Today, Daytime, London, the first meeting of “Italiani a Londra”!

Today, starting at 12,00, in London – in front of the Maritime National Museum, Greenwich park – there will be the first meeting of the community “Italiani a Londra” leaded by our friend Luca Di Gregorio.

“Italiani a Londra” is a strong group – community created and leaded by Luca Di Gregorio, with more then 41000 members on Facebook and this is the link to the group:

Here you have the link to the event page to confirm and for all useful details:

It will be an interesting opportunity to meet the members of the community, so if you are in London, don’t miss it!


Ibiza by night meets Luca Di Gregorio!

Luca Di Gregorio is an Italian music  producer and also Ceo of “Italian Do It better”.

Luca, that’s based in London, also created a famous group on Facebook named:”Italiani a Londra” that’s one of the most influent in the City!

Ibiza by night met Luca (in the pictures below) to talk about the current and future projects.

IBN:So Luca, how did you decide to create the project “Italiani a londra”

 Luca: “Hi There Guys, well it all started roughly six years ago,when after a couple of beers with a buddy of mine in London, we were talking about using facebook to create a group of some sort, that would help people from Italy connect with each other.  That’s when the name “ITALIANI A LONDRA” was born”.

 IBN: How it works?

Luca: “It’s really simple I have to say. You can subscribe trought the dedicated area, like every other group in Facebook. After you are accepted from one of the admin, you can post anything you like, following the guidelines created by our team, Also as a personal advice to new members, I would say: use the search box on the right column to put #buy ‘bycicle for example to find every post in the group using those words. it will save you time and don’t overcrowd the group with 100s of similar questions”.


IBN: Which are the most frequent requests in the group?

 Luca: “The most frequend question have to be the ones about NIN (national insurance number) how to translate Italian sentences in english, where to find rooms or work and also a great amount of pictures from photographers from all over the world, that are very appreciated by our community. Other than that sometimes we receive request of help, from members of the community, to help find their beloved that are missing and we helped actively people to connect them with people in London  that could help them. The last family just a week ago found their son that was missing for a couple of weeks. We are so happy when the community is used in the right way”.

 IBN: Let’s talk about Luca…why did you move to London?

 Luca: “I came to London for the first time because of I was working as a professional model in Milan and I just started to play in some clubs during the afterparties and so I decided to go to London to see if I could work there, but unfortunately after two years living there, i decided to move to South America (Venezuela) where I toured in several cities with the LOVE PARADE on tour mgmt, also playing  a dj set at the LOVE PARADE Caracas 2007. After that experience I move to London again and after that the rest is history”.


 IBN: What about the future projects?

Luca: “Of course it has to be the new portal that will debut in mid June with a series of language exchange events in London, collaborating with Avalon School of English and the portal Dreammy Music and in which people can practice their english, connect with other londoners, drink a ccoktail with their friends and enjoy the performances from artists from all over the world. We will release more info trough a teaser video aired on all our portal in a couple of weeks!”

11292791_918668104838463_570253551_nLuca with one of his artists Elif Celik from Turkey

Thanks Luca!

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