Pacha presents: Ibiza talents, with Neverdogs, Manu Gonzalez, Eder Alvarez, Davina Moss, 2Vilas!

Pacha presents: Ibiza talents!

The event will take place Saturday, December 10th.

The line up includes  artists as Neverdogs,  Manu Gonzalez, then  Eder Alvarez, Davina Moss, 2Vilas!

This is the official poster. More info here.

Ibiza Talents is a brand created and managed by Davide Avallone.


Ibiza Talents at Pacha, with Cristian Viviano, Shawnecy, Eder Alvarez & many more!

Ibiza Talents is back at pacha: the party created & leaded by Davide Avallone presents another interesting appointment Saturday, November 12th.

The line up? Includes Cristian Viviano, Shawnecy, Eder Alvarez, 2Vilas & Apotek.

This is the official poster!

More info here.

Don’t forget, the entrance at Pacha is free for residents till 2,30 am and also for summer 2016 free pass holders. See you there.

Text by: Giovanna T.


Easter 2016 in Ibiza: the party calendar! Pacha, Sankeys, Nassau beach, Lips and many more!

The countdown for Easter 2016 has started, and in Ibiza, as usual, there will be an awesome party calendar! If you are planning your easter holidays on the white island, you must know that next one will be a week with several interesting event already scheduled, because of in ibiza the nightlife never ends.

Let’s see together what will happen during the Holy Week.

Wednesday 23rd of March


Unusual suspects is back at Sankeys Ibiza. This time with Carl craig will play Federico Grazzini, Frank Storm, David Balmont, Cuky and many more. Free entry by guest list. For further infos click here.



Pacha Ibiza presents Ten, with Oriol Calvo and his team.


Thursday 24th of March  


At Pacha returns one of the most elegant artists playing in Ibiza: Jean Claude Ades, with his “BE CRAZY”, and Jean Claude will play all night long.


Friday 25th of March


At Pacha Ibiza People like us are back, with Enzo Siragusa, Molly, Angel Linde and Dani Ramos


Saturday 26th of March


At Nassau Rewind, the dream team of Gloria Geseri and Daniela Biagetti are back for a new great one party. In the same day will play Miguel Garji, Jose Maria Ramon, Stefano Geminis, Sarah Main and nano Vergel for a special vinyl session. The party will start at 1 pm till late and remember that the entry is free.

In the same event will be presented “One Shot Show”, but soon we will talk about them!



At Lips returns the event “Keep on dancing” , this time with Shaun Reeves and many more. here you have the official poster and the complete line up!



Saturday 26th of March at Pacha returns the cult party: Vintage by Sebastian Gamboa, and with Sebastian will play Anna Tur, Angel Linde, B.Linda at the violin and Mimi barber at Vocals. This is the cool party!



The club of David Vincent presents: “Sankeys Sabados”, with free entry!

This is the poster with the complete line up that includes Manu Gonzalez and several other Dj’s.


Sunday  27th of March  


The Holy week at Pacha ends with Ibiza Talents: the line up is amazing and includes Joey Daniel (Music On), Rub A Dub, Eder Alvarez, Taia, Rickzor & Rumme and Greeko, don’t miss it.


And stay tuned, because several other interesting parties will be added to the list… ready for easter in Ibiza?

And, don’t forget, if you want to know the list of confirmed parties for summer  2016, just click here.

Spring in Ibiza? A season of free parties!

The countdown for Summer 2016 has started (and if you want to know the updated list and the dates of confirmed  parties click here)… and many friends have  asked us  news about Ibiza in Spring… how’s the life and the nightlife on the island?

First of all, the climate is excellent – the daytime temperature is already hot and,(especially if you come from Northern Europe or you have a bit of courage) from the end of March it will be possible to swim in the sea!

Also the beaches are beautiful, empty, quite deserted…unmissable (see Salinas in the picture).

We have already written about Ibiza in winter (read here)… but also in spring Ibiza is also a paradise to discover at a much lower price (the costs of flights, hotels, car rentals and restaurants are definitely cheaper than in the summer)..

There is also good news for the clubbers: there are several clubs open, and 90% of parties – usually with excellent dj’s, are free.


First of all, Pacha Ibiza: the icon of the island, is open Friday and Saturday nights. There have been some excellent events scheduled during these Spring months, such as Vintage with Sebastian Gamboa and friends, Ibiza Global Showcase, with the dj’s from Ibiza Global Radio, Ibiza Talents with brilliant dj’s such as Neverdogs, Pirupa, Cristian Viviano and the parties – People Like Us and B-Side.


If you search the event pages on Facebook this year it’s possible to leave your names and get free entry most of the time.

So, why miss the fabulous nights at Pacha?

From Pacha to the other key player during the last few months in Ibiza: Sankeys!


The club of David Vincent has scored brilliant results with “Unusual Suspects”,  a party that along these months brought  guests to the island such as Carl Craig, Nicole Moudaber, Martin Buttrich, Stacey Pullen, plus emerging talents such as Frank Storm, Eli Rojas, Luigi Moretti, Alex del Vecchio.

Next appointment with Unusual Suspects is scheduled for 23rd March, with free entry by guest list. But we will talk about that later.


And then, still at Sankeys, every Saturday night with free entry, we have:”Sankeys Sabados”. “Sankeys Sabados” presents excellent guests such as Matt Jam Lamont, Manu Gonzalez and strong local dj’s (with a high percentage of female dj’s including Miss Luna, Kellie Allen, Lisa Chadderton, Cuky, Jada, Max Hardcastle, Amy Db, Davina Moss, Marta Dlm, Alice Clark and Stephanie Rosse).

What next? In Marina Botafoch, Sushipoint Ibiza is organising great parties with free entry on Friday and Saturday nights.

Still in Marina Botafoch, Bubbles has been organising some good events and Ocean Drive Hotel are hosting some cool parties.

Let’s move to Playa d’En Bossa, where we discover that Lips and Nassau Tanit Beach have hosted several excellent events.

At Nassau Tanit beach Gloria Geseri, Daniela Biagetti and the team of “Rewind” scored some great results, and soon they will have several announcements to make so don’t forget you heard that here first.

Also “We’re Eivissenx” have had some fantastic parties during recent months. Lips have also organised an excellent free party: Keep on Dancing, where DJ’s such as Dan Ghenacia, Shaun Reeves and Tuccillo played.

Let’s see who’ll be playing next!

12719227_1139715676073394_716713202462597902_oDo you remember “Children of the 80’s”, the successful party from last summer?

Well, your trip into eighties returns, for a special spring edition, at Hard Rock Hotel (Beach club) starting 19th of March, and for further details read here.

And then there are other unmissable parties, sometimes in villas, sometimes in locations that are revealed “last minute” with great, unexpected guests.

Don’t worry there is still an excellent party life on the White Isle, and Spring will represent an awesome warm up for Summer 2016!

So, if during Spring 2016 you have a few free days, book your flight and organise a long week end in Ibiza… the party paradise is still open!


Text by Steve M.

Editing by Emma M.

13th of May, Pacha Ibiza, Davide Avallone presents: “Ibiza Talents winter closing party”!

Next Wednesday 13th of May, at Pacha, the promoter Davide Avallone presents:”Ibiza Talents winter closing party“.

The successful party created and managed by Davide Avallone presents an excellent line up that will include as main guest Re-Up (Music On-Dissonant), and  Joey Daniel, Ernest & Frank, Eder Alvarez b2b  Rickzor & Rumme!

As you can see is an excellent line up that during last months scored excellent results also outside Ibiza, with 2 sold out in Naples and Milan!

And as said Davide Avallone:”Thanks to all for the full and lovely support, we had an amazing winter season…Hope to see all of you for the CLOSING PARTY!”.

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

And here you have the poster of the party.

And stay tuned because of in next days there will be also an extra event that will involve the team of Ibiza Talents!

#ibiza2015 #ibizatalents


Wednesday, Davide Avallone presents: Ibiza talents anniversary at Pacha Ibiza! With Adapter, Marco Yanes (dj resident of Ibiza Talents), Gianluca Caldarelli, Luca Serra, Taia and Angel Linde (Pacha resident).

Wednesday, 1st of April, Davide Avallone presents at Pacha Ibiza the third anniversary of “Ibiza talents”.

Ibiza talents is a party created and managed by Davide Avallone, and after three years of brilliant results in Ibiza, last winter scored two sold out also in Naples and in Milano.

Next Wednesday the line up is – as usual – excellent  and includes Adapter, Marco Yanes (dj resident of Ibiza Talents), Gianluca Caldarelli, Luca Serra, Taia and, as Pacha resident, Angel Linde.

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

If you want more infos about Ibiza Talents, this is the link to the Official fan page on Facebook:

Here you have the poster of the party!

Ibiza by night is media partner of the event.


Saturday, Milan, Stardust and Ibiza Talents present. Neverdogs, Reelow and Lorenzo Calvio!

After the great collaboration of last February with Dirtyclub in Naples this Saturday 14th of March 2015 Ibiza Talents come back to Italy and goes to Milan with Stardust at Club Haus 80’s. 
For this special edition Ibiza Talents created and managed by Davide Avallone presents NEVERDOGS and REELOW plus LORENZO CALVIO from Stardust!
Neverdogs doesn’t need any presentation, because of since three years they plays at Music on Ibiza and worldwide.
Reelow he is an emerging talents from Hungary that become very popular on the underground escene for his excellent prodcutions of the last years and arrive on the island last spring of 2014 with his first gig at Pacha Ibiza with Ibiza Talents and become a new resident of the party.
Lorenzo Calvio  is the resident of the Stardust in Milan and is an excellent producer too: and the last summer we had the plasure to listen him in many places of the island like the beach club No Name Ibiza.
Reelow and Lorenzo Calvio they both have played also for Ibiza by night radio show on Ibiza live radio.
With this line up you can be sure that next Saturday in Milan there will be a night of excellent music.
The team of Ibiza by night will attend to this party!
For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

And this is the poster of the party!


Friday, Pacha, Davide Avallone presents: Ibiza Talents! With Alex Kennon, Eder Alvarez, Taia, Rickzor b2b Rumme and Inga!

Friday 27th of February, at Pacha, returns Ibiza talents!

The party, created and managed by the promoter Davide Avallone (that during summer is the promotion manager of Music on), also this time presents a great line up.

In consolle will play Alex Kennon, a young Italian Dj and producer that has already scored excellent results on the island, including the residency at Insane Pacha, plus Eder Alvarez, Taia, Rickzor b2b Rumme  and Inga: as you can see a line up that’s a guarantee of good music!

Ibiza talents in these years has proposed several artists, as Neverdogs, Marco Yanes, Reelow, that now are absolutely known and respected in the International scene, and this is the proof of the good scouting of Davide Avallone.

Here you have the poster of the party, that has the media partnership of Ibiza by night.

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

And this is the link to Ibiza Talents fan page on Facebook:

ibiza talents

6th of February, Naples (Italy), Dirtyclub meets Ibiza Talents!

Next Friday 6th of February, in Naples, Italy, lands “Ibiza talents” the successful party created by Davide Avallone.

The event is named “Dirtyclub meets Ibiza Talents” and will be celebrated at Moses club.

In consolle will play the resident of Ibiza Talents, Marco Yanes, a young italian dj and producer based in Ibiza that has already played  in prestigious events at the after of Music on, Bpm, Pacha and many more.

The line up is completed by Pica, another friend of our community, Dark Skies and Re_FUND.

For further infos, here you have the link to the event page on facebook:

And prepare yourself, because of Friday the new sound of Ibiza lands in Naples.


 And stay tuned, because of next 27th of February Ibiza talents will return at Pacha Ibiza, but soon Ibiza by night will talk about this date!

5th of January, Pacha Ibiza, Davide Avallone presents: Ibiza Talents! With Reelow, Taia, Frank Storm, Luca Serra, Tom Pool and Eder Alvarez!

Monday 5th of January, at Pacha Ibiza, Davide Avallone presents 2015’s first episode of  Ibiza Talents! Ibiza Talents is a party that through the years has become one of the most interesting new parties on the island.

This time the line up is very interesting: in consolle will play Reelow, an Hungarian dj and producerbased in london, that is already known and appreciated on the island.

Then the line up is completed by Taia, Frank Storm (from No Name) and by  three excellent dj’s from Ibiza Talents team: Luca Serra, Tom Pool  and Eder Alvarez!

Here you have the poster of the party!

And stay tuned because in next days Davide Avallone will talk with Ibiza by night about Ibiza Talents!

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on facebook:


Sunday, daytime, Davide Avallone presents: Ibiza talents at “No name”, with Neverdogs, Marco Yanes, Reelow, Mar-t, Luca Serra, Tom Pool and many more!

Tomorrow, 10th of August, starting at 5 pm till midnight, Davide Avallone presents a special edition of  his successful party “Ibiza talents” at No name (on the beach, next Hard rock Hotel, Playa d’en Bossa).

The entry is free and will play a list of excellent dj’s: Neverdogs, Mar-T, Marco Yanes,Reeelow, Rickzor b2b Rumme, Luca Serra, Inga, and Tom Pool!

Here you have the poster of the event.. and Ibiza by night is very happy to be again media partner of Ibiza talents!  And.. because of is Davide’s 30th by day.. all our community wishes


See you on Sunday, because of this is an event  not to miss!


Saturday Ibiza by night radio show presents Reelow on Ibiza live radio!!

Saturday, from 20,00 till 21, at, the radio created and directed by Miss Luna,  will be broadcasted the program“Ibiza by night radio show”!

The super guest of the sixth episode of our program is a young hungarian   Dj and producer based in Ibiza and London: Reelow (in the picture below)!

Reelow, who has a good cv and has played in many prestigious locations as Pacha, (for the successful party “Ibiza Talents” of Davide Avallone) at Sankeys and in many other locations  said us:”I am so happy to join the family of Ibiza by night radio show..this summer is very important for me in Ibiza.. I am very happy to play here!“.

So after Kika, Cristian Viviano, Aldoina, Stephan Esse, Stefano Cioffi another excellent dj will play for us!

Be ready to hear him!