Ibiza live radio..the specials of the week..with Miss Luna, Stefano Cioffi for Ibiza by night, John Ferrer, Felix Da Funk and many more!

Here you have the specials for the Easter’s week of Ibiza live radio (www.ibizaliveradio.com) that has a media partnership with Ibiza by night.
Ibiza live radio is the radio station that has been founded and it’s directed by Miss Luna!!
This week the line up will include many prestigious djs and many great friends and partners of our community, as Miss Luna, Stefano Cioffi for Ibiza by night (what is this…stay tuned that we will update you!) John Ferrer, dj and producer founder of “versus party Ibiza”, Bruno from Ibiza, Felix Da Funk (with his show “Born in Ibiza”) Fabrizio Marra, Willy Sanjuan!
So are you ready for a new amazing week with ibiza live radio? This is the poster with all the specials!


Ibiza Live Radio! The specials of this week.. with Miss Luna, Fabrizio Marra, Graham Sahara, Felix da Funk and many more!

This is the program of Ibiza live radio (www.ibizaliveradio.com) the radio founded and created by miss Luna!.. with all the specials of the week! Enjoy tha will include many great friends of Ibiza By night, as Miss Luna, Fabrizio Marra, Grahan Sahara, Bruno from Ibiza, Felix Da Funk!



Ibiza Live Radio: the specials of the week!

Here you have the specials of the week of Ibiza live Radio for next days!

As you can see, in next days on the radio created and directed by Miss Luna will play many friends of our community.. as Miss Luna, Stefano Cioffi (Wednesday night from 21-till 22), Felix da Funk (Thursday from 20,00 till 21,00 with “Born in ibiza”), Fabrizio Marra, (next Saturday from 21,00 till 22,00 with “Deep in Ibiza”).

Here you have the poster with the complete program!

For further details and to hear ibiza live radio..stay tuned on : http://www.ibizaliveradio.com


Happy friday night in Ibiza and more….

Hi friends, are you ready for an exciting friday night?

Here you have some opportunities for tonight:

Aura Ibiza: great opening party  with “Easter Friday”..with Dj Anz  y Ernesto Altes

Shardana: Aperitive in music from 9.00 p.m. with the music o  Naza & Omar

Delano: “Priveè stars” with the sound of  Jordi Tur, Joan Vidal y Jorge Cruz, from 22,00 till 6,00

Pacha Hotel: “All that jazz” from 23,00 with the music  of the resident Dj Joan Ribas and the performance of Winni Wendorff and Peter Mill

Essence of Ibiza presents…Do not feed animals….look at the flyer…

And that’s all for tonight…

For Tomorrow….. start to save the date:

Daily time Delano: from 13,00 the show “Fat Stinky is back again”, with the sound of Miss Luna and QIbiza DeRhino…wake up early plese 😉

Essence of Ibizan presents  a special night with the dream team of Ibiza global radio and the music of Ana Tur, David Moreno, Iban Mendoza y Sosa Ibiza….from 23,00 till…..

See you tomorrow and enjoy yourself!!!

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p.s. 2 : soon you’ll have an email to send your news from Ibiza to publish in the site….