Important announcement by Space Ibiza for the closing party 2016!


Space closing party 2016 will be memorable.

This is the list of confirmed dj:

Aleksia, Alex P, Alfredo, Andy Baxter, Anja Schneider, Anna Tur, Aphotek, Bastian Bux, Blackhall and Bookless, Brandon Block, Bruno From Ibiza, Bushwacka!, Camilo Franco, Carl Cox, Charlise N Chaplin, Clara Da Costa, Daniel Klein, Danny Serrano, Darius Syrossian, David Morales, David Moreno, De la Swing, DJ Oliver, DJ Pippi, Eats Everything, Edu Imbernon, Eddy M, Elio Riso, Federico Grazzini, Francisco Allendes,  Igor Marijuan, James Zabiela, Jason Bye, Javi Bora, Jesse Rose, John Acquaviva, Jon Rundell, Jonathan Ulysses, Josh Wink, Juan Gomez, Kaleshy, Kopanos, Kölsch, Los Suruba, Maceo Plex, Mambo Brothers, Marc Maya, Mark Brown, Mark Knight, Mind Against, Moy Santana, Nic Fanciulli, Nilo R, Oscar Colorado, Paul Reynolds, Pepo Lanzoni, Rad Damon, Rafa de Siria, Ramon Castells, Rebeka Brown, Remo, Roger Sanchez, Sam Divine, Sasha, Smokin Jo, Somne, Stefano Noferini, Steve Bug, Tale Of Us, Technasia, Toni Moreno, Toni Varga, Uner, Valentin Huedo, Wally Lopez, Yaya, Yousef, and many more will be added (the last names? Dosem, Shlomi Aber, Graham Sahara, Sebastian Gamboa, Erick Morillo, Jose Maria Ramon, Cristian Varela and many more…).

But Space Ibiza also announced next releases of online tickets (see poster below).

Our suggestion if: buy your ticket now, because of the last Space closing party will be simply epic!

If you want to know the updated list of closing parties click here.

This is the official poster.


Ibiza Live radio presents: Miss Luna, Ibiza by night radio show with Ilona Maras, Bruno From Ibiza, Wicked7 Network, Gaty Lopez, Felix Da Funk and many more!

Ibiza Live radio  ( presents another great week:  in next days will play the founder & director, Miss Luna, then  the cult live streaming every day from Tantra Cafè, plus Bruno From Ibiza, Wicked7 Network, Gaty Lopez, Felix Da Funk. Stefano Cioffi, and many more!

Next Friday returns also Ibiza by night radio show with a new guest: Ilona Maras (in the picture below).


Ilona Maras is a Swiss Dj that plays since years around the world, so we are very happy to join her in the family of Ibiza by night radio show…and in next weeks will play for us “The Professor” Rafa De Siria, Dj Franz with his monthly residency, and Ivan Fly!

Stay tuned, because very soon Ibiza live radio will announce some important news!

If you want the complete schedule of Ibiza live radio, click here!


Ibiza by night radio show presents: Rafa De Siria!

Saturday,Ibiza by night radio show presents a new one  appointment on, the radio created and directed by miss luna!

This week will play again for us a person that’s muche more than a friend: “The professor” Rafa De Siria!

Rafa De Siria (in the picture below) is the media manager of Pacha Ibiza, is a respected Producer  and in his free time is also an excellent Dj.

He realized a special set for Ibiza by night radio show, so ready to hear him Saturday 14th of November, from 20 21 Rafa de Siria & Ibiza by night radio show are back!

And Rafa said:”I’m back and happy proud to be a part of the family of  Ibiza by night project as an Ibiza nights and electronic music lover and also very happy to share life with this amazing team“.



Ibiza by night meets Xavier Arak! An interview by Rafa De Siria!

Xavier Arak (in the pictures below) is a young producer and Dj Based in Ibiza: he played in several excellent locations and, recently, at Fude Pacha.

Our friend  “The professor” Rafa De Siria”  interviewed Xavier…and this is the brilliant result!

Who is Xavier Arak?

Javier Aracil or Xavier Arak, is a young producer based in Ibiza who loves play and produce electronic music.


Your father was an important Soul singer in the sixties, How did you live the music in your childhood?

Yes my father was a part of a band of the 60s in Spain called the Dixies where my father was the singer. This has been a great point in my life because at home in the living room always he put his vinyls of soul and also he usually take his guitar and sing songs of Otis redding, Marvyn Gay, Aretha Franklin, etc … Was a man ahead of his time.

How this influenced the music that you actually produce?

In all, hear this kind of quality music inspires me in all my songs in my harmonies , vocals, percussion in my life helps me also.


Who is your favorite artist and why?

Some of my favourite artists are David August , Nicolas Jaar , Maceo Plex , Laurent Garnier , Mario Basanov etc..

I like them all for their melodic tracks, by choice with harmonies, and be innovative. Sometimes when I listen to these artists seem like a listen a soundtrack of a film and i love their bass lines also.

Any Spanish Artist?

If I like the musical quality of Pablo Bolivar I am lucky to have as a friend, he always gives me good advice.

I see you’re publishing in some different record labels, how is going your tracks? Which news are coming?

I have less than two years in the world of production but I’m very happy with the progress I’m doing, things are easier now I feel quite inspired to keep learning and getting new items. Some new original tracks will shortly go out by Deeplomatic Records, UM records…. deep tech and other more melodic and harmonic tracks

Recently you’ve had a tour in Asia where you’ve played in major festivals such the jungle experience, where we can caught you in upcoming dates?

If truth that this was my first tour which has given me a lot of energy in all the places. I’ve finish them making many friends and people have shown a lots of their appreciation for my music

Whic Style defines you better?

I love many styles i can play in 100 bpm even less to 124 bpm. If i have to chose one style i choose deep tech.

Where do you live if is not in Ibiza?

I love Ibiza but if i have to choose Berlin or New York.

You play recently a fantastic set in Pacha also in Ushuaia one time this summer , how do you feel?

For me was amazing to play the first time in this two places , cause always we work hard to make this things happened!

Thanks to Rafa De Siria and to Xavier, that we hope to hear soon in summer 2015 in Ibiza…and these are Xavier’s useful contacts!

Toral & Lagho meet Rafa De Siria: The divine comedy!

In a few days will be published the ep “The divine Comedy”,.
In this case Dante Alighieri is not involved, because of this is a musical project where Thoral and Lagho meet Rafa De Siria.
De Siria (in the picture below) is a journalist and Dj based in Ibiza, and also more than a friend for our community (he played recently also for Ibiza by night Radio show).


Ibiza by night met “the professor” De Siria (as we use to call him, and he said us:”Meet Toral & Lagho inspired me to go back again to the studio 18 years after, a little bit of Techno Music for this winter days in Ibiza to keep the spirit alive”.
The Ep, produced for the new label “positive electronic music” as the novel of Dante Alighieri, is structured in three different parts! You will hear three songs named. “Infierno, Purgatory & Paradise”, and this concept seems very intriguing…
So, prepare yourself to hear “The Divine Comedy”…on beatport!
And this is a link to special set:


Thursday, Ibiza by night radio show presents: Rafa De Siria!

Thursday, starting at 5 pm (Spanish time) till 6 pm Ibiza by night radio show presents a special appointment on, the radio created and directed by miss luna!

This week will play for us a person that’s muche more than a friend for us: “The professor” Rafa De Siria!

Rafa De Siria (in the picture below) is the media manager of Pacha Ibiza, and in his free time is  also an excellent Dj.

He realized a special  set for Ibiza by night, and we are very happy to broadcast it!

And rafa said:”I’m so proud to be a part of Ibiza by night project as an Ibiza nights and electronic music lover and also very happy to share life with this amazing team“.

So, tomorrow evening at 5 pm stay tuned on , where you can hear 24 hours a day  the sound of Ibiza around the world!

Many thanks to Ariadna De Siria for this amazing picture!


Ibiza Live radio this week presents: Miss Luna, Ibiza by night radio shows with Rafa De Siria and Dos, Wicked 7 Network, Felix da Funk, John Ferrer, Fabrizio Marra and many more!

This week the specials of Ibiza live radio ( are absolutely amazing!

The radio created and directed by Miss Luna  presents many intriguing radio shows. During the week will play Felix Da Funk with “Born in Ibiza”, Monday form 17 till 18 Spanish time.

Then Tuesday will play another great friend of our community, Renè Goldman,  with his Ibiza soulon, a program that’s a guarantee of elegant music.

Then Wednesday a great surprise: a special edition of Ibiza by night Radio show, with a prestigious friend from Ibiza “The Professor” Rafa De Siria that will play at 5 pm, but soon we will talk again about him.

Still Thursday, Wicked 7 Network (founded and managed by Angela Caruccio) presents: B. Jones, and Saturday for Wicked 7 Network London will play Max Latino.

Friday will be broadcasted the show “Versus party Ibiza” of our friend John Ferrer… our dear Miss Luna will play Monday and Sunday, and Fabrizio Marra will present “Deep in Ibiza” next saturday.

But..but..don’t forget, Next Saturday, from 20 till 21 Ibiza by night radio show presents new prestigious guests: Dos!

Dos are Italian Dj’s and producers and  have played last summer at Dc 10 Ibiza and are based in London. But…stay tuned because of soon we will talk about them.

And with Dos the family of Ibiza by night radio show, after Cristian Adamo, Gaty Lopez, Aldoina, Christian Viviano, Sasa Mendone, Lorenzo Calvio, Kika, Stephan Esse, Stefano Cioffi, Eran Lump, Reelow has new prestigious guests, and Paul Kenny is arriving too!

So, with all these intriguing programs, you can just follow Ibiza live radio!

Here you have the poster with all the specials of the week!


Today, afternoon, Pacha presents a charity event!

Today, starting at 17,00 until  21,00, at Pacha will be celebrated a charity event to support  APNEEF, an association of Ibiza that help families with kids with problems!

Here you have the poster of the charity event with all further details, that has the full support of Ibiza by night!

And this is the link to the press note (in spanish) written by our friend Rafa De Siria:ña-de-apneef/10151908969859263

Please help this right cause!