Tonight, at Lio Ibiza Vintage is back with Sebastian Gamboa, Anna Tur, Victor Nebot and B- Linda (Violin)!

Tonight, in the elegant and exclusive atmosphere of Lio Ibiza (Pacha group), returns “Vintage”, one of the most elegant parties of the island.

The Master of ceremonies will be, as usual, Sebastian Gamboa, and with him will play Anna Tur (Ibiza Global radio), Victor Nebot and B- Linda at the violin.

Since many years “Vintage” is one of the most loved shows in Ibiza, and it’ s one of the parties that works with excellent results  12 months a years on the island.

For further infos, here you have the link to the event page on Facebook:

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This is the official poster.


Saturday, Pacha Ibiza presents: Vintage! With Sebastian Gamboa, Anna Tur, Angel Linde and B- Linda!

Saturday, 21st of February, starting at 23,45 at  Pacha returns also this month  the Ibiza’s cult event: Vintage!

Vintage is the party created by Sebastian Gamboa, and since few years  is one of the most appreciated and followed events on the island, especially during winter season (in summer time Vintage moves usually in the other super location of Lio Ibiza).

Sebastian Gamboa in an artist that plays an elegant sound, that’s absolutely appreciated on the island, and his brand since years it’ is a guarantee of good music.

The line up next Saturday  is completed by “lady” Anna Tur of Ibiza global radio and  form our friend Angel Linde…and there will be a “special”  violin, that will be played by B- Linda!

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This is the poster of the event!


Tonight, Pacha Ibiza presents: Vintage! With Sebastian Gamboa and friends!

Tonight, Saturday 29th of November, Pacha ibiza presents one of the cult parties in ibiza. Vintage!

The master of cerimonies will be Sebastian Gamboa, with his elegant music, and the line up will be completed by Victor Nebot, B-Linda at Violino and Mimi Barber as Vocals!

This is the poster of the event!


Tonight, Pacha Ibiza presents: Vintage opening party..with Sebastian Gamboa and friends!

Tonight starts the new autumn season of pacha with one of Ibiza’s cup parties: Vintage!

Vintage is a project that since few years is one of the most likes events on the island during the winter time at Pacha and in summer at Lio!

Master of ceremonies is Sebastian Gamboa, with his elegant sound..and tonight the line up will be completed by Angel Linde, Victor Nebot, B-Linda at violin and Mimi Barber at vocal!

Here you have the poster of the party!

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:



Friday, Lio Ibiza presents: Vintage..with Sebastian Gamboa, Anna Tur, B-Linda and Mimi Barber!

Friday, Lio Ibiza presents: Vintage! 

Vintage is one of the most elegant parties of Ibiza..and master of ceremonies is a dj that we really appreciate: Sebastian Gamboa!

The line up is completed by lady Anna Tur (ibiza global rdio), B-Linda (violin) and Mimi Barber as vocalist.

Here you have the poster of the event, and be ready for an unforgettable party..because of Sebastian Gamboa and his team mean elegance and style!


Saturday 5th of July Nino Budapest presents: Sebastian Gamboa! Ibiza lands in Hungary!

Ibiza by night follows to give you enws about Nino Budapest (Hungary) elegant place that since many weeks presents events with guests dj from Ibiza (Pacha Agency) like Joan Ribas, Sarah Main, Dazzla Ding, Juan Diaz and many others.
This week there will return  a super guest.. Sebastian Gamboa!

Sebastian Gamboa with  his show Vibtage is one of the most elegant and appreciated artists of Ibiza, he usually plays on the island  at POacha and Lio with great results of public.. and he’s a guarantee of a night of elegant music!

Here you have the poster of the event!
So.. be ready for a new one great night in Budapest in Ibiza’s style and many thanks to Gyula Borbély for the media support!


Saturday, Pacha Ibiza Says No!

Next Satuday 8th of February at Pacha Ibiza will be celebrated an important event: Ibiza says no!

During the night, from midnight till 3 a.m.will be possible to sign the petition against petrol researches in Ibiza’s sea  sea!

During the same night the music will be by Sebastian gamboa, one of the most appreciated artist of Ibiza, with his Vintage!

Here you have the poster of the party..and in next days Ibiza by night will update the news!


The Easter week at Pacha Ibiza

Dear friends, here you have the complete program for the Easter week at Pacha Ibiza!

Starting wednesday, 27th of March, until Sunday 31st of march, every night there will be a different party!

The 27th will be celebrated Riva Star with Angel Linde, Sergio Mussa and David Oleart.

Thursday 28th of March will be time for another party:  Vintage  (and with Sebastian Gamboa and Mariano Grande will play also Anna Tur of Ibiza Global radio).

This is the link for the free guest list:

Friday another party with “Be Crazy”…  with top djs Jean Claude Ades, Uner, Tuccillo and Sergio Mussa and Angel Linde and more guests.

The week will finish Saturday 30th with “Sweet nights” and Sunday 31st with “Ibiza talents”.

Here you have the complete poster of the program, so have a great week!

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