Wednesday, Hotel Pacha presents: Love & music with Gaty Lopez and Joan Ribas!

Wednesday 3rd of September, starting at 11 pm till 3 am in the beautiful   location of the terrace of Pacha Hotel Ibiza (El Hotel)  will be hosted  “Love and music”, the cool event with the music of Gaty Lopez and Joan Ribas.

Gaty Lopez and Joan Ribas are two dj’s and producers  loved and followed  in Ibiza and their sound is absolutely elegant!

Gaty Lopez has also played a few weeks ago for Ibiza by night radio show.

The entry is free and Ibiza by night is very happy to be also this week a media partner of the party.
Here you have the poster of the event that will be followed by our team!


Tuesday, Fernando Pablo Link presents: Taste & Socialize at El Hotel (Hotel Pacha Ibiza).

Tuesday, starting at 21,30 till 03,00 at El Hotel (Hotel Pacha Ibiza) Fernando Pablo Link presents: “Taste & socialize”, the cult dinner-event.

During the night will be possible to partecipate to a dinner. Everybody will be seat at a common table, and will be possible  to meet new people.

The night will follow in the terrace of El Hotel with the sound of two dj’s: Dj Verox (Marbella) and Van Perterkin!

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

And this is the poster of the event.. be ready for an elegant night, that has the media partnership of Ibiza by night.


Tonight, Hotel Pacha, Fernando Pablo Link presents: Taste & Socialize!

Tonight, starting at 20,00, Fernando Pablo Link presents at El Hotel (Hotel Pacha) his successful event: “Taste & Socialize”, a cool dinner where is possible to meet new friends from worldwide!
The dinner will be celebrated at the terrace of Hotel pacha, and then there will be a party in the lounge bar.
The music of the party will be by Joan Ribas and  Carlos Diaz, and there will be also guests
This is the poster of the dinner-party.


Ibiza by night meets Joan Ribas at Destino Hotel!

Joan Ribas is a musical  institution in Ibiza, as dj, producert and art director.

He played (and plays) in prestigious location as Pacha, Nino Budapest and he is the musical director of El Hotel (Pacha Hotel).

In summer 2014 Joan (in the picture below) will have a new important role at Destino Hotel (Pacha group)  and will play every week friday and saturday from 16,00 till 21.

Ibiza by night met him to talk about next summer in Ibiza and this new important adventure!

IBN: So, Joan tell us something about this your new one professional adventure

Ribas: “For me it is a fantastic opportunity, I also come at the best time of my life as a DJ. I want to express all my wisdom Destination musical experience and trying to create a unique atmosphere. The Pacha family has always been my family, and nothing can give me more proud to be part of your most innovative project”.

IBN: How will be summer 2014 at Destino hotel?

Ribas: “We hope this is the year of confirmation of a place that claims to be reference in Ibiza and the world. Whether service hotel as in music and restaurant”.


IBN:  Organize the “internal music selection” for a prestigious location as Destino Hotel .. which is the main difference from your previous experience

Ribas: “Basically it’s the same thing I’ve been doing these last five years to Hotel Pacha (and I will continue doing). It’s to find the right music for any time of day”.

IBN we are in may.. how do you expect summer 2014 in Ibiza?

Ribas:”So far the prospects are excellent. Definitely will be one of the best seasons ever.

To conclude I want to thank the Urgell family, Josep Antoni Escandell and Radouane Mahrouk who have trusted me to musicalize this place such emblematic”.

Thanks Joan!’s party time!

Summer has finished in ibiza? No way!

Tonight it’s party time at pacha, with the sound of Juanjo Martin and Graham Sahara..and the the end a set of Dazzla Ding!

Here you have the poster of the event!

For more infos:


And, if you want to start the night in an elegant location, just in front of Pacha, there is the Pacha hotel.. a cool place with the soundtrack of “the master” Joan Ribas.


Have a nice saturday night in Ibiza!


Tomorrow .. Pacha Hotel.. Jey Indahouse Aka Chizsoul and Joan Ribas!

Tomorrow, in the elegant atmosphere of Hotel Pacha, will be celebrated an elegant party.. Houseland…feel the sounds!

Masters of ceremony will be Jey Indahouse, one appreciated Dj on the island, Aka Chizsoul and “the master” Joan Ribas.

The party will start at h. 23,00… entry!

Are you ready for a night of elegant music?

This is the poster of the event!1209004_10151684844474219_563612411_n

A great week of nightlife in ibiza!!!!

Dear friends…this November in Ibiza is very rich of excellent sets…here you have a list of select events for next night!

Thursday  22th of November

Bubbles presents. Global showcase (Houseworld + ibiza Global radio), with the music of Anna Tur and David Moreno, two legends of Ibiza Global Radio!  From 23,55 till 6,00! Free entrance! With the supervision of Fernando Pablo Link!

Friday 23th of November



Hotel Pacha

Hotel Pacha presents: Hose vibes sessions, with Aaron Ferrer, hosted by joan Ribas

Lola’s  presents: Winter sessions, with Sergi Villalta, Rickzor & Rumme

Hotel ocean Drive

Daniela Biagetti and Carlos Jurado presents: Burger Gin..a night of intriguing music and surprises…, from 19,30 till midnight…

Pacha Presents:

Shardana, with David Oleart, Angel Linde, Tuccillo, tato and Sergio Mussa

Bubbles Ibiza 

Bubbles presents”Pelliroca Ibiza” with Jo Mills, Andy Wilson, Bekka Rawkins and Kweith Matthew

Saturday 24th of November


Sankeys presents: Asun James, Bones, Paola Poletto & Francisco Allende, free before 2 am


Grial presents. Hot …the new show with the sound of Josè Maria Ramon and Miguel Garji


Sirocco presents, from 21,00 Blue Tide en Sirocco, with the music of mariano Somoza, Sergi Ribas and Carlos Jurado, with an aperitif and free buffet from 21,30 till 23,30…then music and performances….

Sushipoint Ibiza

Sushipoint ibiza presents a night of food and good music with the sound of Vidal rodriguez and Sasa Mendone


Pacha presents: Vintage, with Sebastian gamboa, Anna Tur, Mariano Grande, Sergio mussa and B-Linda

Picaro (Playa D’en Bossa)

Gee Van Dee will play from 22,00 for the “wicked saturday” for a night of great music…..

Guaranà (Santa Eularia del Riu)

Great night of music with the sound of David Moreno!

So dear friends…I hope that you’ll have a lot of fun..and for further updates the link to the group ibiza by night calendar is:

Have fun! And be ready because of next week will be amazing!