“We can be heroes”: in Ibiza a charity event dedicated to David Bowie!

Ibiza means also solidarity.

In a few days  will be celebrated an important charity event named “We can be heroes”, and it will be dedicated to the great David Bowie.

The event will take place at Baluard de San Pere, in Dalt Villa, Ibiza, and will play 12 Bowie’s cover bands plus 11 dj’s including Joan Ribas, Dj Lost Angeles, Abel Pons, Javi Box, Pola X, just to mention some names.

The entry will cost 5 euros and these money will be donated to APAAC, the Balearic association that helps people sick of cancer.

So, as all the charity initiatives, the team of Ibiza by night is happy to support “We can be heroes”.

Save the date, the appointment is Saturday 9th of April, starting at 4 pm!

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:


Here you have the official poster.



Saturday, Ibiza by night radio show presents Alex Del Vecchio on Ibiza live Radio!

Ibiza by night radio show is back on http://www.ibizaliveradio.com, the radio founded and managed by Miss Luna!

Saturday 24th of October, from 20,00 till 21,00 (Spanish time) will be broadcasted a new episode of Ibiza by night radio show and  will play again a super friend of our  community, Alex Del Vecchio, that realized a great podcast for us!

Alex Del Vecchio (in the picture below) is an Italian Dj and producer based since several years in Ibiza.


Alex will play also next 11th of November, at Sankeys Ibiza, in the super party “Detroit Love”, with Carl Craig, Martin Buttrich, Eats Everything, Frank Storm and many more, so it will be possible to hear him live!


And, after a list of dj’s that becomes evey week stronger and longer and includes, Nice7, Sarah Main, Joan Ribas, Dos, Leo Lippolis, Viktor Martini, Christian Adamo, Gaty Lopez, Eli Rojas, Aldoina, Cristian Viviano, Stefano Cioffi, Stephan Esse, Sasa Mendone, Franco Moiraghi, Lorenzo Calvio, Dazzla,  Eran Lump, Agent, Give us the tools…and soon our family will include also other important surprises: in two weeks we will broadcast a session of Rafa De Siria, that realized a new set for us!

Monday and Tuesday, Hotel Pacha Ibiza presents: Andres Moreno!

Monday, 18th of May, and Tuesday, 19th of May, starting at 22, Hotel Pacha Ibiza presents: Andres Moreno!

Hotel pacha is one of the elegant locations in marina Botafoch, and is the perfect place to start the night and, as it will be a location protagonist of Ibiza 2015.

The music director is “The Master” Joan Ribas.

The entry is free!

Here you have the poster of the event!



Saturday, Hotel Pacha Ibiza (El hotel) presents: Joan Ribas & Gaty Lopez in “House vibes”!

Saturday, starting at 23,00 till 3,00 am,  Hotel Pacha Ibiza (El Hotel) presents: Joan Ribas & Gaty Lopez in “House vibes”!

Joan Ribas, as we said many times, is a musical  institution in Ibiza,  after several years at Pacha now is the music director of Hotel Pacha and last summer had also an important role at destino Hotel.

Gaty Lopez is an Italian dj and producer based since many years in ibiza and recently has ended his Us tour.

“The Master” Joan Ribas and Gaty Lopez are two great friends of our community, and both of them realized an exclusive set for Ibiza by night radio show on Ibizaliveradio.com, and they both are a guarantee of elegant music.

Here you have the poster of the party.

The entry is free.


Sunday, Hotel Pacha (El Hotel) presents: House Vibes! With Joan Ribas & Pablo Hernanz!

Sunday, starting at 22,00, will be celebrated the fourth and last appointment of Easter week at Hotel Pacha!

And the event is named “House Vibes”.

In consolle will play two great friends of our community: “The Master” Joan Ribas and Pablo Hernanz! The entry is free, and with Joan Ribas and Pablo Hernanz you can start your night with good music!

Here you have the poster of the party!


Thursday, Hotel Pacha (El hotel) presents: Electronic seeds! With Joan Ribas & Aaron Ferrer!

Thursday 2nd April starts a long weekend of Music at Hotel Pacha (El Hotel)!
The theme of the party, that will start at 22,00 is “Electronic seeds”, and in consolle will play “The Master” Joan Ribas and Aaron Ferrer!
Joan Ribas is a musical institution on the island and recently he realized also a beautiful set for Ibiza by night radio show on http://www.ibizaliveradio.com.
The line line up is completed by Aaron Ferrer!
So, prepare yourself for an event with excellent music!
Here you have the official poster!
The entry is free.
The party has the media partnership of Ibiza by night!


Friday, Ibiza, History of Music presents: Joan Ribas and Soldado!

Next Friday 23th of January, starting at 23,00, at D- Mode (Carrer Sa Gerreria 3- Es Viver Eivissa) History of music from Ibiza presents an interesting party!

in consolle will play two dj’s respected on the island: “The Master” joan Ribas, who is the musical director of Hotel pacha and has played several years as Dj Resident at pacha, and Soldado, a Dj that since a few years  has care of the project:”History of music”.

So, be ready to hear a party with good music!

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:


This is the poster of the event!


Saturday 29th of November, ibiza by night radio show presents: Joan Ribas on Ibiza live radio!!

Saturday 29th of January from 20 till 21 (Spanish time) Ibiza by night radio show presents a special appointment with the set of  a dj that for our community is more than a guest… Joan Ribas, that will play on  on Ibiza live radio!

Www.ibizaliveradio.com is the web station founded and directed by Miss Luna, and we have a great media partnership!

Joan Ribas (in the picture below) is an institution in Ibiza: Joan has played as resident dj for many years at Pacha Ibiza, and now is the musical  director of Hotel Pacha (el Hotel) and during summer 2014 has played successfully at Destino Hotel.


And Joan said us:” I am so happy to join the family of Ibiza by night radio show…because the music …is everything“.

So, after a list of dj’s that becomes evey week stronger and longer and includes “The Professor” Rafa De Siria, Christian Adamo “the king of Sinai”, Gaty Lopez, “The Lady” Aldoina Filangieri, “Don” Cristian Viviano, Reelow, Kika, Stefano Cioffi, Stephan Esse (that will play Friday in Milano with Jamie Jones), Sasa Mendone, Lorenzo Calvio, Eran Lump, Agent another great friend, Joan Ribas, lands in our family!

Many thanks to Miss luna for this special appointment!

And stay tuned, because of in next weeks are arriving  Paul Kenny…and…. and wait…for  … a special surprise for Christmas!!!!! It will be very Nice…7!

Ibiza live radio presents this week: Miss Luna, Ibiza by night radio show with Joan Ribas, Wicked 7 Network, John Ferrer, Renè Goldman, Felix Da Funk, Fabrizio Marra and many more!

It’s Monday, and here you have the specials of the week of Ibiza live radio (www.ibizaliveradio.com).

The web station founded and directed by “the one” Miss Luna presents also this weekgreat music, with Felix Da Funk (with his “Born in Ibiza”), Fabrizio Marra, John Ferrer (with his “versus party Ibiza”), Graham Sahara, and another great friend of our community, René Goldman, with his Ibizasoulon!

But…don’t forget the two appointments with Wicked 7 Network, the project created and  leaded by Angela Caruccio! Next Thursday will play Nurhee and then Saturday with Wicked 7 London will play Hi Fi Sean.

But…but…we have also a big surprise!

This week we have a new one  special edition of Ibiza by night radio show (after the one of last week with “the Professor” Rafa De Siria) with a guest that’s an institution in Ibiza: “The master” Joan Ribas, that will play a session next Saturday from 20 till 21, but in next days we’ll talk about it!

Here you have the poster with the complete programs.


Saturday, Hotel Pacha Ibiza presents: Shamkara club!

Autumn in ibiza? It’s simply magical, with a lot of good music, and Ibiza by night will follow to update you about the most important events on the island.

And one of the most elegant locations of the islan, is the Hotel pacha (El hotel) in marina Botafoch.

During all the yeat, under the musical direction of Joan Ribas, an institution on the island, play artists from worldwide.

Tomorrow is the turn of “Shamkara club” with the sound of Mikel Garcia aka Viejolobo.

Here you have the poster of the party.

The entry is free.


Saturday, Nino Budapest presents Rae! The sound of Ibiza lands in Hungary!

Ibiza by night follows to update you about Nino Budapest (Hungary).. the elegant location in the center of Budapest  that since many months presents events with guests dj from Ibiza (Pacha Agency) like Joan Ribas, Sarah Main, B. Jones, Juan Diaz and many others.
Next Saturday 8th of November   will play a new one excellent guest.. RAE!  Rae, that played two weeks ago at Pacha Ibiza,  is the voice of Hide U with Sandy Rivera and Another day on Defected records, and will play again at Nino Budapest after the set   of June!

Here you have the poster of the event!

And be ready for a new one great night in Budapest in Ibiza’s style!