The Sound Lab

Ibiza by night presents: The sound lab!

The sound lab is the second new project for 2015.

Ibiza by night will introduce some excellent dj’s that will record an exclusive set for us.

Actually our community has hundred of dj’s from around the world that follow and support us.

So our team will hear their sets, and some of them will be presented with dedicated articles (and we will include also the links to the sets).

If you want to send your music, please join our group on Facebook Ibiza link (this is the easiest way):

Then  start to send there your sets… someone of our team will hear you and soon you could have nice surprises!


This is the link to  the episodes:

The Sound Lab #Episode 1 with Alex Del Vecchio:

The Sound Lab  #Episode 2 with Elvio Iannitti:

The Sound Lab #Episode 3 with Ettore Ennetielle

The Sound Lab  #Episode 4 with Harry Housen The sound Lab

The Sound Lab #Episode 5 with Ivan Fly Corapi

The Sound Lab #Episode 6 with Lorenzo Calvio

The Sound Lab #Episode 7 with Luigi Moretti

The Sound Lab #Episode 8 with Sabrina Terence

The Sound Lab #Episode 9 with Tania Moon


The Sound Lab #Episode 11 with Maurizio Marengo

The Sound Lab #Episode 12 with Christian Adamo

The Sound Lab #Episode 13 with Los Pastores

The Sound Lab #Episode 14 with Resonant  

The Sound Lab #Episode 15 with Dennis Lado

The Sound lab #Episode 16 with Viktor Martini  

The Sound lab #Episode 17 with Alejandro Scocco




The Sound lab #Episode 18 with Dennis Lado  

The Sound lab #Episode 19 with Inga

The Sound lab #Episode 20 with Paolo Madzone Zampetti

The Sound lab #Episode 21 with Miguel Gomez Fernandez

The Sound lab #Episode 22 with Ivan Fly Corapi  

The Sound lab #Episode 23 with Emanuele Grossi  

The Sound lab #Episode 24 with Deejay Radu

The Sound lab #Episode 25 with Domenico Imparato aka Franz dj

The Sound lab #Episode 26 with soAve

The Sound lab #Episode 27 with Alejandro Scocco

And then we moved to 

The Sound lab #Episode 28 with Joe Venditti & Neshga

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