Monegros Festival lands in Italy next 1st and 2nd of June!

Monegros, the legendary Spanish Festival, lands in Italy, at old River Park (Naples)) next 1st and 2nd of June!

They will be two days of great music…and this is the text of the official announcement:

The mythical Spanish Monegros Festival now for the very first time in Italy.
The Arnau family, after 21 years in the business, and growing from a group of friends in the desert to up to 40,000 people in the latest festivals, have decided to spread the party outside Spain. Organized for the first time ever in Italy, Monegros joins forces with International Talent, one of the best promoters in Italy with 17 years experience behind them.. This event, born in the middle of nowhere as an excuse to have fun and enjoy electronic music among friends, has today become an international musical landmark and to launch the Monegrino desert adventure in a country like Italy with whom we share so much techno culture is just a natural move for Monegros.
Monegros Festival Spain has mutated this 2015 into the Groove Parade, a clear step back to its roots, and now this famous rave is going on tour represented by the Booking Agency Beatside in Exclusive for Italy. The first stop on the tour will be June 1 and 2 in Italy, Naples. This change of location means a change of atmosphere, and so we leave behind the dry and dusty Monegros desert to spend two days in the idyllic location of Old River Park.
For two days, just like its Spanish Groove Parade counterpart, the festival celebrates two sessions full of rhythm and fun, with 12 hours of music each day, and the biggest names in techno and underground house giving it all they’ve got on the stage at Monegros Italy.
Ready to live yet another adventure?“.

Ibiza by night will update you about this important news…so stay tuned…because of something great is arriving and  be ready for two days of great music!

This is the poster with the announcement!