Compliments to Space Ibiza!

Space Ibiza won two more prestigious awards!

Space Ibiza has been chosen  the world’s best club 2013 at Dj Mag Award !


And has also  been chosen as best global club at #IDMA!

1982153_10152015524582393_2061666708_n-1  and our community make the best compliments to The space!

Two award of Space are also two awards for Ibiza, and for Ibiza’s nightlife!



31st of December 2013.. Pacha Ibiza.. The official program!

After many rumors, and after that Ibiza by night published in advance the line up.. everything is confirmed..

The last party of Pacha Ibiza will be with an excellent cabaret show and with a lot of music!

The 31st of December Pacha will present a dinner show with the cabaret show of Lio, and then, music all night long with Sergio Mussa, Victor Nebot, Oriol Calvo and Riva Starr!

So, also for the last night of the year, Pacha is ready to offer a special party!

For further infos:

Here you have the poster of the event!


Ibiza by night meets Marco Faraone!

Marco Faraone is an Italian  dj and producer absolutely appreciated worldwide, and he has a special relationship with Ibiza!

Last summer Marco (in the picture below) played several times in Ibiza at Sankeys and now he’s around Europe for his tour.


Ibiza by night met Marco and it was a great opportunity to talk about Ibiza, about his music and about the “real life” of a Dj!

IBN: Summer 2013 in Ibiza.. how has gone Marco?

Faraone:It was really good! I’ve done a lot of new and good parties as well as some festivals. This summer I had the opportunity to play in Sankeys a lot for the official Flying Circus parties thanks to my agency Labyrinth. These parties were amazing, it felt so good sharing the stage with all these artists and friends! So this was definitely a huge step and I’m very grateful that I could be a part of it! 

Besides Ibiza, I’ve just had an overall great summer, I’ve had a a lot of new releases as well this summer, for example my JAMBO EP on Desolat. Besides that I did some gigs all over Europe for my album tour (I Will Wait – out on my own label Etruria Beat) as well and then last but CERTAINLY not least I enjoyed my gig at Panorama Bar (Berlin) last June as well! Another highlight for me definitely were all of the festivals: Extrema Outdoor Belgium, Sonar …

IBN: Marco Faraone and Ibiza, how is your relationship with the island and what is for you Ibiza?

Faraone:“Ibiza is… magic, there’s a unique atmosphere. The crowd, the energy, it’s something that you can only find there. It’s very hard to explain but I love the isle and I always will!”


IBN: You are now a famous and known dj.. How is the “real life” of a Dj in permanent tour? Stressing’ Exciting? Tell us something about it…

Faraone:“I love my job! I love to travel and meet new people all around the world. I get to play in a lot different countries so I’m always discovering new clubs which is quite exciting! 

Every time it’s different experience and I love that feeling! I only stress when I need to catch a plane right after the party, it can be so hectic! But besides that I love every aspect of it!”.

IBN:Your career is developing very fast. Desolat, Moon Harbour, Drumcode, Get Physical Music, Sci+Tec, Truesoul, Cècille, Be As One …. What do you think, which release was your biggest, break through” release in terms of your career?

Faraone: “That definitely was the “Strange Neighbors EP” on Moon Harbour from 2010. After that, I’ve had a lot of great opportunities: many many gigs, new contacts, new releases … “.

IBN:Marco Faraone producer.. how is evolving your sound?

Faraone: “I always define my sound as “eclectic”. The music I make depends on my mood actually, I always follow how I feel at that moment. That can result in tech, house, techno, deep stuff.. I never know what I’m going to make in advance. The perfect example of this is my album; it includes a lot of different styles and sounds and to be honest I was really surprised (in a good way) about how it turned out! 

It’s the same for all of my gigs: I never prepare my set because every crowd is different and the vibe depends from club to club. So when I’m playing somewhere I see how the crowd reacts and I adjust my sound until we’re all on the same vibe”.

IBN:You have visited several famous clubs around the world… Panorama Bar (Berlin), Cocoon club (Frankfurt), Bloc (Barcelona), Sankeys (Ibiza), Tenax (Florence). Which one was your favorite and why?

Faraone: “All clubs are different and they’ve all got something special that makes them unique but the club that excited me the most was undoubtedly Panorama Bar in Berlin. There’s just something about it: amazing sound system, amazing crowd & atmosphere.. No matter what you play over there, you’ll always get a crazy reaction from the people! I can’t describe it, it really is something that you have to experience yourself by going there.  The clubs you’ve mentioned definitely are worth their fame! I’d like to add Café d’Anvers in Antwerp (Belgium) to that list as well.. This legendary club really feels like home to me. Their calender is filled with headliners week by week by week, throughout the entire year! It felt really good these last few years to be able to play there several times a year so I’m very happy and proud that I can announce my own residency there”. 

IBN:And us some future projects for next months...

Faraone:A lot of new music of course! I’m putting out some new stuff on the labels that I really enjoy working with such as Desolat, Moon Harbour and Drumcode. I’m working on some new EP’s and remixes but I don’t want to say too much, I like to keep the surprise effect! 


I’ve also got my own label, Etruria Beat, which is still growing. There are a lot of new, cool releases coming out on that as well including the remixes for my album (by Jay Haze, Dana Ruh, Locked Groove and Quenum), it’s going to be a MASSIVE remix pack!”.

What was the biggest honor in your life?

Faraone:It’s my next gig, my next release, my next travel ….  my next experience“.

Thanks Marco!

Useful links:

The Official website:

This is the fanpage of Marco Faraone fanpage on fb:

Tonight,Swing club.. Alex Andre!

Tonight, starting at midnight until 6.00 a.m., at Swing Ibiza will play Alex Andre feat darmada!

Alex Andre, who has a summer residency at Ocean drive Hotel, will present a selection of excellent music with Darmada… and the entrance is free!

For furtehr details, this is the link on facebook to the event..

And this is the poster of the party!


Tonight, Swing club Ibiza presents: Kike Lopez!

Tonight, at Swing club Ibiza (pasaje Isidoro M;acabech/Abady La Sierra), starting at midnigh till 6.oo a.m. will play Kike Lopez!

Kike Lopez is an appreciated dj in Ibiza, and will present a selection of excellent music!

The program of the party includes music house, tech and deep!

The entrance is free!

This is the link to the event on facebook:

Here you have the poster of the event!



Thursday, 5th of december, Grial and Maxi en ibiza presents. an underground lovestory!

Next Thursday, at Grial Ibiza,  Maxi en Ibiza presents: an underground story!

The line up of the event will include Kan.E, Mara Gherman, Gael and Filipa Laary!

Maxi en Ibiza, organizer of the event, explains to Ibiza by night that the concept is just an event for the love of the music:”I like to present – says Maxi -different people from all over the world, all at least temporary living here, influencing the scene and representing underground music“.

Here you have the poster of the event, and, as says Maxi:”This is  a friendsparty.. familiar faces from the island, introducing new artists to each other, is a musical networking, different people from different countries with one thing in common: the love for the music and Ibiza“.


The entry is free, and this is the link to the event:  .. have fun!

Tonight, Pacha.. Ibiza Vice is back!

Today it’s the day!

At Pacha Ibiza returns the successful show “Ibiza vice” with  the first episode of the new saga!

The party is organized by Fernando Pablo Link, and tonight will play Alex Kennon, Sarah Main and Graham Sahara, this one as Pacha dj resident!

During the night will be presented also a fashion show by Marisa Cela.

The entry is free until 2.00 with the list.

For more infos about it this is the link to the event page on facebook:

Here you have the poster of the event!