David Vincent presents: Dance 88/89 at Sankeys!

Tonight at Sankeys Ibiza will be celebrated the opening party of “Dance 88/89”, one of the news of summer 2016.

But, what is “Dance 88/89”? David Vincent, Sankeys owner, says:”Dance 88/89 is my personal artistic project. It is when I firts got into Dance music and experienced House Music in the 80’s and Balearic Beats in Ibiza in 1988. I want to bring back the music heritage of our beautiful island as I feel it is needed.  These two summer of Loves for me muscially were the best period of Dance Music for the quality of music”. 

The line ups? Will be very interesting as explain David Vincent:“And it is a honour to work with the original pioneers of the dance music scene like Alfredo, Bushwacka, Danny Rampling, Mr C, etc as they are in my opinion the “Beatles of house music” as if it was not for them I doubt we would all be here now expect the unexpected but I can assure you there will not be any better real house music played on the island this summer than Dance 88/89. I will be in the front screaming Aciieed!!! It truly does bring back my childhood memories to me

On these premises, are you ready for a great party and also to scream Aciieed???

Here you have the official poster with the complete line up!