The Team

This is our team

Steve M. – Director (Milan – Ibiza)

Frederick S. (Communication specialist London – Milan)

Emma M. (Editing London – Paris)

Ester M. (Web Development – Naples – Barcelona)

Christine Z. (Social media Manager Milan- Berlin)

Maria Cristina C. (Web promotion  Rome – Ibiza)

Ale I. M.D. (Creative area Miami – Ibiza)

Juliana T.  (Web development Tel Aviv – Prague)

Takisha B. (Web development Russia- Georgia)

Sara B. (Web development Dubai- Ibiza)


Don’t forget, Ibiza by night is a dream team still open to creative minds and to new energies.

If you feel really special and if you think that you have all the qualities to join our family, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Someone will answer you soon.