Wednesday, La Troya is back in Ibiza with Manicòmico!

Tomorrow, wednesday 2nd of July, at Amnesia Ibiza returns “La Troya”..with a new one party named this week:”Manicomico”!

The most happy and trangressive show of Ibiza (and one of the absolutely loved by the family of Ibiza by night) will have many surprises in store for Trojans!!!!
Karl Morin, the manager of the show, said to Ibiza by night: “This one of our favourite classics where craziness is our leitmotiv.Everybody loves to bring out their crazy side it is the night to finally play your mad character,so get ready to be the craziest of the night our special Manicomico (comic psychiatric hospital)is waiting for you”.
For further infos:
This is the link to the event page on facebook:

Here you have the poster of the party!
And be ready for an unforgettable night…