Ibiza by night meets David Vincent! The exclusive interview!

David Vincent in a legend in Ibiza. He founded Sankeys Ibiza, the cult club of Playa d’En Bossa.. and since years brings to play on the island some of the best Dj’s from all around the world!  Ibiza by night met David (in the picture below) to talk about Sankeys, new project and..of course..about our island!”.

IBN: Sankeys and Ibiza.. tell us something about this experience…

Vincent: “It has been the best experience of my life. It’s been an absolute rollercoaster with many ups and downs, and twists and turns. We have come such a long way from thinking the club was going to close down on a daily basis to becoming a serious contender on the island, and to be honest I don’t think I would change one thing about this experience because I have learnt so much in the past three years. That’s the beauty of running a club; no matter how long you have been doing this for there is always room for growth and Sankeys is most definitely the fastest growing club on the island despite being the best in the world”.


IBN: There are differences between Sankeys worldwide and Sankeys Ibiza’ If yes, which ones? 

Vincent: There are many differences between Sankeys MCR and Sankeys Ibiza such as the soundsystem where we use Void in Ibiza and Phazon in Manchester. Also, in Ibiza we have another large room called The LAB which is the polar opposite to the legendary Basement and is a futuristic Hacienda, so we can give a different feel. We do have many differences but we have always made a conscious effort to retain the authenticity of The Basement”.

IBN: In these years which was the best moment of your Ibiza’s experience ..? one party one night? something unforgettable..

Vincent: “It has to be the time when I crowd surfed at Tribal Sessions on 25th June to Darius playing “Devotion” by Nomad! It was an extremely special moment which reflected the whole night. Once I was let down everyone was hugging me and jumping up and down. It felt great to know that you’re loved by the people that have made Sankeys Ibiza what it is today. That moment will live with me for the rest of my life!”.


IBN: Summer 2014 has started.. tell us something about the programs of Sankeys…

Vincent: “Firstly we welcome Duke Dumont and Blasé Boys Club for their new residency at Sankeys. After selling out in an amazingly fast time it made sense to take them on!

FUSE make their return to Sankeys after a successful season last year. The FUSE team work tirelessly at making sure that their party with us is planned to perfection on a weekly basis. 99% is not enough for them. Like us, their main focus is making sure that the sound system is tuned to perfection and that is why we are a partnership made in heaven.

Wednesday. Well, what can I say about Wednesday? Tribal Sessions is my baby. It was born in 2000 and since then it has created history and has set itself firmly within the UK clubbing scene. It was even recognised in a museum in Manchester as something that has contributed greatly to Manchester culture! Now we feel it is time to bring it to the White Isle, despite many offers from different clubs in Ibiza. Tribal Sessions couldn’t have been in any other club in the world, and now Sankeys is in Ibiza Tribal Sessions has a home. Also, Tribal resident Darius Syrossian soon releases the Sankeys 20th Anniversary Compilation album which sounds great coming from the best house artist in the world at the moment. Is there really anyone better than him right now?

On Thursday we have another new residency in Cuff. We noticed that Amine Edge & DANCE are becoming heavyweights in house music and like Duke Dumont, Cuff sold out two shows in record time, so it definitely made sense to take them on. The guys at Cuff are amazing people and great to work with so it has been a pleasure so far, especially as the parties have been great!

Friday we welcome back Flying Circus for their second residency at the club. You can see these guys put massive amounts of effort into curating their line ups, featuring the likes of Martin Buttrich, M.A.N.D.Y, DJ Tennis, Lee Burridge, Thugfucker, Steve Bug, Tiefscwarz, weekly residents Audiofly and more. Musically, it is definitely one of the best on the island.

Another new residency we have is Magna Carta ADELANTE. Magna Carta is a very successful night in London, throwing parties in many different warehouse spaces across the capital. Last season they also threw a one-off party at Sankeys Ibiza, which was a great party! The line ups at Magna Carta are terrific this year where we can expect the likes of Phil Weeks, Pirupa, Santé, Tim Green, East End Dubs and more.

Sunday is of course ViVa Warriors! Steve Lawler, the King of The Basement, did a great job at the club last year so it was a no-brainer that ViVa is here to stay. We had lots of great parties together last year and I have no doubt in my mind that it will be the same this year. No, not the same, I meant even bigger”.

Thanks to David Vincent and  also to Elena Sanchez of Toga media for the support!

Ibiza by night meets Butch! The exclusive interview!

This week the team of Ibiza by night is very proud to have as guest a great Dj and producer as Butch!

Butch since 20 years is a respected artist worldwide  in the electronic and techno scene!

Ibiza by night met Butch (in the pictures below) to talk about his current and future project..and… of course about his special  relationship with our magical island.. because of Butch will play again in Ibiza also in summer 2014!

Ibn: Tell us about your relationship with Ibiza. What do you think it is about the island that attracts so many Djs to live there or spend long periods of time there?

Butch: “Oh, man, where to start? First of all everyone loves Ibiza’s beauty and of course the weather. In summertime the weather is usually really good and, let’s be honest, producers and DJs normally spend their time going from the studio to the club to the airport and then straight to a hotel. We just don’t get any sun at all. Essentially the only time of the year we are outside is when we get back to Ibiza (laughs). The sea-air is also really nice compared to the often non-existent club-air. In Ibiza we inhale enough oxygen to keep us going for the winter months! Then I love Ibiza because the people here are beautiful and ready to party all the time, the clubs and sound-systems are the bomb, you get to see many friends and have a wonderful time. I can think of thousands of reasons why everyone loves coming to Ibiza!”.


Ibn: What are you up to this summer tour-wise? Any special projects?

Butch: “This year I am taking it slow, tour-wise. I have some really special gigs in Ibiza that I am looking forward to like DC10, with the beautiful people from Circoloco. DC10 was my first clubbing experience in Ibiza as a consumer so it’s really cool to play here now. Another very big highlight is my gig at Amnesia’s closing party this year, I’m really excited to play there!  This summer though my focus lies on my new baby called “Otherside”, Hohberg and I are its parents. Otherside is our label, live-project and the name of our album. You know, babies need their parents, so I am home in the studio a lot to nurture it so it becomes big and strong (laughs)”.

Ibn: Where  do you prefer to play? Big clubs, smaller clubs or festivals? And why?

Butch: “That’s like asking me, where do I love to have sex most. You don’t want to do it in bed every single time. Every location has its benefits and its perks. After a long winter in clubs I am thirsty for some outside-action (grins)”.


Ibn: What have you got coming up over the next few months? (new releases, remixes etc)

Butch: “I’m all about the Otherside right now, working full-time on the album along with the live set-up and label. This is some mind-blowing work Hohberg and I are creating. Our debut release is “Rebirth” which is already in the pipeline and is ready for take-off very soon”.

Ibn:You have played both in Europe and the US. Are the scenes very different? Does your set need to adapt to each market?

Butch: “My set always adapts to the specific location and the vibe I get when I enter the venue, in that sense I don’t distinguish any more between Brussel, Berlin or Bel-Air. America is different, of course. Funnily enough in dance-music the Americans seem more oriented now towards what the Europeans are doing, generally speaking. To me that’s remarkable. In the mid-90s HipHop days that was unheard of. Americans always seemed 10 years ahead of us, style and music-wise. Of course this isn’t true for every individual, there are highly creative and forward-thinking artists both sides of the pond”.

Ibn:When will we be seeing you next in Ibiza?

Butch:”4th August at the Circoloco party in DC10, see you there, party-animals!

Ciao and many thanks to Butch and a special tank to Jessica Goodchild for the media support!

Here you have Butch’s all useful links !

https://soundcloud.com/superbutch/butch-c-vogt-the-infamous – Just Released
https://soundcloud.com/bouq/sets/bouqaid/s-2CveZ – Released June 30th


Useful web / social media links:
Website: http://www.cometobutch.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/superbutch
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cometobutch
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cometobutch
RA: http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/butch
Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/artist/butch/31078
Tour Dates: http://gigs.gigatools.com/user/Butch
Otherside: https://www.facebook.com/otherside.thirdeye
Bouq Records: https://www.facebook.com/bouqfamily

Ibiza by night meets Robert Miles!

Robert Miles is an appreciated dj and producer (he created also Openlab Radio) too that since many years works also in Ibiza..and this summer he’s playing also at Sankeys!

Ibiza by night met Robert (in the picture below)  to talk about his activity, the future projects and his relationship with our magical island.

Robert Miles _Photo by Salim Lamrani_pq

Ibn: Robert Miles and Ibiza – what is your relationship to the island?

Robert: I first came to Ibiza back in the late ‘80s and then from the mid-90s onwards more regularly as a working DJ. Eventually, having enjoyed the island for so many years, I decided to have a base here in 2006, and bought a finca in the northern part of the island.
Two years ago I launched OpenLab Radio (89.9FM and http://www.openlab.fm), a new radio concept for the 21st Century, forward-looking community, centred here in Ibiza and also in London and Berlin.

If I had to name a place where my body and mind synch in perfect harmony I would say that Ibiza is the place. I feel good here, at home, I always did…and I like the crazy people living on it. Such a mix of creative and bohemian individuals! The energy on the island is unique and I always feel there is magic happening here…

Ibn: Summer 2014 – what are your plans in Ibiza and about Ibiza?

Robert: We are planning a series of events in The Basement at Sankeys every Monday, and a few one-off private beach parties in secret locations that will be disclosed to our listeners very soon.

We’ve also just found a stretch of land in the northern part of the island where we’re planning to build our first OpenLab multimedia centre, though we’ll need a few years to see that totally come to life. It’s good to know it’s eventually becoming a reality though.

Ibn: Who is your favourite artist to collaborate with?

Robert: I’ve been so busy setting up OpenLab over the last few years that I’ve barely had time to get into the studio! I’ve worked with most of my favourite artists in the past (Robert Fripp, Trilok Gurtu, Nitin Sawhney, Bill Laswell…) but I wouldn’t mind to end up collaborating with Radiohead or Apparat as well.

Ibn: Tell us something special that happened to you on the island?

Robert: The most amazing thing that has happened to me on the island so far is the birth of my daughter 5 years ago. Special moments actually happen here on Ibiza every day. Just driving around and looking at the landscape. for me that’s already something totally special.

Knowing that so many people are listening to OpenLab in their cars and homes on the island also fills me with great joy at the moment. It pushes me to deliver more and more new ideas for them, to make them feel even better.
OpenLab is actually the perfect companion when you drive around the island. If you still haven’t experienced it…tune in onto 89.9FM and let yourself go…

Ibn: The future projects of Robert Miles.. Give us a preview…

Robert: God knows…I have so much in my plate right now that I don’t even dare to think about the future 🙂
Probably going back to the studio and trying to come up with a nice record…as well as spending more time enjoying the island and its people.

Ibn: And finally…do you prefer Ibiza by day or by night?

Robert: Definitely night. The nighttime energy is always amazing and it gives me a lot of ideas and creative inspiration. I love the music we play in our OpenLab Night sessions too…I think it blends with Ibiza’s ‘other side’ perfectly.

Thanks Robert and thanks also to Elena Sànchez for the media support!