Ibiza and real estate: pay attention to scammers!

First of all, Ibiza by night doesn’t work in any field of real estate and isn’t involved in any real estate business.

But this article is absolutely necessary.

We are hearing many “bad” histories about the business of real estate in Ibiza.

We heard stories of people that had bad experiences in renting and buying apartments..and were scammed.

People that  arrived in ibiza and didn’t find  the apartment  and  the “mediator” who received money in advance.. or found apartments absolutely different from the pictures… 😦

Summer 2014 in Ibiza has arrived, in these days ..many people  think to rent or to buy an apartment just watching a web page…

Pay attention!

In Ibiza there are many honest and professional agencies and people working in the house rentals and sales, but there are also many scammers.

It’s absolutely important that you contact JUST people or agencies really existing  on the island, people that has the opportune licenses and, of couse, a good reputation, because of ..probably the cheap apartment that you saw in the picture doesn’t exist..

For this reason,  starting from next week Ibiza by night, trying to help our community of readers, will interview certified and serious operators trying to give you useful suggestions to avoid scams  and scammers!