A long week end of parties…..

Hi friends…

Here you have some suggestions  for next weekend…that will be rich of events…

Let’s start from Thursday 23th of February

– Bubbles: “Deep hoseworld” with dj Mariano Somoza (resident) & Miguel Garji. Organized by Fernando Pablo Link and Houseworld from 23,30 until 6.00

– Keeper: “C’an dance” with Felix Da Funk, Kike Torres, Java. Dj Oliver and Jose The End… from 23,30 until 6,00


Friday  24th of February

– Shardana – Aperitive in Music ..From 9 p.m. “Carnival session”  masters of ceremony Tato & Dan Ghenacia

– Grial from 22,30 Chef Zibago – Music selector de luxe

– Lola’s – Pink Project  special guests Dj Goya & Tom Crane


Saturday 25 of february

-Pacha: “Beautiful people” with JP Candela, Submission, Luigi Nieto, guest star Sarah Main.

– Lola’s:”First Klass – Ibiza groove & good music” with Sergi Villalta, Tony moore, Ismael Baraka and Mirketto.

Have a nice week end!


Ibiza by night & friends: Joan Ribas

When I decided to create “Ibiza by night” i didn’t want  to realize just a “party calendar”, but I wanted also to create  a community of friends, with their stories, profiles,projects and musical esperiences.

The first friend that I meet  is  Joan Ribas, a dj with over 30 years of career in Ibiza.

The music history of Joan Ribas is very long… he worked  15 years as Dj in the Pacha, many years as radio Dj and played all around the world.

Joan lives in Ibiza all year round, and actually is the resident dj at Pacha Hotel Ibiza and, during the summer,  plays also at Cafè del mar, in San Antonio.

Joan created also a web site and an interesting musical project: www.ibizasoulstice.com …. Music “a la carte”, and,  as told Joan…is a way to enter  in Dj’s era 2.0, a way to mix fashion, music and sound avantgarde   ….but I’ll talk soon about it…..


He also won many awards, including  the 2010 “best set in lounge bar “from dj Mag: a musical session of Joan Ribas is a complete experience, with music of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, funky, disco music, jazz….. without forgetting his production with  Milesart Orchestra…

I met Joan in Ibiza, during the winter and after the fabolous summer 2011…and he explained  me his  idea of Ibiza when tha big parties are over……:”Ibiza in winter  is a quite place- he said- There are just a few clubs open, It’s perfect to relax and to appreciate the island…

A fast relax just waiting for summer 2012?




Ready for a spectacular week end in Ibiza?

Dear friend of Ibizabynight.net, as I promised yesterday, I have more news for next week end in Ibiza, that should be spectacular…

This is the party calendar…

Friday 17th of February….

I have another one party to suggest you: at Pacha the “Rock nights Carnival”  from 23,30 until 7.00….. with Nasty Mondays, a “rock night dj” as Colin Peters, and the performance of Raul Moya plus “From paper to screen”…a visual show by Marco Torres…this is the flyer…

Saturday 18th of February……

Restaurante Clodenis…an intriguing party “Baile de mascaras”..  organized by Rewind After tea party…and created by Gloria Geseri

from 21,00 until 5,00 …Dinner, music, and shows…. With  Masters of ceremony” Miguel Garji, Javi Viana and Alex Kentuchy

This is the flyer…

Still saturday more events…

Pacha… Vintage night by Sebastian Gambos with Marc Tur Osterfeld y Tuccillo Giuseppe

Lola’s…. Carnavali  Lunatiks…from 23.00 with residents Karlito HS e Miguel-On, Guests, Dj Barry and Cris rey

Hostal Talamanca & Grial… Carnaval Carnaval  …a double location (Hostal Talamanca from 21,00 until 00,00  for the dinner and after the Grial …from midnight  until 6.00…

Dear friends, enjoy  next   week end in Ibiza will be rich of options for the clubber…have a great time !

p.s. Some more flyers…


Party calendar in Ibiza for next days….

Hi friends,

here you have a list  of parties  in Ibiza in these days…


Sushipoint Ibiza: “We love sushi – dia de San Valentin”.  A special menu, and dj’s sets from 21,00 till 3,00.  In consolle: Mariano Grande and  Abel Pons


Bubbles Ibiza: Bordello Deluxe  @ Bubbles Ibiza from midnight till 6.00.

Music by Andrea Aureli till 3.00 and from Nano Vergel from 3.00 till 6.00


Bubbles Ibiza: Deep Houseworld bizarre and Fernando Pablo Link presents a show with Dj Mariano Somoza & Stefano Gemini, from 23,30 until 6,00.


Sushipoint Ibiza : music by Dj Iban Mendoza,  from 23,30 until ,00

Lola’s :  The Gang! With  Willy Debeat- Kidgroove. Sosa Ibiza-Ivan Gomez b2b Delasuitte, from midnight till …..the closing

Tomorrow I will tell you the party calendar for saturday the 18 of february! And soon I’ll publish also an interview….Ciao and happy s.Valentine’s day!!!

More news for the weekend in Ibiza….

Hi friends,as i promised you yesterday, I have more news for the week end in Ibiza..

Today I’m busy so  I will use just English… (from next post again English, Spanish and Italian…)…

So, the party calendar….

Friday 10 February:

Shardana club… “Aperitive in music” with the sound  of  Angel Linde, Jonathan Tena and Ruben Solar

Bubbles: Music with Valentino Kanzyani & Aleksia

Sushipoint Ibiza “Funky night”: Dj Javi mad dog

Delano Beach club  “B inside ” party from 23,30 with  David Moreno, Borja Smoking,Ruger L1. Alex Thrua, Ruben Solar

Saturday 11 February :

Grial … “Ibiza Essence” with dj…Angel Zamora, Alejandro Matilla  and David OLeart …starting from 23,00 till 6,00

Bubbles…”Sexy and chic @ bubbles sound box” with Dj Iban  Mendoza Y Marisol Maior from 23,30 till 6,30

Sushipoint Ibiza music with Angel Linde b2b Manu Gonzalez from 19 till 3.0

Pacha ibiza (i wrote about it yesterday…) “This is ibiza” with Juanjo Martin

Have a nice week end !!!!

News and parties this week in Ibiza! Las fiestas de la semana en Ibiza!

So….here I have some parties for this week!

Tonight: at Bubbles (Marina Botafoch)  tha party is “Bordello Vs What’s up” from 23,30 till 6.00 with “Luigi Bonito & Nano”

Tomorrow Thursday 9 february: at Bubbles  Fernando Pablo Link and Houseworld presents: Deep houseworld bizarre with Dj Mariano Somoza & Miss Ana Tur …from 23,30 till 6.00

Saturday 11 of february : at Pacha Ibiza plays Juanjo Martin with  his show….

More news for the week end tomorrow! see you!


Hola amigos…esta es una primera lista de fiestas en las proximas  noches…

Hoy: en el Bubbles (Marina Botafoch)  “Bordello VS What’s up”…. desde las 23,30 hasta las 6.00 con Luigi Bonito Y Nano

Jueves: en el Bubbles fiesta organizada por Fernando Pablo Link y Houseworld: “Deep houseworld bizarre” con Dj Mariano Somoza y Miss Tur, desde la 23,30 hasta las 6.00

Sabado: en el Pacha musica con dj Juanjo Martin ….

Mañana les daré la lista de más fiestas……

Hasta pronto!


Ciao a tutti, ecco l’elenco i alcuni dei party per le prossime notti….

Questa sera al Bubbles “Bordello VS What’s up” con Luigi Bonito y Nano..dalle 23,30 alle 6,00…sempre domani al Bubbles Fernando Pablo Link  e Houseworld presentano “Deep Houseworld Bizarre con Mariano Somoza e Ana Tur.. dalle 23,30 alle 6.00

Sabato Sera, al Pacha, serata  con Dj Juanio Martin…

Domani vi segnalerò altre feste… un saluto



26 and 27 of May 2012 Ushuaia’s opening with Luciano and Fatboy Slim! El 26 Y el 27 de Mayo 2012 grande opening del Ushuaia beach Hotel con Luciano Y con Fatboy Slim! Il 26 e 27 Maggio 2012 apre l’Ushuaia beach Hotel con Luciano e Fatboy Slim!

Dear friends…

so …at the end… the official news: the 26  and the 27 of May 2012  opening parties at Ushuaia beach hotel, with two big and unforgettable shows:

Saturday the  26  of May will play Luciano with Cadenza elìte…and… look at this.. Sunday,the 27 of May another big show with Fatboy slim!!!!! A great way to start a marvellous season in one of coolest  location of  of Ibiza.

Sooner I’ll give you more informations!

Source of the news and more informations at: http://www.ushuaiaibiza.blogspot.com


Hola amigos,

entonces sabemos también como empieza el verano 2012 del Ushuaia beach hotel, uno de los lugares más exclusivos de la Isla. El 26 de Mayo fiesta con el grande Luciano y la élite de Cadenza records….. Domingo 27 de Mayo otra superfiesta con Fatboy slim!!!!

Entonces serà el  inicio de un verano inolvidable!

Dentro de poco  le daré  más  noticias!

Otras informaciones en: http://www.ushuaiaibiza.blogspot.com


Ciao a tutti…

dopo tanta attesa posso comunicarvi le date ufficiali di inaugurazione degli spettacoli dell’Hotel Ushuaia di Ibiza, una delle location più “cool” ed esclusive dell’isola…

Si inizia sabato 26 maggio con un set del grande Luciano e della elìte della Cadenza Records…

Ma le sorprese non sono finite: domenica 27 maggio segnalo un’altra grande sorpresa, con la performace di Fatboy slim: due eventi spettacolari per un’estate 2012 che si preannuncia pirotecnica…

A  breve vi darò nuove notizie…. ma avremo di che divertirci!

Fonte e maggiori informazioni su: http://www.ushuaiaibiza.blogspot.com/



More news for this week end in Ibiza… Qualche altro appuntamento per il week end ad ibiza

Dear friends….

I wish give you more details and news for the week-end in ibiza.

Tonight at Sushipoint Ibiza, from 21,30 to 3,30 “Funky friday”, with two dj’s: Mariano Grande and from 00.30 Javi “mad dog” Herrera…..and tomorrow, still at  Sushipoint Ibiza  another party  “SaturdayPoint” with special guest… DJ Luca Serra from 21,00 till 3,30

And still tonite, at Shardana Club,  during the “Aperitive in music” will play Grayson Shipley (deepgrove).

Sutarday at “The grial” another party: “Romantica”: in White music Room Dj Mariano Somoza, in Black Music room Dj Chef Zibago…

In next days i will give you more news about ibiza’s opening parties 2012, and also we start to meet  some  friends of Ibiza by night…    See you soon

Hola amigos,

tengo mas noticias para ustedes para este fin de semana en Ibiza…

Esta noche al Sushipoint Ibiza es tiempo de “Funky friday”, desde las 21,30 hasta la 3,30: en consolle Dj Mariano Grande y desde las 00,300 Javi “mad dog” Herrera. Este sabado, siempre al Sushipoint Ibiza, se harà otra fiesta que se llama “SaturdayPoint”, y en consolle la musica serà di Dj Luca Serra….

Siempre esta noche, a la fiesta de el Shardana, en la fiesta “Aperitive in music” pincha Grayson Shipley (deepgrove).

Sabado noche  en el Grial ” Romantica” en consolle en la “White music room” Dj Mariano Somoza, en la “Black Music room” Dj Chef Zibago

En los proximos dias hablarè de nuevas fechas de inauguraciones en ibiza para el verano 2012 y vamos a encontrar unos amigos de Ibiza by night…….Ciao!

Ciao a tutti,

segnalo delle news per il week end ibizenco: questa sera al Sushipoint  Ibiza festone dalle 21,30 alle 3,30 con la “Funky night”: in consolle si alterneranno Mariano Grande e Javi “mad dog” Herrera (a partire dalle 00,30), mentre sempre al Sushipoint ibiza domani “Saturday point” con ospite Dj Luca Serra!

Sempre questa sera allo Shardana  nel party “aperitive music” suona Grayson Shipley (deepgrove).

Per domani sera segnalo la serata “Romantica” al Grial, con due dj: Mariano Somoza nella White music room,  e Chef Zibago nella Black music room…

Nei prossimi giorni, non appena avrò le conferme, vi comunicherò nuove date per le aperture dell’estate 2012..e inizieremo ad incontrare amici di “Ibiza by night”. Un saluto…..


A couple of flyers for this week end….


Two events….dos fiestas….due eventi

Dear friends…

I suggest  two events for you in Ibiza for next week end…One at Shardana friday night..3th of february.the “Aperitive in music”…from 21.00 to 3.00 am…..and another at the Pacha.  on saturday 4th of february night…….from 23,30 till 7.00 a.m. the show is called: “The Vinyl fix” with Dj Andy Baxter and Dj Iban Mendoza

More events in next days…

Cari amici, vi suggerisco due eventi ad ibiza questa settimana…uno venerdì sera 3 febbraio allo Shardana, l’ “Aperitive in Music” ed una bella festa sabato sera 4 febbraio al Pacha “The vinyl fix” , ed in consolle si alterneranno i dj Andrew Baxter ed Iban Mendoza…nei prossimi giorni vi darò altre notizie sulla notte ibizenca…

Queridos amigos,

les indico dos fiestes de Ibiza en este fin de  semana….una tiene lugar el viernes 3 de febrero por la noche en el Shardana  y se llama  “Aperitive in music”(h.21/3.00) y hay otra bellisima fiesta el sabado  4 de febrero por la noche en el Pacha: “The vinyl fix” con Dj Andy baxter & Iban Mendoza. En los proximos dìas les daré màs noticias ibizencas

Ciao to everybody!!!!!