Sankeys Ibiza announces “We Love” every Wednesday night for Summer 2015!

Sankeys Ibiza has announced that the legendary “We love”  will be the Wednesday event for 15 weeks  next summer.

We Love Darren Hughes’s  party, will move from Space Ibiza to the cult club of Dave Vincent.

From the 17th of June through to the 23rd of September, We Love will be providing Sankeys Ibiza with some of the most intriguing  acts the island will see this summer.
David Vincent, that Ibiza by night already interviewed last summer,  explains just how much it means to him to be working with the true pioneer that is Darren Hughes on this epic new venture:
The word ‘legend” in dance music has been used too frequently and not correctly recently on various people but I know Darren Hughes is one of them. Darren was a huge inspiration in my younger university days and one of the few people I truly admired for that Acid House Old School mentality of promoting. If you ever watched Darren back in the Cream Full On days he always was on the dance floor “watching the crowd and partying, similar to the David Vincent mentality now, I wonder where I got that from? Anyway it is an amazing final piece to the Sankeys Ibiza Jigsaw to get Darren and We Love join our ever growing team, Wednesdays are now “We Love Sankeys“.
And, after 17 years at Space, Darren Hughes tells also how he feels about the move:
After 17 years of We Love on Sunday’s at Space” it is now time for the next phase in the genesis of We Love, and that it is to be now moving on to work alongside David Vincent & Danny Whittle (Danny being an integral part of Home at Space/We Love Space right at the very beginning back in 1999 ), and I cannot wait for this to start, We Love Sankeys… Yes we do!”.

So, as usual Ibiza by night will update you with line ups and more news… but prepare yourself for a great Wednesday night at Sankeys Ibiza…the place of good music!

Many thanks to Toga Media fot the media support.



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