Tonight Luciano & Vagabundos are back at Space Ibiza and will land also the Cocorico’!

Tonight, 16th of August, at Space Ibiza will be celebrated a special episode of Luciano & Vagabundos!

In the Vagabundos room will play – as usual- Luciano, plus Livio & Roby and Michel Cleis.

But there will be an important news: in the terrace, hosted by Cocoricò – one of the most influent Italian clubs – will play an important team of dj’s: Ilario Alicante, Ralf & Da Vid.

In the sunset room, hosted by Titilla will play, starting at 10 pm, Asal, bartolomeo and Federico Grazzini.

At the premiere stage the music will be by Ramon Castells.

On these premises, this is an unmissable party.

And – from the community of Ibiza by night- full support to Cocoricò!

Here you have the official poster, and don’t forget, from 7 pm, Vagabundos pre party at Cafè del Mar Ibiza.


Sunday, Luciano presents: Vagabundos at Cafè del Mar! With Michel Cleis, Ralf and Martijn Ten Velden!

Sunday, 16th of August, starting at  19,00 CET till 23.00 CET, Luciano presents a new episode of : Vagabundos at Cafè del Mar!

And also this week  for this special free event the line up is absolutely amazing.

In consolle will play Michel Cleis (that last Thursday at Destino Hotel made a great set), plus an Italian icon as Ralf. The line up is completed by Martijn Ten Velden!

The entry is absolutely free, and then the party will follow at Space Ibiza for another unmissable appointment with Luciano and his Vagabundos.

The event  has the media partnership of Ibiza by night.

We wish to tell a special thanks also this week to the event organizer Sebastian Kato Hernandez that gave us the opportunity for this media partnership.

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

Here you have the official poster!



Sunday, Luciano and Vagabundos are back at Space Ibiza!

Sunday, 5th of July, Luciano and his Vagabundos are back at Space Ibiza.

With Luciano will play (in the Vagabundos room) a special guest as Francesco Tristano live, plus Mirko Loco.

In the Main room the line up is composed by Ben Sims and Shifted,  and in the Sunset room will play Alex Picone and Alfredo.

Also tomorrow Vagabundos presents amazing line ups and confirms itself as one of the most interesting parties of Ibiza 2015!

Here you have the link to the event page on Facebook:

This is the official poster!

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Sunday, Space Ibiza, presents: Vagabundos! With Luciano, Erick Morillo and many more!

Sunday, 21st of June, at Space Ibiza returns Luciano with his Vagabundos!

Luciano, that’s living a greats season on the island,  will play in the “Vagabundos room”, and the line up will be completed by Felipe Valenzuela and Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts.

In the main room there will be a great guest, Erick Morillo, one of the most loved artists on the island, that will play all night long!

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

And here you have the official poster with the complete line up!


Tonight, Vagabundos are back at Space Ibiza! With Luciano, Carl Craig, Martin Buttrich (live), Heidi and many more!

This week Ibiza by night obtained and exclusive interview by Luciano and Alban Piot, and here you have the link:

And now we talk again about Vagabundos, that tonight 14th of June, starting at 20,00, are back at Space Ibiza!

The line up also this week is amazing and includes  in the Vagabonds room Luciano,  Martin Buttrich (live) and Molly.

In the main room will hosted the team of Detroit Love, with a living legend as Carl Craig, Heidi and Jimmy Edgar.

In the sunset room will play our friend Josè Maria Ramòn (Ibiza global radio) plus Andy Baxter, Marlowe and Valentin Huedo.

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook.

Here you have the poter of the party, that’s one of the most interesting of Ibiza 2015!

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Ibiza by night meets Luciano and Alban Piot: Vagabundos are back! The exclusive interviews!

Luciano and his Vagabundos are back in Ibiza!
The opening party last Sunday at Space Ibiza was simply great, and it was the first session of a long and amazing season.
Ibiza by Night had the opportunity to interview Luciano and his tour manager Alban Piot and to talk about Ibiza and the new projects.

Firstly, we interviewed Luciano.
IBN: Luciano and Vagabundos return after two years on the island: what do we have to expect in the following months? Why did you choose Space Ibiza?

Luciano:” We chose Space Ibiza to be closer to the people! We went back to our roots…we decided to start from the beginning. We also wanted to tell the stories that people love about our globetrotting….whilst still having smiley, shiny faces !!! Vagabundos is a lifestyle, it’s a state of mind and we love it ! Space is one of the most emblematic places in Ibiza, and we really wanted to take our people to a new adventure!
We are so happy and blessed to have the chance to play in the terrace!
We brought with us many people that have been following us for years… people that have supported us since we made our first edition of Vagabundos, like all our great friends and crew from Detroit.
And don’t forget we also decided to share the platform with “Next Wave”, which is just incredible and full of positive energy! We have also a lot of local talent that represents a lot of us !“.
IBN:This year you will play with several new artists, how do you choose your team?
Luciano:”How do I choose my team ? I think they choose to be with me ! I love my people and I’ ll do anything for them ! I think this is the key! A sort of devotion!”
IBN: Finally, can you describe your personal relationship with Ibiza?

Luciano:”Ibiza is my home! Ibiza embraced me 17 years ago and never let me go ! So I decided that Ibiza is my home! I cherish every corner of “la isla”, and I try to be part of it as a creative mind… and also I want to be loyal to the freedom that the place gave me ! I deeply respect Ibiza!“.
Thanks Luciano!


(Luciano at Space Ibiza)

And now we move on to Alban Piot (Alban is also the
technical designer of all of Luciano’s brand and the Night Manager of the Cadenza shows, in the picture below with Luciano).
IBN: So Alban, are you ready for this new residency in Ibiza: what is a typical day as the Tour Manager for you?

Alban: ” My day? Well …there’s a lot of phone calls. I wake up before everybody else, go to the club before everybody else, make sure Luciano has everything that he needs and that everything works perfectly, take care of ALL the problems…. Basically a nightmare (laughs)… I’m joking, of course. It’s a great job but it’s not all craziness and partying. I have to be super professional“.

IBN: Since Destino’s opening party it seems that the season is under Luciano’s mark, what do you expect from Ibiza 2015?

Alban: “A lot of success and a lot of happiness for Luciano. He deserves it. Plus, I want all of our fans to have their best times at our shows…. We work hard to get this result“.
IBN: And, as tour manager, which is the location that you think is “most individual” that you have visited over the years?

Alban:”South America is always pretty wild. I like their attitude. They’re very free spirits, and the parties are always “anything goes”…. So much fun“.
Thanks Luciano and to Alban (who made this double interview possible) … and now we are ready for a great, new season of Vagabundos!

Text by. Steve Massa

Editing by: Emma Manley

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Breaking news: Space Ibiza announces the residency of Vagabundos by Luciano every Sunday night for summer 2015!

After many rumors today finally arrived the official confirm: Vagabonds by Luciano will be the official party, every Sunday night form 7th of June till 27th of September, at Space Ibiza!

Luciano is one of the artists mostly loved on the island, and for the party Vagabonds is a great return on the island!

As said Space’s media team: “Regarded as one of the most successful and breakthrough parties ever to grace the White Island, the event will heat up the dance floors in clubland once again, with Luciano and his traveling gang of music gypsies ready to bring some fire in the Balearic nightlife. A brand new relationship between the Vagabundos concept and the multiple award-winning Space Ibiza club will change Sundays forever in Ibiza. An amazing fusion between Cadenza’s famed Latin rhythms and the great sound system only Space Ibiza can provide, plus the striking environment of its rooms, will bring a brand new music experience to the White Island.
Riding high from the success of his recent “Grace Of An Art” single for Cadenza (the milestone 100th release for the label), Luciano is looking forward to the summer, taking in an incredible year of touring that has brought him all over the world once again with appearances at all major festival and clubs, in true Vagabundos style.
A colourful extravaganza of beats and melodies, the new adventure for the Cadenza family at Space Ibiza will showcase the talents from their roster along with a list of worldwide renowned guests. Official Lineup announcement coming on May“.

So, save tend dates, because of Sunday night in Ibiza will be under the sign of Luciano and his Vagabonds.

Ibiza by night will update soon with the line ups, but be ready for an epic Ibiza 2015!

Here you have the official poster!

If you want more news about Ibiza’s parties, this is the link to Ibiza by night party calendar:

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