Our vision

It’s a long time that we wanted to write this article.

Then we had the opportunity.

A few days ago many friends wrote us because of a nother website gave wrong news about a famous club in Ibiza.

These news were a fake, a big fake.

These news  were old news, an old history,  and this website made a very poor figure…

This is not journalism, is something else.

Ibiza by night has a way to work, very easy.

We’ll give you only confirmed news.

Many other sites write articles using terms “News to be confirmed”.

This is not communication.

This is something different, these are pure gossip.

And we aren’t interested in gossip or fake highlights.

They aren’t more intelligent than us.

We know the same gossip.

But we won’t publish them.

Our vision it’s very clear: we’ll give you just confirmed news.

With posters and certain datas.

Probably we won’t be the first to give news, but we won’t make mistakes or have fun of our friends and of our marvelous community.

This is our philosophy.

This is our vision.

We are very happy to leave gossips and poor figures  to these “sites”…… 😉

Thanks for your attention.

The team