Monday, Amnesia Ibiza presents: Cocoon! With Sven Väth, Luciano, Mar-T and many more!

Tonight Amnesia Ibiza presents one of the last episodes of Cocoon!

The saga of Sven Väth and friends also this week presents an amazing line up.

In the main room will play Sven Väth and Popof.

In the terrace, hosted by Origins, will play Luciano, Scuba, Argy and Mar-T.

Cocoon 2014 has been a great show..and the arrival of Luciano gave also new energy to the magical team of Mr  ready for a great party… and… don’t worry..even if soon summer 2014 in ibiza will finish..Ibiza by night will follow to give news about Cocoon worldwide..just stay tuned!

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Here you have the poster of the event.


Monday, Cocoon Ibiza presents: Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Eats Everything, Mar-T and many more!

Monday, 15th of September, Cocoon  presents at Amnesia Ibiza  a new one great episode of the saga!

In the Terrace, hosted by origin, will play the  Luciano, one of the winning artists of  Summer 2014 in Ibiza plus Ricardo Villalobos, Martin Buttrich live and Valentino Kanzyani: four names of dj’s that will guarantee great sets!

And in the main room? The line up is also amazing.. with Eats everything, Catz’n dogz and Mar- T.

Cocoon 2014, the show created and directed  by Sven Väth also in summer 2014 has confirmed itself as one of the most loved parties on the be ready for another one great Monday night at Amnesia!

Here you have the poster of the partyt!

And also the dream team of Ibiza by night will follow it!


Amnesia Ibiza closing party 2014.. with Luciano, Maceo Plex, Joseph Capriati, Seth Troxler, Mar-T, tINI, Ricardo Villalobos and many more..the confirmed program!

The 2nd of September Ibiza by night announced the confirmed names of Amnesia 2014 closing party.. now we have also the official poster with all the names we told you!
The line up includes superstars as  Luciano, Maceo Plex. tINI, Joseph Capriati, Carl Craig, Cuartero, Eats Everything, Hector Couto, Kolsch, Joris Voorn, Mar-T, Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler, Les Schmitz, Caal Smile.
All these dj’s together are already an excellent  reason for book an hotel and a flight to Ibiza and come for the closing parties 2014!
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And this is the official poster of the event!











Amnesia Ibiza closing party 2014: confirmed Luciano, Maceo Plex, Joseph Capriati, Seth Troxler b2b Eats everything, Ricardo Villalobos and many more

Are you planning to go to Ibiza for the closing parties of summer 2014?

Amnesia has already a list of confirmed artists, and it’s awesome!

The names? Luciano, Maceo Plex. Tini, Joseph Capriati, Butch, Carl Craig, Cuartero b2b Hector Couto, Joris Voorn, Mar-T, Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler b2b Eats Everything and more tbc.

This is the line up that will play in the Terrace.

We are waiting to know the names that will perform  in  the terrace..and Ibiza by night will update you… but all these dj’s  together are already  a good reason for booking an hotel and a flight to Ibiza and come for the closing parties 2014!

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Wednesday Amnesia Ibiza presents: la Troya and also Paris Hilton!

Wednesday,27th  of August,  at Amnesia ibiza.. it’s time for a super double party!

In the same night will be celebrated a new episode of La Troya.. and this week the event will be very particular….

Karl Morin, manager of La Troya, said us:”La Troya se multiplica is a tribute to all our fans and friends that after so many years are here to make possible this party ,because la Troya is everyone ,it is me and you and all our devoted followers,we all are la Troya,together and forever. So that is why we multiply so we can say thank you to all and all be the same in our big family, La Troya“. 

So be ready.. because this is a night with many intriguing surprises including the guest dj Mar- T..and don’t forget… in the other room there is again, after the success of last weeks, Mrs Paris Hilton in Ibiza’s version…with her successful show: “Foam and diamonds”!

And Ibiza by night will follow both parties!

Here you have the poster of the event!


Today, No name ibiza presents: Amame meets Lift! With Franco Moiraghi, Afred Azzetto and many more!

Today, starting at 5 pm till midnight, at No Name Ibiza (on the beach, next Hard Rock Hotel,  Playa d’En Bossa) will be celebrated a great party “Amame meets lift”. 

In consolle will play our friend Franco Moiraghi, Afred Azzetto and many more!

here you have the poster of the event!

No name actually is one of the most intriguing locations in Ibiza.. a chiringuito where you can find the true soul of Ibiza..and where, until now have played big names in special after Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex, Ida Engberg, Luciano, Neverdogs,  Apollonia, Reelow, Tom pool,  Mar-T and many more…

The entry is free…so don’t miss this party….that will be followed by Ibiza by night.

here you have the poster of the event! 


Thursday, Tipic Formentera presents: Cocoon! With Ame and Mar-T!

Thursday, 14th of August, at Tipic Formentera lands Cocoon! 

The line up will be composed by two dj’s absolutely liked in Ibiza : Ame, that has already played for Cocoon at Amnesia Ibiza, and Mar- T, since many years appreciated on the island.

Here you have the poster of the party

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And be ready..because of  Cocoon invades also Formentera!




Sunday, daytime, Davide Avallone presents: Ibiza talents at “No name”, with Neverdogs, Marco Yanes, Reelow, Mar-t, Luca Serra, Tom Pool and many more!

Tomorrow, 10th of August, starting at 5 pm till midnight, Davide Avallone presents a special edition of  his successful party “Ibiza talents” at No name (on the beach, next Hard rock Hotel, Playa d’en Bossa).

The entry is free and will play a list of excellent dj’s: Neverdogs, Mar-T, Marco Yanes,Reeelow, Rickzor b2b Rumme, Luca Serra, Inga, and Tom Pool!

Here you have the poster of the event.. and Ibiza by night is very happy to be again media partner of Ibiza talents!  And.. because of is Davide’s 30th by day.. all our community wishes


See you on Sunday, because of this is an event  not to miss!


Friday, Music on is back with Marco Carola, Neverdogs, Monika Kruse and Mar-T!

Friday, Music on is back at Amnesia!

After the sold out of last week, the party created by Roberto Postiglione, Ernesto Senatore and Luca Piccolo returns for another great Friday night!

The line up this week includes, in the terrace,   Marco Carola and our great friends  Neverdogs.

In the Club room  will play Monika Kruse and Mar-T!

So be ready for another great party..because it’a all about the music!

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Here you have the poster of the event!


Tonight, Music on Ibiza presents: Marco Carola, Nicole Moudaber, Silvie Loto, Guti and Mar-T!

Tonight, Music on Ibiza presents a new one great episode at Amnesia!

The line up will include Marco Carola, the lady of techno Nicole Moudaber, the return of a great friend of our community, the Italian dj and producer, Silvie Loto, plus Guti and Mar-T!

As you can see five great dj’s  for an unforgettable night of music..because of Music on, the party created by  Roberto Postiglione, Ernesto Senatore and Luca Piccolo,  is the cult show of Friday night in Ibiza!

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Here you have the poster of the event!


Saturday, Amnesia Ibiza, the great opening party..with Maya Jane Coles, Davide Squillace, Adam Beyer, Joris Voorn,Mar-T, Apollonia and many more!

Saturday.. it’s time of another great opening party..Amnesia Ibiza!

The line up of the night it’s absolutely awesome: in the Terrace will play Davide Squillace, Apollonia, Eats everything, Mar-T, Caal Smile, Luca Donzelli, Renato Ratier!

In the main room will play Maya Jane Coles, Adam Beyer, Joris Voorn, Scuba, Kolsch, Les Schmitz.

As you can see it will be a party with different dj’s, different sounds, but.. with a  great quality of music!

Amnesia it’s  one of the best club in the world, and the opening and closing parties are still epic.. so don’t miss it!

Here you have the poster of the party!

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Cocoon at Amnesia Ibiza 2014: the line ups! With Sven Vath, Dubfire, Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Ilario Alicante, Carl Craig and many more!

Cocoon is back at Amnesia!

Starting th 2nd of June till 29th of September Sven Vath and friends returns every monday night in Ibiza!

At the great opening, next 2nd of June will play Sven Vath, Dixon, Ben Klock, Ilario Alicante, Ryan Elliott!

But during the season will play a great list of artists, dj’s and producers as Chris Liebing, Luciano, Michel Cleis, Dubfire, Eats everything, Ilario Alicante Ellen Allien, Julien Bracht, Adam Beyer, Dj Koze, Seth Troxler, Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Martin Buttrich, Valentino Kanzyani, Mathias Kaden, Mar-T, Popof, Paul Ritch, Mathias Kaden.. just to tell some names!

Here you have the complete program of the season..and be ready.. because of Sven Vath and friends are back..and Ibiza by night will follow these epic parties!