibiza by night will have a permanente focus on Berlin, a place that we love and where we have a strong community of supporters.

Today we talk about about one of the most influent european club: Watergate, that presents also in June parties that make the difference !

Here you have the complete program of June 2016, as you can read,  are scheduled artists as Mathias Kaden (1st June), Santé, Sidney Charles, Katja (3rd June), Ellen Allien, Silvie Loto (4th June), Soul Clap (10th June), Delano Smith, Dj Qu (11th June) and many more.

Here you have the official …and…stay tuned because of soon we will talk about them.

Ready for a great June in Berlin by night?

#berlinbynight #watergateberlin

watergate ridotto

Bora-Bora Ibiza presents the opening party! With Pirupa, Cristian Viviano, Taia, Eder Alvarez & many more. Free entry!

Bora-Bora Ibiza presents the opening party!

The line up includes as main guest the Italian dj and Producer Pirupa,  plus Cristian Viviano, Taia, Eder Alvarez & many more.

The event is scheduled Friday 27th of May, starting at 12 am till late , and the entry is free!

This is the official poster with all the artists.

For the opening party calendar of Ibiza 2016, click here.


Mosaic by Maceo Plex: the season opening!

Mosaic by Maceo Plex  could be one of the best surprises of Ibiza 2016!

After the brilliant result of the pre season opening party, Maceo and his team are back at Pacha Ibiza.

The line up?  It’s awesome. In the main room will play Maceo Plex, Agents of Time (live), Red Axes, Maars.

In the Prism room the line up is composed by Matrixxman, Conforce and Oswald!

So, see you tonight at Pacha Ibiza, because of Maceo Plex means great music!

More info here.