Ibiza by night presents: The Sound Lab Episode #11 with Maurizio Marengo!

And tonight it’s time for a new special episode, the eleventh, of The Sound Lab!

Every week Ibiza by night will present one or two dj’s, and he/she will realize an exclusive podcast for the Sound Lab.

Today we talk about another Maurizio Marengo (Deechno), an Italia Dj and Producer


Maurizio is a respected dj based in Italy, and he realized a set for us.

Here you have the link to hear it!


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Then start to send there your sets… someone of our team will hear you and soon you could have nice surprises!

And the list of friends that will be presented by The sound lab is already intriguing… after Alex Del Vecchio, Lorenzo Calvio, Elvio Iannitti, Ettore Ennetielle, Ivan Fly Corapi, Luigi Moretti, Sabrina Terence, Tania Moon, Monella, Maurizio Marengo, and soon will play for us Dario Condoleo,“the sultan” Christian Adamo (also from “Ibiza by night radio show”)… and many more.

But don’t forget…since the end of April we will enter in pause mood, because of summer in Ibiza it’s coming, our team will be focused on the nightlife, and we will re-open the sound lab in October!

Tonight, Naples (Italy), Nice to be presents: Len Faki, Angelo Perna and many more!

 Tonight in Naples (Italy) the promoter Nice to be presents: Len Faki and Angelo Perna.

The organization created and leaded by Diana Donzelli and Marco Donzelli also this time brought in Naples a great artist.
Len Faki doesn’t need any presentation: he’s since 20 years one of the most important Techno artists, and in his careers has played in the world’s most important locations.
For further infos about Len Faki, here you have the link to his fb fan page:https://www.facebook.com/lenfakiofficial?fref=ts
Angelo Perna is one of the most interesting emerging artists in the Italian underground scene, and soon Ibiza by night will talk again about him.
And…there are more surprises: in the room 3 (with the same ticket) you could hear Tom Linder e Dj Seoul fromDetroit TechnoMilitia.

For further infos about TechnoMilitia, this is the useful link:


And, if you want more detail about the party (tickets, costs and more), here you have the link to the event page:
And don’t forget, this is an unmissable party!11096543_835725106475616_272910917955929588_o

Tonight, Frames Milano presents: Ark, Pit Spector (Live), Edan & Modular Project!

And Tonight Frames presents another excellent event in Milano: in consolle will playArk, Pit Spector (Live), Edan & Modular Project!
Frames is one of the best underground party in the city, and it’s a guarantee of good music.
Here you have the link to the event page with all useful news and costs:


And this is the poster of the party!
Location: Legend Club, Via Enrico fermi 98, Milano (Italy).

Ibiza by night will follow many events during Milan  Expo 2015!



Tonight. Milano, Stardust and Club Haus 80’s present: Miguel Campbell & Lorenzo Fassi!

Tonight. Milano (Italy), the promoters Stardust and Club Haus 89 present an excellent party!

In consolle will play Miguel Campbell and our friend  Lorenzo Fassi!

Here you have the poster of the party! Club Haus 80’s and Stardust are two of the most appreciated organizations in Milano’s nightlife, and soon they will land again in Ibiza!

In these months, because of there is the Expo, Ibiza by night will pay a lot of attention to Milano’s events!

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:



Tonight, Ibiza by night radio show presents: Stefano Cioffi!

Tonight, from 20,00 till 21,00 (Spanish time) will be broadcasted on Ibiza live radio (www.ibizaliveradio.com) the eight 2015’s appointment  with Ibiza by night Radio show!

And also tonight we have  an excellent guest: Stefano Cioffi!

Stefano Cioffi is an Italian Dj and producer that has already played  successfully for us, and we are very happy to have him back!

So, be ready for an hour of strong music! Here you have the an useful link:


And, after a list of dj’s that becomes evey week stronger and longer and includes Rafa De Siria, Sarah Main, Joan Ribas, Dos, Leo Lippolis, Christian Adamo, Gaty Lopez, Eli Rojas, Aldoina, NiCe7, Cristian Viviano, Stefano Cioffi, Stephan Esse, Sasa Mendone, Franco Moiraghi, Lorenzo Calvio, Eran Lump, Agent, Give us the tools…and soon our family will include also other excellent dj’s as… Kika in two weeks, Sabrina Terence (the Queen of Dubai) … be ready… because of many more top guests are arriving!

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