Friday, Naples (Italy) woo presents: Dixon and Aldoina Filangieri!

Friday, At Arenile (Napoli, Italy) Woo, One of the most representative  organizations of that area, will celebrate its sixth anniversary with a big party where will play Dixon and Aldoina.

Dixon is one artist absolutely appreciated in Ibiza and worldwide, and will play a four hour set!

Aldoina has played successfully in Ibiza last summer and also has realized a set for  Ibiza by night radio show.

As you can see.. Friday in Naples at Arenile you’ll hear two artist that will guarantee excellent music!

And we’ll start to follow in winter time also events outside Ibiza!

For more infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

This is the poster of the party!

And many thanks to Augusto Penna and Raffo De Luca for the media support!


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