Work in Ibiza? The paradox of summer 2016!

Work in Ibiza during the summer season? It’s the dream of thousands of people from all over the world.

But, as we have already written (read here), sometimes the reality is very different. Recently, several restaurants and bars have written to us, asking if we could advertise their job opportunities.

Why? Simple – job applications from abroad for summer 2016 are lower than previously. The reasons?

As per our recent article, in most cases salaries are not very high, and over the last few years, the cost of renting in Ibiza has increased dramatically.

For example, to rent a single room can cost from 400-450 € up to 600-650 € per month.

If you don’t work in a top location, where you can earn good tips on top of your salary, and your employer won’t provide you lodging in a staff house (many restaurants & clubs provide staff accommodation) working in Ibiza may not be beneficial. So this is the paradox of summer 2016: there are still several job opportunities out there, but with fewer numbers of candidates applying for them.

Potential employers understand that with the cost of flights, the cost of renting and the cost of living in Ibiza, it won’ be easy to save money.

So…why waste several months to return home with very little money?

This is unfortunately, Ibiza, with all its contradictions and paradoxes.

Welcome to summer 2016!

If this still hasn’t put you off and if you would like to see the updated list of job opportunities, click here.

Text by Steve M. & Emma M.