This week in Ibiza!

Dear friends… I want to suggest you some selected events in Ibiza this weeek.

I wish to tell you also that this article will be updated ūüėČ so… don’t stop to follow ibiza by night…

let’s start

Tonight, 27th of February


Insomnio, Wednesday at la Kokotxa, the winter appointment of friday night..presents… and exclusive set of Graham Sahara plus the music of the resident Dj Jordi Tur and also the guest Rouvens.. Dj resident at Bora Bora. free entry, starting at 21,00 till 5,00

This is the poster of the event:


And this is the link of the event on facebook:

Thursday 28th of February


The winter experience of Ibiza is back… with a new episode of ¬†“Ibiza vice”… one intriguing party organized by Fernando pablo Link.

This week the program includes the sound of Alex Kennon (it’s his birthday…happy B-day Alex!) and Stefano Geminis….from 23,55 till 6,00…

This is the poster of the event…


And this is the link on facebook:

And before… still at Marina Botafoch…

Miss Mash

Miss mash presents.. a night of food, music and art.. still organized by Fernando pablo Link, from 21,00 till 2,00 !


Mirage Ibiza

A night of great music…the theme of the night is…”Playmovie”… with the music of Jonathan Tena, Thomas Gioia, Luis Grove, Jancedric…this is the poster of the event!


Picaro, Playa d’en Bossa

From 21,00 a night of music with the sound of Sasa Mendone!


And here we have a section dedicated to the pacha with two events!


Pacha Ibiza presents: “Dia de las Baleares”, from midnight till 7.00, with Dj Sergi Mussa and Mariano Grande, free entry till 2,30 p.m.


This is the link on fb of the event:


Friday 1st of March Pacha presents: “History of music”, with Dj Joan Ribas, Soldado and Angel Linde.. a night of great music!

This is the poster of the night!


Saturday 2nd of March


Sirocco (Playa d’En Bossa) ¬†presents: Blue Tide party with the music of Jean Cedric, Sergi Ribas, Mariano Somoza and Dj Pippi: this is a party not to be missed…and it’s organized by Daniela Biagetti…Daniela ¬†in the last months has organized many excellent parties and events… but Ibiza by night will talk soon about her…


Outside Ibiza

Outside ibiza…this week we start to talk about the spring tour 2013 of an Italian Dj in ibiza… Gaty Lopez… soon you’ll read something special on the site… but this is the spring tour of Gaty in the date!


So dear friends… the party calendar will be updated!

Have fun!


Ibiza meets Pescara: the Bunlab experience

In Pescara, Italy, during the winter time, there is a piece of Ibiza, and it’s called Bunlab!

The project Bulab was created one year ago, in March 2012  by Ivan Terrenzio.

Ivan Terrenzio (in the picture below) is a promoter and producer well known and respected in Ibiza.


For eight years his bar, Can Pou bar, in the port of Ibiza, was a meeting point for the clubbers of the Island.

He also worked as promoter for shows as Kehakuma, La Troya, Espuma, Cafe Ole,  Fact, and since summer 2012, for the show Music on of Marco Carola.

‚ÄúIbiza for me is a great experience and also a great school of life- says Ivan Terrenzio -‚Ķ I decided to bring the sound of the Island in my city, Pescara, during the winter‚Ķ and so, helped ¬†by my brother Fabio Terrenzio and by a great team of friends, I created the Bunlab“.

And Bunlab organized during the winter lots of concerts, with some of the best emerging dj’s of the Island.

The names? Well, the list is very long… Ilario Alicante, Leon, Remo, Kanzyani,  Farfa, Priku, Matt John, Nima Gorji, Picone, Gianluca De Tiberiis… just to tell some of them.

foto bunlab ilario alicante

In the picture: from the right:Leon, Ilario Alicante, Fabio terrenzio, Ivan terrenzio and a friend, courtesy of Bun Lab

‚ÄúWhen I started Bunlab many people said that was a big gamble, but me and my team had excellent results, with many sold out and with a lot of friends that came for the shows from pescara but also from other places of Italy‚ÄĚ.

This is the present‚Ķ but for the future chic will be the new surprises? Ivan Terrenzio is a bit enigmatic but says:‚ÄĚThe spring in Pescara will be full of surprises‚Ķ and then¬† we will be ready for an unforgettable summer in Ibiza!”

And that’s  a promise of a clubber!


For more Infos about Bunlab:

A week of parties!

Dear friends…this is a week rich of events and parties… here you have a suggested list

Tonight Wednesday 20th of February


Insomnio presents: wednesday at la Kokotxa…. with the sound of Marc Tur, (Pacha Ibiza), the Dj resident ¬†Jordi Tur, Rouvens (Bora Bora Ibiza) & Ruben Rodenas, from 21,30 till 5.00

This is the link of the event on facebook for further informations:




Bubbles and Fernando Pablo Link presents: Ibiza Vice, one of the most amazing show of winter time… this week with the music of Tom Crane and Alex Kennon (the Face of Ibiza) …here is the poster of the event


And before, still organized by Fernando Pablo Link…

Miss mash

Miss mash (Marina Botafoch)pre-party, from 21,30 till 3,00…… with the music of Sasa Mendone!


Lola’s Ibiza

First Klass and Lola’s Ibiza presents : winter session, with the music of Malone and Sergi Villalta.. a party rich of surprises! This is the poster of the event!


Ocean Drive

Starting at 19,00, Gin & Burger meets Lux Up.

In consolle : Sebastien Vanackere, Kike Radikal y Carlos Jurado, and the party is organized also by Daniela Biagetti


Friday and Saturday


Pacha presents, winter sessions, with the music of David Oleart and Sergi Mussa, for more informations and for news about the free guest list this is the link of the event:


Outside Ibiza

Milano, Italy, Saturday 23th of February

Davide Avallone presents: Ibiza talents… a great party with the music of Neverdogs, Marco Yanes and Luca Serra.

A night of pure sound of Ibiza in Milano!


Pescara, Italy, Friday 22nd of February

Bunlab and Ivan Terrenzio present a night of excellent music with Fernando Costantini and Mattia Diodati, this is the poster of the event


Dear friends, this article will be updated… but you have plenty of opportunities for a great nightlife.. Enjoy!


Ibiza Talents goes to Milano!

Next Saturday 23th of February Ibiza talents moves to Milano!

The most intriguing winter show of Ibiza goes to Italy for a great night of music at one of the best clubs in the city: the  Limelight (Via Gianmarco Castelbarco 11) !

Ibiza talents in the last two years become one of the top show of ibiza during the wintertime, and – during the season 2012-2013, gave the opportunity to hear famous dj’s as Marc Antona.

Davide Avallone, the promoter and organizer of the event (in the picture below) says:”I promised that Ibiza talents would be a project that starts in Ibiza… but also moves abroad… This is the first step!“.


In the picture: Marco Yanes, Marc Antona, Davide Avallone and Tom Pool

For the Italian event there is an excellent line – up.

During the night  (from 23,30 till 5,30) will play Neverdogs (from Music on Ibiza), Marco Yanes, dj resident of Ibiza Talents, and Luca Serra of Granmanzana records.

In the picture: Neverdogs

For further informations this is the link on facebook of the event:

And this is the poster of the night!


But the news won’t finish here… Ibiza by night is proud to announce that another one episode of Ibiza talents, this time in the famous location of ¬†Pacha Ibiza, is ready… 31st of March.. so.. ready for the good music?


Breaking news: Cream is back at Amnesia!


Summer 2013 in Ibiza is arriving…and there are the first confirms about the shows…

The cream..a classical show at Amnesia… with many of the world’s top djs back!

Starting from Thursday 13th of June 2013 until 19th of September 2013 … every Thursday at Amnesia the show Cream will be back!

Soon Ibiza by night will give yoy more infos with line-ups and more!

For more infos :

and on facebook:

and this is the official Cream page!

This is the poster of Cream!


Carnaval Time!

BrThe week of Carnaval is rich of events in Ibiza… ¬†Here you have a list of selected parties!



Insomnio presents: a great night with the sound of Jordi Tur, Gael ¬†and Rouvens… starting at 21,30 till 5,00.. freee entry!


Tomorrow Thursday 14th of February


At Bubbles Ibiza a new episode of “Ibiza vice” one of the most intriguing party of winter season… The event is organized by Fernando Pablo Link and in consolle will play Alex Kennon¬† (The face of Ibiza) and Aleksia! ¬†free entry .. from midnight till ….


But before…

Sasa Mendone plays at Miss Mash..Marina Botafoch…starting at 21!


Friday 15th of February


Mirage presents  a night with the music of Jonathan Tena, Borja s and Ruger Elewan!


Lola’s Ibiza

First klass presents “ibiza Groove and good music” consolle Sergi Villalta, Toni Moore, Ismael Baraka and Nat Mc Carthy…….


Ocean drive Hotel

Carlos Jurado   presents Gin & Burger meets Lux up! Starting at 19.00 with the music of

Stoned Baby, Kike Radikal y Carlos Jurado!


Saturday 16th of February

Guarana ibiza (Santa Eulalia del riu)

A night of brilliant music with Mauro Nakimi (alivelab records) and John Ferrer (versus party Ibiza).. a party… uncommon


El Clodenis… Rewind!

El Clodenis presents rewind after tea party! Ibiza meets venice for an unique Carnaval party…organized by Gloria geseri ¬†and with the sound of Miguel Garji, Thomas Gioia and Jack Steinel!

This is the poster of the party!


Sirocco Ibiza

A great party at Sirocco… Playa d’En Bossa… ¬†“Blue tide” .. with the music of Sergi Ribas, Dj Pippi and Mariano Somoza.. for infos +34655714168 Daniela ¬†This is the poste of the event!


Pacha Ibiza

Pacha Ibiza presents: David oleart Bday!… with the music of Mariano Grande and David Oleart!


And now…….Outside Ibiza

Verona, Italy…ex Alterego.. a great night with Markus Fix, paolo martini and more…organized by papa jean! This is the poster of the event!


Pescara, Italy  Bunlab and Ivan Terrenzio present at Qube club A R Soluxion live and Antonio Patanè! For a night of excellent music!


And now…save the date

Milano, Italy

Saturday 23th of February…

Ibiza talents goes to Italy… a great night of music with Neverdogs, Marco yanes and Luca Serra…organized by Davide Avallone…. soon more infos! A great event supported by Ibiza by night!!!


Breaking news:

Summer 2013 in Ibiza

Starting from Thursday 13th of June until 19th of September… every Thursday at Amnesia the show Cream is back!

For more infos :

and on facebook:



Rewind and Gloria Geseri are back for an unforgettable Carnaval!

Saturday 16th of February, starting at 21,00 at El Clodenis Ibiza, the party “Rewind” will be back!

For the fourth anniversary of the show ¬†Gloria Geseri -organized of the event -will present ¬†an unforgettable fiesta …. Ibiza meets Venice…a masquerade party… with the sound of Miguel Garji, ¬†winner as best radio show at Vicious Music Awards 2012, and also Thomas Gioia and Jack Steinel.

The artwork of the night will be by Cristina Sanfelice.

But now let’s start to discover some secrets of the party… and the best way to do it is to talk to Gloria Geseri…. ¬†a great friend of Ibiza by night


Gloria Geseri, artist , dancer and performer since 15 years in Ibiza (she has worked in legendary shows as the Zenith party, Manumission, La Troya…and in movies as “Amnesia”) says about the party: “With rewind party we have two scores.. firstly find the original soul and spirit of Ibiza..and then have a lot of fun in an atmosphere rich of unforgettable surprises…who will come to this rewind party will remember it…..“.

And during the night- as says Gloria Geseri- will be presented a new interesting project:”¬†We have a very important purpose with this 4th Anniversary.. to inform about ‘ Alegria horse…..’ Taking care of horses mistreatment and recovering horses in our island“.

So.. ready for a night absolutely unconventional?

This is the poster of the event


For further informations this is the link on facebook of the page of the event

So dear friends…have fun!