Tonight.. and tomorrow..a special NYE in Ibiza!

Dear friends… is NYE time!…. here you have many events in Ibiza! Let’s start!

Sankeys Ibiza

Spektrum room…the music of SolDado Ibiza, Reche and Nano Vergel will guarantee you a great night!


And .. still in Sankeys…..

Tobi Neumann, Alex Picone, Luis Groove, Jonathan Tena and Bones for a great night!


Mirage Lounge

Mirage presents..a loing night of music with Tato… Analogic System – Rickzor, Ruger Elewan and Borja S.

Here you have the poster of the night!



Pacha presents a supernight with Riva Starr, Tuccillo, David Oleart, Sergio Mussa and Mariano Grande…this is the poster of the event!


Sushipoint Ibiza

Great night also at Sushipoint Ibiza with the music of Sasa Mendone, Iban mendoza and Miguel Garji!


Guarana Ibiza

Tonight at Guaranà (santa Eularia) a night of excellent music with Dazzla Ding, the Australian dj of Ibiza …and J.P. Chronic!



“Gran cena de noche vieja”..  A night of brilliant music with Dj Pippi, Jose De Divina, Mariano Somoza, Sergi Ribas!

And then…if you are not tired ..the 1st of january….h.16.00…..Dc10!

Dc 10

Dc10  presents a marvellous line-up…just to start the new year in a great way! Here is the official poster!


And now…..Ouside Ibiza

Just 2 suggestions for 2 great  NYE!


Music on is back… with Marco carola and Marc Antona.. at Space Miami! How they say… It’s all about the music!


Verona, Italy

Another great event.. with Jamie Jones at Alterego


So dear friends…now is time to wish you something special from Ibiza by night!

Have fun and all the best for you and for your families!

Saturday in Ibiza!!!!!

Dear friends…this is a list of suggested events for tonight in Ibiza!

Sushipoint Ibiza

Food and music with the soundtrack of Sasa Mendone and Stefano Geminis!



Bubbles Ibiza presents a night of good music, from midnight till 6.00 a.m. with the sound of  Alex Andre (Dj Resident at OceandriveIbiza Hotel) and Darmada (Traxacid Rec). Free Entrance …and this is the poster of the event!


Pacha Hotel

A special night with the music of Felix Da Funk ..hosted by Joan Ribas!



Pacha presents: Be crazy..with the music of Jean Claude Aedes, plus Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global radio and Karmon!


Another great party, with the sound of  Tom Crane, Iban mendoza and Silvie Loto!


And for tonight..this is is a list of event in Ibiza… now…some suggestions… for new year’s day!

Sankeys Ibiza

A great party…. in the spektrum room will play  SolDado, Reche, NanoVergel!



Ibiza Underground Christmas revolution! with Tato, Analogic System, Rickzor, Ruger Elewan and Borja S!


And..The 1st of January…starting at 16.00 …  Circoloco is Dc10 .with a top line-up!


So..dear friends…have fun!!!


Waiting for new year’s day… some events..

Dear friends…

we are next to new year’s day…but before…there are a lot of excellent parties in Ibiza…here you have a list of suggested events…

Thursday 27th of December

Miss mash presents:

Art, aperitif and music with “The art parade”!

The program of the night includes an exposition of art by the artist AndreaPop Naif plus a great performance of music.

The soundratck of the night will be of two  djs: Analogic System and Ivan G.



Bubbles and fernado Pablo link presents a great night… “Global showcase+ Ibiza Global Radio!

During this night (that will start at 23,55 till 6,00 will play two top Dj ‘s of Ibiza Global radio: David Moreno and Anna Tur! Free Entry!


Friday 28th of December

The Event


At pacha super-night.. with the second episode of  “Ibiza talents”, the show promoted by Davide Avallone

The line-up of this intriguing night includes Agent, Marco Yanes, Manu Gonzales and Angel Linde for a party with excellent music!


For further details about the party and for the guest list this is the link of the event on facebook:


Sushipoint presents a night of food and music with Iban mendoza and the warm up of Sasa Mendone


Saturday 29th of December

Guaranà, Santa Eulalia, presents  dj Tom Pool!


Sushipoint Ibiza

Sushipoint Ibiza presents. Stefano geminis and Sasà mendone live set!

And now…for the last day of the year.. start to save  a couple of  dates

Sankeys Ibiza presents, 31st of December 2012.. History of music of Ibiza…with SolDado, Reche, Nano Vergel…this is the poster of the event!


Still the 31st of December, at Mirage

Ibiza Underground Christmas revolution! with Tato, Analogic System, Rickzor, Ruger Elewan and Borja S!


And now…dear friends… have a lot of fun…See you soon.



P.s.   If you want to follow the official fanpage of Ibiza by night on Fb… this is the link:

Art in ibiza!

Deaar friends,

I want to suggest you another interesting event for your nightlife!

The 27th of December, in Ibiza at the Mish mash ibiza, Marina Botafoch, from 22,00 till 4,00  Art, aperitif and music with “The art parade”!

The program of the night includes an exposition of art by the artist AndreaPop Naif plus a great performance of music.

The soundratck of the night will be of two excellent djs: Analogic System and Ivan G.

During the night  there will be also the opportunity to win two bags handpainted by Andrea Pop!.. So dear friend.. save the date for an interesting event!

Here you have the poster of the event!


For more infos about the event:

Have fun!


Ibiza Talents!!!

Dear friends,

the 28th of December, in Ibiza, at Pacha, will be celebrated the second episode of “Ibiza talents”, season 2012-2013, the most intriguing show of wintertime in ibiza.

After the great success of the first night, last 30th of November, Ibiza talents returns with a great line-up.

During the night will play Agent (Cocoon rec- Desolat- Moon Harbour), Marco Yanes (Ibiza talents), that returns after the brilliant result of the first night, Manu Gonzales (Natural Rhythm – Ibiza Global Radio) and Angel Linde.

The event is organized by Davide Avallone, a name that guarantees good music and a professional show!

And, as we can read in the official page of the event.. “We live Ibiza intensely,
summer and winter same way…Ibiza lifestyle is our only way to be and the talents that grow up on the island represent all of us“.. a way of life that Ibiza by night agree 😉


To enter in the Pacha, there is a free guest list until 2.30 a.m.

For more details this is the link to to fb page of the event:

And this is the link to the Official page of Ibiza talents:

So, dear friends, if you are in Ibiza… don’t miss “Ibiza talents” the 28th of December!

Have fun!

Steve Massa

Xmas time in Ibiza!!!!

Dear friends,

Christmas time is coming…so here you have a list of selected events in Ibiza

let’s start..

Tonight..Wednesday 19th of December

Insomnio… Wednesday at la Kokotxa  presents a special night…with an exclusive set of Jose Maria Ramon. from Ibiza global the music of Jordi Tur.…. for a night not to miss here you have the poster….


Thursday 20th of December

Bubbles presents: Global showcase… with the sound of Miguel Garji and Jose Maria Ramon..of Ibiza Global radio….organized by Fernando Pablo Link….


Friday 21th of december…a night with many events….

Pacha Ibiza

Pacha Ibiza presents…a special party…here you have the poster….


Hotel Ocean Drive

Carlos Jurado Guzman presents  Gin & burger meets lux… a special night of food and drinks… here you have the poster…


Guaranà presents

End of the world party..with the music of the australian Dj Dazzla Ding…this is the poster with the complete program of the Guaranà!


Saturday 24th of December (if we win the mayas….)

Mirage presents…

History of Music….. with the sound of Soldado, Alfredo and Joan Ribas…. three excellent names for a great night!



Sirocco presents: Blue night… with a brilliant Line-up…  with the supervision of Daniela Biagetti….



Tonight..starting from 18.00 , music and more, and our friend Felix da Funk will play from midnight till 3,20!

Here is the poster of the event!


Sushipoint Ibiza

A night of music and good food with the sound of Sasa Mendone and Manu Gonzalez from the Face of Ibiza!


And now….  save the date...

Friday 28th of December...

Pacha presents…the second episode of “Ibiza talents” for the season 2012-2013… with a line-up not to miss. Agent!, Marco Yanes,  Manu Gonzales and Angel Linde… organized by Davide Avallone…..


Then..for the 31th of December…let’s start to save the date…. at Mirage… Mondoloco presents 2013… Ibiza underground resistence…here you have the poster..and soon more news….


And now….


This week – because of in Ibiza there are many events..I start suggesting you a special night in Pescara, Italy, organized by Ivan Terrenzio at Bunlab…  Saturday 22th of December from midnight will play Alex Picone (Cadenza) and TOKY live…here in the poster…


So…dear friends…waiting for some updates…let’s see in next days….

And to have more news please go to the fb group.. Ibiza by calendar…this is the link…..

Have fun!

December in Ibiza!

Dear friends…

Here you have a list of selected events in Ibiza for next nights…

Tuesday 11th of December

Sushipoint Ibiza presents:

Rouge.. Ladies night…fashion show!  A night of excellent food and music!


Wednesday 12th of December

Insomnio… wednesday at La Kokotxa presents a night of excellent music with Jordi Tur and Angel Linde from 23,00 till 6,00….


Thursday 13th of December

Bubbles Ibiza

Fernando Pablo Link with House world and Ibiza Global radio presents “Global Showcase”a great night of music, with the sound of Toni Moreno and 2Vilas, from midnight till 6.00 a.m.


Friday 14th of December

Guaranà Ibiza : Dazzla Ding is back! The Australian Sj will play from midnight till 6.00 a.m.!


Pacha Ibiza

A night of music with Mariano grande, Angel Linde, Sergio Mussa and Valentino Kanzyani

Sushipoint Ibiza

Sushipoint presents: a party with the music of Iban Mendoza and the warm-up of 372931_450932788303120_611647339_n

Saturday 15th of December

Pacha Ibiza

Pacha presents: Vintage! with Sebastian Gamboa, Mariano grande and B- Linda at the violin…


Bubbles Ibiza

Bubbles Ibiza present a night of excellent music with the sound of David Moreno and Alex Andre



Ibiza Underground resistence @ Mirage Lounge Club presents:”Great opening party”, witha  great Line-up. Jose De Divina, Mr Bosco, Analogic System, Rickzor, Ruger Elewan and Luciano entry!


In next days I’ll give you more informationas and I will suggest you more events…

And now…

Outside Ibiza….. a short list of selected events..waiting for a surprise….

Tenax, Florence, Italy..Saturday 15th of december…a big concert with raresh and Cole…


Pescara, Italy, Saturday 15th of December..a great event…with two great Djs: Leon  and Ilario Alicante for a special night also with the sound of Marco Isidoro, Visual performances by Tvshock…and under the direction of Ivan Terrenzio!

211187_498366273541139_2125455200_n the date…. for the 31th of December…if you are in  Miami… Don’t miss at… Space… Music On…with Marco Carola, and also with Marc Antona!


So, dear friends…have fun!


p.s.  This is the link of the fanpage of Ibiza by night on facebook!

and this is the link for the group… “Ibiza by calendar”