An underground story moves from Ibiza to Stuttgart with Neverdogs, Gael, Sascha Ciccopiedi!

An underground story, the cult show created and managed by Maxi en Ibiza, moves from Ibiza to Stuttgart!

Next Saturday 19th of April, starting at 23,00 at Mash will play a great line up with Neverdogs (Music on), Gael (Underwoman) and Sascha Ciccopiedi (Level non zero). here you have the poster of the event..and if you are around Stuttgart.. don’t miss it..because of it will be a night of excellent music!

For further infos, this is the link to fb’s event page:


Wednesday, Ibiza.. “An underground lovestory”!

Next Wednesday 16th of April in Ibiza..starting at 23, at Veto social Club..Avenida 8 de agosto returns “An underground lovestory”!

The party, organized by our great friend Maxi en Ibiza, presents an excellent: Rossko, Kevin Cook, the Italian dj and producer Luca Serra and Dave Mantra!

The entry will be free.

Ibiza by night  support An Underground Lovestory, a non-commercial platform created to support especially talented artists from all over the world, to enhance their networking and make them heard.

This is the link to the fanpage:

And this is the poster of the party!



Friday, at Grial Ibiza, Maxi en Ibiza presents Marco Yanes, Luca Serra and Rafa Nandez.. An underground lovestory is back!

Next Friday 7th of March at Grial Ibiza (avd.8 de agosto) , starting at 23,00, the promoter  Maxi en Ibiza presents a new episode of the successful show “An underground lovestory”.

The line up will include Marco Yanes (dj resident of Ibiza Talents/Undertechnical recorings), Luca Serra (SFS and Detroit Milano) and Rafa Nandez (Audio Ibiza/Listen up)…. and during the night there will be also a special foto-art exposition by Faris Villena!

Maxi en ibiza, the creative promoter, said on the event page:”Get ready for the third edition of An Underground Lovestory taking place at GRIAL Ibiza, with a very special combination of three very talented new generation artists and a very technical booth this time ;)”.

For furtehr infos, this is the link to the event page on fb:

And this is the poster of the party!


Thursday, 5th of december, Grial and Maxi en ibiza presents. an underground lovestory!

Next Thursday, at Grial Ibiza,  Maxi en Ibiza presents: an underground story!

The line up of the event will include Kan.E, Mara Gherman, Gael and Filipa Laary!

Maxi en Ibiza, organizer of the event, explains to Ibiza by night that the concept is just an event for the love of the music:”I like to present – says Maxi -different people from all over the world, all at least temporary living here, influencing the scene and representing underground music“.

Here you have the poster of the event, and, as says Maxi:”This is  a friendsparty.. familiar faces from the island, introducing new artists to each other, is a musical networking, different people from different countries with one thing in common: the love for the music and Ibiza“.


The entry is free, and this is the link to the event:  .. have fun!