Saturday… Cocoon lands in Tokyo at Womb! With Ilario Alicante, Mathias Kaden and many more!

Saturday Cocoon, one of the most loved parties of Ibiza,  follows the Japanese tour and lands in Tokyo at Womb!

This is the complete line up: with our friends Ilario Alicante and Mathias laden will play many other artist..and this is  the line Up:

– Ilario Alicante
– Mathias Kaden
VIP Lounge
– Alejandro Mosso
– Dr. Shingo
– Luma live
WOMB Lounge
– Satoshi Otsuki
Middle Lounge
Visuals by Reach Visuals

This is the poster of the party created by Sven Vath!

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Friday.. Cocoon lands in Japan with Ilario Alicante & Mathias Kaden!

Cocoon lands in Japan! One of Ibiza’s  most loved shows will be celebrated tomorrow 10th of October at Circus club in Osaka!

The line up of the party created by Sven Vath, will include the Italian Dj and producer Ilario Alicante, that’s considered one of the best emerging dj’s worldwide, and Mathias Kaden, that  played successfully many times in Ibiza lat summer!

In the same night will play also Monashee and Akinali.. visuals by Reach Visuals and Kozee!

This is the poster of the party..and for further infos, here you have the link to the event page on Facebook:

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