Ibiza in winter: a paradise held hostage by the shortage of flights.

Several friends of ‘Ibiza by night’ have written to us, denouncing the high costs and the low number of flights to Ibiza during autumn and winter.

This, unfortunately, is an old problem.

Ibiza, the paradise of clubbers from May to October, remains mainly isolated during Autumn and Winter.

To be honest, during autumn and winter 2015 more flights have been introduced, and from next month there is good news from Ryanair (see related article), but in reality they are still insufficient.

The question is: isn’t it possible for the big cities such as Berlin, Milan, Rome & Paris to have at least one weekly flight to Ibiza during winter? Don’t forget, the weather in Ibiza during Autumn and Winter is still agreeable and mild; the Island is less expensive than in the summer and there are also good parties (during Autumn 2015 Sankeys  and Pacha presented beautiful parties, and with the introduction of even more tourists the night life would probably increase too) so the Island would surely attract people from Europe and worldwide.

This is an important issue that local authorities should aim to resolve.

The same authorities that would like to lengthen the tourist season need to start taking concrete actions.

We can only hope that for Autumn and Winter 2016 the Island will be more connected.

More flights mean more tourists, which means more jobs on the Island, which means less unemployment.

Let’s hope this can happen!

text by Steve M.
Edit by Emma M

#flightstoibiza #shortageof flights