The Family

Ibiza by night is a big family… and a big  family has




(The family includes  special  friends that  helped our project from the start, and that we consider part of our family)

Benedicte G.: she is “the muse”..artistic..elegant, classy.. a woman unmissable .. A lady that’s Ibiza.

Lellalike and Michelike, two sisters, two treasures, they really supported us from the start… but they need a special space: Lellalike is special .. she has an explosive and positive character.. she’s an overdose of positivity! Michelike..she’s different.. ironic.. lovely..sweet.. we love both of them!

Winnje: day by day she supports us.. so sweet person! Thanks for helping us and soon you’ll be our… (you know it!)

Maribel Torres F.: A business woman, but also a great friend and an excellent chef! A great ingredient of our community!

Erneston … because there is just one Erneston

Rafa D.S. “the Professor” ..a definition that’s all everything..we can just add “we love Rafa”.. but he knows it!

Marco Bassi: he’s a Professional and a true friend. He really helped us, and that’s make the difference. One of the really serious people on the island.

Carmen V. … “the ibizenca one”.. a persona that showed the friendship trough the years.   

John Juan “versus party” F.  a person that still showed us what is truly friendship!

Alex A. .. a Dj of another planet!

Papa J. ..a bro that can be just loved.. because he’s the Papa J.!

Natasha I. … a true friend.. next to us from the start …impossible not to love her and we are proud to see her back in town! ❤ u babe  

Elena Sanchez.. much more than a special journalist..  a special one!

Gianluca D.T. .. a special friend that supported us since the start.. we love Gianlao!

Andrea Decuzzi: a genius..a creative.. someone that be just part of the family! Sorry, but he’s not a dj!

Maria Chiara Buccianti: so sweet, so elegant, the perfect Lady Dec.! A lady not to miss!

Joan “the master” Ribas .. a man. a master.. a person that we truly love and respect, an example of honesty for our community!

Suzana P. : She follows to help us…and she won her upgrade. So Sweet!

Gyula and mrs Kriztina: two special friends and leaders of our Hungarian audience

Zaffy: she’s a silent worker…but absolutely necessary. Excellent upgrade!

Mattia Bonaretti: it’s so rare that someone starts directly from “The family”, but mattia was since the start a special friend! A great photographer and a guy with our same mood. So, join the family!


These are special people for us, people that helped to increase our community in certain countries…and we decided to name them  as our special Ambassadors and ambassadresses!

The first one is a lady!

Winnie Schatje… because she helped us a lot to increase our community in Hong Kong. We love you!

The second one is a special person for us!

Christian Adamo: The Italian Pharaoh! Christian is resident dj in one of the coolest locations of Red sea, the Coral bay!

And he leads our great Egyptian supporter team… and he is our first Ambassador! Welcome Christian! 2015 starts with a new, prestigious Ambassador…from Hungary.

Today we are very happy because of Gyula Borbély is for us much more than a special person or a friend, is one person that everybody should have the luck to meet  at least once in the life.

He supported us as a brother..and now we are very happy to communicate that he’s the first 2015’s  Ambassador for Hungary! Welcome Gyula!

And now we are very happy, because of today we have our second ambassasdress, she comes from georgia and she really supported our project…. welcome Takisha Bakara, a Georgian princess with Ibiza in the heart!



(The galaxy includes our friends that support us a lot..special people that we love!)

La Iaia, Valerio, Simone B. and Chiara: four true persons, four friends, so happy to meet them. Great new friends of a super 2015! 

Lado Dennis: young, nice and professional. he’s a new entry, but we think that he will upgrade very soon!!

Princesca Vigneri: not only a creative mind… but lso a truly princess landed in island of the sin 😉 

Viktor Martini: the best new entry 2015. A gentleman and a true friend (also dj and producer). Unmissable.

Raffo De Luca… he’s young, energetic.. actually in the Galaxy..but where in six months?

Diana B.. a fantastic Babban…. 😉 Our star from Romania

Cristian Viviano: A great dj, a great person, a super friend of our community. We can just love him! Also in the name of southern roots!

Christian N & D … a genious …and  all the genious… 😉  

Valentina Faye …… She’s the essence….  is what our soul need.

Massimiliano Maxfive Mastrocinque..a lovely gentleman, a great lover of Ibiza,  we love him!

Angela Caruccio.. a new friendship..and we believe that will be a great friendship!

Gianni Callipari, an emerging dj, we believe in you!

Aldoina: she was for us a great surprise of 2014: an uncommon style, a great musical culture.. yes, we are so happy that you are in the family now!  

Dario Condoleo:  young and energetic… he will bring new energy to our team!

Amanda Matalavea..such a nice and lovely person..a great surprise of summer 2014!

Stephan Esse: we heard him, is an excellent dj, but he became also a member of the family… thanks and love for your support and music!

Meaghan “the Bunny”.. we are proud of this new one aussie supporter!

Lorenzo Calvio…. one of the best new entries of summer 2014! Join the galaxy!

Annie Darling …. it’s marvelous to find again a great friend!

Luana M. a great supporter.. we love  her, her beautiful smile  and her pictures!  

Dazzla and Ugne: is an honour to have them in our galaxy.

Fernando Pablo…  An excellent promoter!!!!!

Frank Storm, a new entry, a young lion, a dj: ready to enter into the legend!

Csanyi Roxana: a new one great supporter of the family!

Raphael and Marco (the cat and the fox) truly people of Ibiza

Oana  Protopopescu.. a new  diamond in our family..thanks for the true support! 

Renè G., since three year a true friend   from Berlin ..a master of elegant mdic with his Soulon… Ibiza by night is your family!

Alex and Sarah! A super duo.. true friends..people not to miss!

Fabio “blue eyes” Add 😉 a man ..a legend!!

Gloria G…. Gloria …the fascinating lady Can Horse.. still full support!

Michelle R.  A special friend, an English lady with the mediterranean heart  A lady that we can just love!!!

Emiliano R. … tha king of Bella Napoli! A friend still ready to help us!

Carlos “the housedoctor” J… a serious producer and promoter..  A person that knows how to work in Ibiza  

Marco Y..  a winning Dj!

Stefania T… our scorpio with Ibiza in the heart 😉

Josè C.r. “the boss of the bosses”  a dj.. a boss 😉  

Margarita V. –a sweet supporter!

Giulia C. so sweet so elegant.. our Courtney side… a lady not to miss!

Eleonora Cas, my fav fairy… she’s so positive and elegant… three years of pure friendship ❤ u babe

Pamela Ciald 😉 a marvellous new entry….

Jordi T… forever our “young friend”… a great supporter for IBN start!

Aitor..a man..a community… so happy to know him and to have a friend as u!

Ivan and Fabio T. .. the Ibiza+pescara’s  heart.. It’s an honour to have friends like them!

Sasa Mendone: a self made dj. A true friend, we respect him a lot.

Mariatherese Bac .. so sweet with us!

Ambra d.A… the Italo aussie supporter!!!!  

Luigi  eel Mor…  😉 a fantastic person!

Katie “green eyes”  a wonderful surprise of summer 2013!

Jesus  nxt …a turbo journalist! A war machine a person that we like!

Michela Pedretti. so sweet, so turbo seller… Michela is the ingredient that we needed!

Ieva.. a star from Lithuania!

Elisa Paon  … she’s since three years  still ready to support us and we love her! She’s a super supporter of our community..and we are super supporters of Elisa Paon….

Mattley..a Dj and a great friend!

Ettore Ntl.. the sardinian great partner!

Angelo & Imma.. two super friends!

Alex “crazy Horse” Kennon a Dj and a  future superstar!

Gaty.. more than a Dj ….a true friend  

Eleonora G.  .. the eastern support!  

Maggie K. … a lady that makes the difference…

Tischy… the voice…

Paolo “the artist” R. … A great artist of photography!

Imma TM ….  a strong spanish lady..a true supporter of IBN!  

Ivan Fly Corapi… a good dj, an honest person, a true friend.. happy to have you in our community!

Jonathan R. … the King Lion..a person that became our friend step by step and that  we really appreciate! J

Julud: Ibiza is the island of the Scorpio, and she ‘s “the scorpio” that we appreciate and love!

Lucia Buz… 😉 the Romanian Angel!

Lady Daniela B. .. the lady of p.r.  

Matteo and Giulia… true friends that support us from the start!

Big Daniele Petronius.. A dj and The Gladiator of Puglia!

Guadalupe R.  ..simply a woman and her magic and unique  class 😉  

Franco, Franchino, M.  Italian pride!

Kike L. Kike is not only a Dj, is a true friend.. A Spanish lion!

Fabione Detroit… a star in the galaxy!

Axana Oxana.. the Russian princess! 

Valerio and lady Mavi…it’s an honour to have such friends…

Miss Luna…a dj that we love since years!  

Mariana Zag. Ibiza in the heart of Romania!  

Stefano Cio & Lady Cio.. new and excellent friends!

Pat Q. Communications .. a person that has an explovive simpathy! We love her and her professionality!

The galaxy Neverdogs: Marco, Tommy, Andrea, Luca.. people that we love, that we respect and that we are sure that love and respect Ibiza by night.. true persons!

Giovanni Isla on.. in a Galaxy we need  a planet out of control!

Filippo Mexico..a man a legend ..a persona that is impossible not to love!

Klaus… a true supporter from Central Italy!

Don Cesare… quite ready for Ibiza….  

Zaffy.. a person that we need, that love us and that’s loved!

Gustavo D.G. .. young presence….

Andrea D… Spoon my… a volcano of creativity.. such a great person!

Fabrizio M.. The Italian Sheikh!   

Jordan J. … the Bulgarian lion..!  

Cristiano Pao .. we need him, he needs us.. a perfect love!

(soon will be updated…it’ s a work in progress!)

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