Wednesday.. la Troya Ibiza presents: Babilonia!

Summer 2014 in Ibiza is finishing..but this Wednesday la Troya is back at Amnesia.. and this week the party is named “Babilonia”.

La Troya since many years is absolutely one of the most loved shows on the island..and also 2014 was a successful season!

Ibiza by night met Karl Morin, manager of the party, that said us:”Now we are reaching the end with Babilonia it is the sign that the summer is gone as always Babilonia comes, one classic theme that is one of the first party that Brasilio organized back in the eighties,it is a tribute to this ancient society that was so evolved and rich in all the ways and that suddenly disappeared so it is like saying enjoy the present because we never know what can happen so come on and enjoy cause there is only two left….time is running out“.

here you have the poster of the event..and ready for this trip to Babilonia!

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Wednesday, Amnesia Ibiza presents “La Troya” plus an extra show of Paris Hilton!

Wednesday, 3rd of September, at Amnesia Ibiza.. it’s time for a special night!
In the same night will be celebrated a new episode of La Troya.. and also this week you must expect many intriguing surprises..…. and there will be also the performance of the most glamour lady landed on the island.. Paris Hilton!

Paris Hilton in Ibiza, for the second year, scored excellent results of public..and tomorrow night  will be ready for an extra show…. the last episode of summer 2014 of “Foam and Diamonds”.
Ibiza by night met as every week Karl Morin, manager of La Troya, and he said us:”This week we have “Vale Todo”…”everything goes”,it is about the freedom to do what you want,to be who you want to be,to live without rules so for this one it is a tribute to freedom so come on and be free“. 

So be ready.. because Wednesday night many things will happen…..
And Ibiza by night, as every week, will follow both parties! 
Here you have the poster of the event!

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A special thanks to Guadalupe Revuelta (Lady Press agency) for the media support as press agent of Mrs Hilton.



Tomorrow…Ibiza .La Troya..”Se va al infierno!”

Tomorrow,Wednesday 23th of July, at Amnesia Ibiza will be celebrated one of the best episode of “La Troya”..with a classical and epic party named:”La va al inferno”!
The most happy and transgressive show of Ibiza also this week  will have many surprises in store for Trojans.. be ready for a special night of Devils!
Karl Morin, the manager of the show, said to Ibiza by night: “This is a theme that is always very hot in all sences,fire as we all burn in hell the place where it is better to be at least warm and with all our friends (HA!HA!)cause we all have a little devil inside waiting to come out and enjoy life,this is the night to listen to your little devil inside,come and enjoy the eternal fire”.

This is the poster of the party!


In the other room..will be time also for the spuma the night will be unforgettable!

And here you have the poster of the party that this week will be followed by the team of Ibiza by night!
So.. be ready for a new one unforgettable Wednesday at the hell with La Troya!!!!

Wednesday, la Troya Ibiza presents: Somos como ninos!

Wednesday 9th of July, at Amnesia Ibiza returns “La Troya”..with a new one party named this week:”Somos como ninos”!
The most happy a show of Ibiza  will have many surprises in store for Trojans also this week, with Dj residents Les Schmitz and Oscar Colorado!!!!
Karl Morin, the manager of the show, said to Ibiza by night: “What is better then to bring out the kid out of you???They say that for our emotional intellect it is very good to think as a child so this is the night to think and act like one so this is your night we’re waiting for you...”.
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This is the link to the event page on facebook: you have the poster of the party!
And be ready for a night to remember!!!!


Tonight, La Troya Ibiza presents…. “Luz roja”!!!

It’s Wednesday… and at Amnesia Ibiza returns “La Troya”.. the most happy and trangressive show of Ibiza!

Tonight the party is named “Luz roja”, and Karl Morin, the manager of the show,  said to Ibiza by night:

Luz Roja is a very very hot night where sexe is in the air,it is a tribute to love in all its sences,it is a night to find a date,definetly….come on and have fun..“.

On these premises..ready for a great party at Amnesia?

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Here you have the poster of the party!


Wednesday, Amnesia Ibiza, La Troya is back! The opening party!

Next Wednesday, 11th of June, la Troya, one of the most loved and transgressive parties of Ibiza, returns with the big opening party at Amnesia!

The new season of the show invented by Brasilio, that starts wednesday and will follow every wednesday until 24th of September, will include some unmissable “Bacanal en la roma imperial” (13th of August) or “Infierno” (23th of July) plus many intriguing news as “La Troya se va al mundial”  next 25th of June.

Ibiza by night met Karl Morin (in the picture below), manager of “La Troya” to ask him what we have to expect from this new season and he said us:”We have to expect this summer is Happiness and more happiness after seeing everywhere problems and crisis we want to forget everything and enjoy ourselves, people are tired to see bad news everywhere and in La Troya we want to clean our head from all those bad vibes,we want to laugh and enjoy with friends in a free spirit and this is what we’re going to offer you in La Troya”.


For me it is the unique party where you feel the family sensation we all know each other after so many years partying together, friends from the island friends from outside the Island who come every year are part of our big La Troya family so this is what you can expect a guaranteed fun…“.

On these premises..are you ready for a new one great season of La Troya?

Here you have the poster of the opening party.


And this is the complete program of season 2014!

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