This week in Ibiza!

Dear friends…this is the Halloween week in Ibiza…are you ready for a maxi-program of parties? Let’s start!



Tonight at Bubbles will play the Dj Aleksia and also the Australian Dj Dazzla Ding for an amazing night!


For the night of Halloween there are a lots of events! let’s see…


Sankeys presents : Halloween, a scary sankeys, with Alfredo, Richy AhmedBones, Asun james… free before 2.00 o’clock! Here you have the poster of the event!!!!

Sushipoint Ibiza presents: halloween party with a special menu and the music of Sasa Mendone!

Pacha Hotel

Pacha Hotel presents: Halloween party with Dj Joan Ribas!

La Kokotxa

La Kokotxa presents… Insomnio…with the sound of Jordi Tur and friends, from 22,00 till 6,00!

A night with excellent music!


Wednesday, Friday and Saturday!

Pacha presents…wednesday, friday and saturday 3 nights of parties for halloween!

Here you have the poster and the complete program and also the line -ups….

And now…after the Halloween events…here you have some suggestions for next days…and thursday there will be more news!!!! But start to save the date!

Thursday 1th of November

Grial Ibiza

Grial presents: a night of music with Marco Yanes, Javier Verde e Sergio Gallardo


Bubbles Ibiza and House World Presents “Global showcase”,

With the music of Alex Kennon and Marga Vita!


Sushipointibiza presents : a night of Music and food with the sound of  Sasa Mendone!

Saturday 3th of November

Sankeys presents: Saturday at Sankeys, with Nima Gorji, tato, Willie Graf!

Hotel pacha

A special night…”les femmes” with the sound of Anna Tur and of  Joan Ribas…..


Technopolis, with karlitohs, Tony M. rafa Scuin and Sergjo!


A night of great music with Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global radio9 and Sasà Mendone!


El Pirata Cafè, Avenida Santa Eulalia 11, Puerto de Ibiza, Aperitif and more with Dj Stefano Geminis..organized by Dany(Look’s up-Ocean Drive Hotel Organiser)y Mujer Corazon.

Have fun!


breaking news: from Roberto Postiglione:Musico ON halloween with Marco Carola, tomorrow in New York,  has been moved to Cipriani in 42 st tomorrow wednesday 31st october starting at 10,00pm but the concert will be done!

The week in Ibiza

Dear friends,

Here you have some news from Ibiza and its nightlife!

Tonight Tuesday!

Sushipoint Ibiza presents: from 2100 till 3.00 Ladys night, with  special guest Dj Anna Tur!

Tomorrow (Wednesday)

La Kokotxa presents: Insomnio…with Dj Jordi Tur and many special you have the complete line-up!


Bubbles Ibiza…

Start the project… Global showcase…. with Wille Graf and Alex Kennon!

Here u have the complete program!


Hotel Pacha: House Vibes, with Dj Goldust and Dj resident Joan Ribas

Sushipoint Ibiza

A great night with Alfonso Leòn and Dimitri Nakov…here you have the poster!


Friday and saturday music and more…here you have the poter of the month of October…. “Nos reinventamos”… with Djs mariano Grande, Sergio Mussa and more…..

Sushi point

Sushipoint presents: Borja Delanera, with dj resident Sasà Mendone


Sankeys presents: Saturdays at Sankeys… from midnight till 6….free before 2.00 am!

Sushipoint Ibiza

A great night of music and food, with Sasà Mendone B2b with David Moreno… a night not to miss …

SUNDAY 28th of October

Healing benirras closing party.. Elements…ceremonia de luna llena….y los elementos…. with live sets, actividades, and from 19,00 the music of Gianluca De Tiberiis, Max lanfranconi, Kocis, Andrea Aureli..and you have the complete program….

So, dear friends, in Ibiza there are many events…

Now…outside Ibiza…Save the date…the 31th of October Music on is back…in New York City.. Marco Carola will play at Cipriani’s ballroom… 55 wall street… here is the poster… for more news!

Let’s stay in touch for more news!


Ibiza and more!

Dear friends…here you have some events in Ibiza’s nightligfe and more…


Opening party…Insomnio @ la Kokotxa…. with Jordi Tur, Miguel Garji, javi Viana..and entry…here you have the complete program!



Fernando Pablo Link presents Deep hoseworld bizarre, with the music of Alex Kennon and Toni Moreno!


Microclub..with music and more..with Papo, Marco Loko, Jessica Lopez, Idontlike, from 20,30!


Sushipoint Ibiza presents…opening party with Dj Sasà Mendone!

Pacha Hotel

House Vibes session, with Pablo hernanz hosted by Joan Ribas…


Pacha friday and saturday presents: pacha se mueve contigo…with a nice line up..this is the calendar!


Nassau beach, daytime, Dazzla Ding plays from 13,00 till 20,00… music and more from the Australian dj!

Saturday night


Big opening party! here you have the program of the season!


Blue Marlin Ibiza

From 20,00 till 2,00 great night with Jo Mill and the opportunity to eat at a special menu.. for more info… and this is the poster of the night!

And now..outside Ibiza…save the date..Amnesia will be at Ade Amsterdam…. the 20th of October …. with Together…this is the program!

And now, dear friends, have a great week and see you soon!!!

p.s. Ibiza by night has also a fanpage on facebook! This is the link:

It was a great summer!

But the party time in Ibiza is still going on…many famous discos closed…but in Ibiza there is still an amazing nightlife…with a lot of good music… here you have a list of events…


Shardana presents: Aperitive in Music closing party!  With the sound of Rene’, Kocis b2b Andrea Aureli, from 21,00 till 4,00!


Pacha starts an amazing autumn season with “nos reinventamos”…with the organization of Davide Avallone…here you have the program of october….  and until 2,30 free list ;))))

This is the program of the event!

Pacha Hotel

Tonight at pacha Hotel will play Joan Ribas..a night not to miss! Here is the picture of our friend Joan!!!


A night of food and music with the sond of Marco Yanes all night long!


Nassau beach

Nassau beach, daytime, from 13,00 till…? Dazzla Ding is back! The australian Dj will play his music all day long! With many surprises… here is Dazzla!!!!

By night




Still good music…see the poster up for the program!!!

Pacha Hotel

Tonight at Pacha Hotel “The Tur’s Night”, with djs Anna Tur , Adri Tur and Marc Tur! A super trio!..And Dj Resident is Joan Ribas! This is the poster of the night!!!

Underground club

Closing party in the club of San Rafael!!!! from 23,00, with the music of  Justin Field, Kevin Cook, Don Juanito, Jonathan Tena and special guests…

Sunday..start to save the date!

Microclub @ Lola’s Ibiza  IDONT LIKE, PAPO, Marco Loko, Jessica Lopez…  afterhour.. no glory..only music from 7.00 till 12.00…this is the program….

And now…save the date…

Tuesday 16th of October!

Sushipoint ibiza…music and food with the sound of Sasà Mendone from 21,00 till midnight then Cris Rey!…a night not to miss!

Wednesday 17th of october!

Insomnio! wedanesdays at la Kokotxa! Opening party with Jordi Tur, Miguel Garji, Javi Viana, Jorge live and piano Bravo Fox!… a beautiful night of music…this is the poster!!!


Wednesday 17th of October Music and more with Dj Pippi…and soon there will be the winter opening of Bubbles….

Dear friends…sooner more news…enjoy Ibiza!!!!!!


Closing party time!

Dear friends, the sad moment of closing parties has come…but…because all must finish…let’s close in the best way…here you have a list of the top closing parties!


After the great closing party of Amnesia…the closing party is fixed for saturday the 6th of October.. with a party that will be remembered and with a fantastic line-up! The names? well comes back in Ibiza Danny Tenaglia! Then…Chuckie, Mar-T, Steve lawler, Les Schmitz, Caal Smile, Maetrik…and Marco Carola! Are you ready? This isthe complete program..and for more informations…

The Space

The space will present also his legendary closing party! Sunday the 7th of October. at 4,30 p.m..and the line up includes “the king” carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Nic Fanciulli, Joris Voorn, Guy gerber live, Radio Slave, Wally Lopez, Danny Avila, Nina Kravitz, Oscar Cano, Marco Loco, Carlo Lio and more… The closing party of The space has a super-line up…. are you ready for another event not to miss? Here you have the complete program!

For more info:


Ushuaia presents, Saturday 1th of October, from 1 pm..a big closing party, with Luciano, and an excellent line-up, including Reboot, Mirko Loco, Uner, Andrea Oliva and more…here you have the complete program for an elegant party!


Also the Privilege, friday the 5th of October, will make a Supermartex+Privilege closing party! With excellent names as Salomun, John Digweed, M.A.N.D.Y.!

Here you have the complete program of a great and happy party!  And for more info :

Dear friends, this is a first selection of closing parties…soon more news…start to save the dates!