Luciano & friends at Destino Ibiza!

Luciano & friends are back at Destino Ibiza.

Luciano, also in Ibiza 2016, scored brilliant results at Destino: the party was still packed and the atmosphere (& the music9 was great.

Now Luciano & friends will play Thursday, August 18th, from 4 pm.

The line up is completed by Guti (live) & Cesar Merveille.

If you are in Ibiza, don’t miss it.

Don’t forget, the party will continue at Tox.

Here you have the official poster!


Next Wednesday, Tox club Ibiza, Benedicte Gauthier presents: No guest list tonight, with Flavio Vecchi, Remo, Odd parents and a superguest…..

Wednesday 16th of July  starting at midnight till 6 am, in the cult location of Tox club Ibiza (Destino Pacha resort), Benedicte Gauthier, one of the most famous pr on the island,  presents her party… No guest list tonight!

For the first episode of July 2014 the line up includes the legendary Italian Dj and producer  Flavio Vecchi, plus  Remo and Odd parents.

But there will be a great surprise!

During the night… will play a secret  superguest….. who will be? We try to help you… telling just the first word of the name… M…. but is a  dj not to miss…. 😉

Benedicte Gauthier, a great friend of Ibiza by night,  said to Ibiza by night:  “Wednesday restart the project “no guest list tonight” .. I will organize some parties..and there will be still a super secret guest dj.. I am proud for the presence of a  great dj’s and friends as Flavio Vecchi, Remo and Odd Parents.. but next Wednesday you will discover the first..and he’s a special one.. without him there is no party!”

For further details this is the link to the event page on facebook:

And this is the poster of the party.. see you on Wednesday!


Tomorrow.. Tox Club… Bushwacka and Cristian Viviano

Tomorrow, wednesday 18th of September, starting at midnight till late, Jonathan Roi and SexynChic presents an exclusive party at Tox Club Privè (Hotel Destino)!

The line up includes Bushwacka! and Cristian Viviano… for a party very… very intriguing… in the amazing location of Tox… a place that’s already a cult club in Ibiza….

Jonathan Roi, one of the most active organizer of events in Ibiza, has already realized many successful parties at Tox club (Neverdogs played there a few weeks ago…) and now is ready for another new chapter of his saga!

Bushwacka doesn’t need any presentation, but a  special mention for the night is also for Cristian Viviano, an Italian dj and producer that, step by step has become one  appreciated  artist  in Ibiza!

Here you have the poster of the event!

For the guest list: and

Ready for a great party?