Ibiza Live Radio this week presents: Miss Luna, Ibiza by night radio show with NiCe7, Stefano Noferini, Renè Goldman, Wicked 7 Network, Felix Da Funk and many more!

Let’s start the Christmas  with Ibiza Live radio (http://www.ibizaliveradio.com ) the web radio based on the island,  founded and directed by Miss Luna that recently opened the new studios.

This week there are several news, firstly next Saturday returns Ibiza by night radio show with special guests: NiCe7, that return to play for us (but soon we will talk about them) plus several intriguing programs.

The list is very long and includes Miss Luna, Renè Goldman, Wicked 7 Network (funded and leaded by Angela Caruccio) Felix Da Funk, Trinity Blade and many more!

Ready for another great week?

And, from the community of Ibiza by night


to the family of Ibiza Live Radio!

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London: Wicked 7 Network will celebrate the 3rd Anniversary!

Wicked 7 Network, the organization  created and leaded by Angela Caruccio on the 19th December will celebrate the 3rd anniversary during a Christmas Party at BLU ICE which is in a Warehouse in Shoredich ( East London ).

The party will take place till 4 am. In the main room will play Nathan Coles, Tekart, Gaston Zani, Sol Edge, Vanessa Von Tain and DjBlues Milo.

Here you have the official poster with the complete line up.

The party is organized  in cooperation with A LIST Promotion, Move & Venture ldn.

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:


And, by the family of Ibiza by night


to our friends of Wicked 7 Network!

Ready for another intriguing event in London by night?



Ibiza Live Radio this week presents: Miss Luna, Ibiza by night special radio show with Alex Del Vecchio, Stefano Noferini, Wicked 7 Network, Cristian Godoy, Felix Da Funk and many more!

Let’s start a new week with Ibiza Live radio  ( http://www.ibizaliveradio.com ) the web radio based on the island, founded and directed by Miss Luna.

This week there are several news, firstly a speciale edition next Saturday of Ibiza by night radio show with Alex Del Vecchio, that returns with us, plus several intriguing programs.

Miss Luna said. “Happy Monday Family! Doing this weeks programming was an overwhelming experience, realizing that every week is an upgrade from the week before. RISE & SHiNE, baby!!! Unbelievable quality of sound is awaiting you, provided by our long term residents, exciting new shows and guest mixes. Just to mention a few: Welcome to the Family Time 2 HouseSoundmenonwaxIbiza-Unique with exclusive shows /// guest mixer Stephan PillerFranky Fresh & Sam Sky , from the D´Town Crew DJ Incognito aka Marcus Endres /// more exclusives this week by Richard Earnshaw and his iCulture /// Deepkeen in the Sunk Affinity Sessions /// Steve Altman from the DISCO HUT Emoticon smile /// TWISM & B3RAO /// Tony Wilson /// Dj Salinas – balearic feelings /// Tim Angrave /// Lisa Chadderton /// Rufus White /// ABI KAZEM Deep House Sound /// Houze Arrest (House Music Lovers) with DJ Tommi aka Thomas DeterDjSpice TiffanyRecords /// Marvin Lee NgemaProfound SessionsGenetic Rhythm /// Grooveboy /// BRUNO FROM IBIZA /// Gogi Ibicenco /// MUSIC LADY VERA /// KHATHIA /// LADYMARYSOUND INTERNATIONAL record label /// Deepinside Radio Show /// Marco Celloni /// DJ Greg” G” Anderson /// Sundays From Harlem by Trevor Ricci /// Miss Luna /// Schalldeluxe by Tom Webster /// Prolifik Wave /// Jey Indahouse (HOUSELAND Productions) /// DailyTechno Radio Show /// CHUS+CEBALLOS /// Stefano Noferini /// Coyu /// Kondo Beach 118 Bpm /// The Rise & Shine & more Radio Show LIVE/// Mrgrooveoperator /// SUMA RECORDS RADIO SHOW /// Blue Dye rec. /// Wicked 7 network /// Divided Souls /// Angel Cielo Ibiza /// Tocadisco /// Jetson Jus’me Graham /// Deeper Shades of Houses //// Motoe Haus /// Toolbeat Records /// @Radau Deluxe /// Addex /// Karmaloft Music /// a special with Alex Del Vecchio by our friends from Ibiza by night ///and so many more….please share and spread the word ……where to get real Ibiza quality music“.

Ready for another great week? And don’t forget, next week the guest of Ibiza by night radio show will be Lorenzo Fassi of “Club Haus 80’s” and soon Viktor Martini will be back too!

For further infos: http://ibizaliveradio.com/schedule/



Ibiza Live radio presents: Miss Luna, Ibiza by night radio show with Stefano Cioffi, Wicked 7 network, Felix Da Funk, Leonardi Gonnelli and many more!

Here we are… Ibiza Live Radio ( http://www.ibizaliveradio.com) the web radio cerated and directed by Miss Luna is back with a  new week and many special!

This week will return several friends of our community, as Miss Luna, felix Da Funk (with “Born In ibiza”, Cristian Godoy, Wicked7 Network of our dear friend Angela Caruccio, plus new entries as Leonardo Gonnelli, plus the “lady power: DJ Sabeel Chohan, Lady Vera, KHATHIA and Miss Luna Emoticon smile.

And…and..don’t forget…next Saturday returns Ibiza by night radio show, and the guest will be a great friend of our community, Stefano Cioffi, that returns with an exclusive set.

And stay tuned, because of in three weeks will play for us Viktor Martini.

So, stay tuned, because of http://www.ibizaliveradio.com makes the difference!

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Ibiza Live Radio presents this week: Miss Luna, Wicked 7 Network, Louie Vega, Felix Da Funk, Cristian Godoy and many more!

Ibiza live radio (www.ibizaliveradio.com) the station created and directed by Miss Luna, presents: the specials of the week!

In next days will play Miss Luna, the legendary Louie Vega (Tuesday from 10 pm till midnight), Wicked 7 Network, Cristian Godoy, new entries as Motoe Haus, Addex, Marco Celloni and Tim Angrave!

And, save the date, because of next week Ibiza by night radio show will be back – Saturday 14th of November – with a special set by Rafa De Siria!

For further infos, here you have the link to the complete schedule:



Ibiza by night meets Angela Caruccio and Wicked 7 Network!

Today Ibiza by night meets Angela Caruccio, an Italian creative resident since many years in London.
Angela is the founder and the Ceo of Wicked 7 Network, a dynamic organization that is based in London but operates also in ibzia and worldwide.
IBN: What is wicked 7 Network?
“Well the story is simple Anna Maria Riccò’, italian lady based in Ibiza, since 31 years is one of my main business partner; Anna Maria is better known as the “Ibiza Icon” . Anna Maria lives in Ibiza during the Summer and travels the world during winter time;
she is about to launch a new event in Bangkok called “Fabulus”.
When WICKED 7 brand, started to become very valuable in Ibiza, to avoid that others would take advantage of it and us to loose the right of ownership because of others trying to make this brand their own, Anna Maria encouraged me, Angela Caruccio to register WICKED 7 as a proper Limited company in London; so WICKED 7 LTD was born on the 22 December 2012.  This year, on the 22nd of Decembre 2014 , WICKED 7 will be two years old”.

IBN: What are the future projects of Wicked 7 Network?
Angela:”WICKED 7 is a Business Support Brand. We also have our shows on http://www.ibizaliveradio.com
Advertising, Marketing, Promotional brand that has several publicity tools. Currently running are: Radio Shows, Record Label’s Eps, Showcasing Events; Dj Booking management.  I write lyrics for songs; I am a lyricist and production manager of my own WICKED 7 Eps where I use my own lyrics. Our latest ep “No limit” feat Donna Destri and Steven Jones ( New York – London) produced by Digital Mike and several remixes, is out now on Beatport with Blue  Dye records:
http://www.beatport.com/release/no-limit/1406798 .
In collaboration with Ibiza Live Radio, Wicked 7 Network and DZ-1 London we are running our 3rd MAZI event in Canary Wharf – London on the 7th Dec http://www.mazievents.com/ “.


“WICKED 7 has few things planed for 2015, up and coming are: Awards, Trade Fairs, Festivals, Magazine, Movies etc. These publicity tools are used to showcase: a certain category of djs, all kind of artists and selected Businesses. Electronic Music is always evolving in new styles all the time; we support experimental, innovative, Forward Thinking enterprises, always in constant evolution but without loosing the quality of course. WICKED 7 is an“Avant Garde” Art Movement that cannot be framed into a time period just like Electronic Music, is always in constant evolution”.
Thanks Angela!

Ibiza live radio presents this week: Miss Luna, Ibiza by night radio show with Joan Ribas, Wicked 7 Network, John Ferrer, Renè Goldman, Felix Da Funk, Fabrizio Marra and many more!

It’s Monday, and here you have the specials of the week of Ibiza live radio (www.ibizaliveradio.com).

The web station founded and directed by “the one” Miss Luna presents also this weekgreat music, with Felix Da Funk (with his “Born in Ibiza”), Fabrizio Marra, John Ferrer (with his “versus party Ibiza”), Graham Sahara, and another great friend of our community, René Goldman, with his Ibizasoulon!

But…don’t forget the two appointments with Wicked 7 Network, the project created and  leaded by Angela Caruccio! Next Thursday will play Nurhee and then Saturday with Wicked 7 London will play Hi Fi Sean.

But…but…we have also a big surprise!

This week we have a new one  special edition of Ibiza by night radio show (after the one of last week with “the Professor” Rafa De Siria) with a guest that’s an institution in Ibiza: “The master” Joan Ribas, that will play a session next Saturday from 20 till 21, but in next days we’ll talk about it!

Here you have the poster with the complete programs.