Ibiza by night meets Tommy Totaro, Mr facenight!

Tommy Totaro  (in the picture below withthe yellow t-shirt) is a Journalist based in naples that has already worked in Ibiza. He invented the  event “Facenight”. Ibiza by night met him to talk about Facenight and the future project.


What is Facenight project?
Facenight is a project born with a precise target: Letting know the quality, the culture and the originality of everybody working in the world of neapolitan nightclubs and entartainment and much more.
The nightlife world is often considered,unfairly, a world of perdition. In nightclubs,on the contrary, there work many extraordinary people who deserve to be known and celebrated. We want to bring out the clean face of Neapolitan movida.

What does Facenight project provide?
Facenight is a continuous work in progress, a factory of ideas and initiatives. At this moment Facenight is, above all, a prize.
Infact every year, in the summer, we give a prize to operators,entrepreneurs,entertainers and protagonists of by night in an event become a cult for all the people of the night.
Facenight is also a calendar, maybe the most trendy calendar in Campania, where the photographer winner of Facenight’s prize immortalizes the winners of other categories of the prize in very original and funny shots.

Are there some new initiatives in preparation and the future projects?

Yes, there are many. We are working carefully to let the initiative grow up. The next edition of the prize will be still richer and more interesting, with new surprises which will have national and international interest. We want also to start with our magazine, an innovative and fresh editorial product which will be useful to spread even better our brand on the territory. And still, after the success of the calendar Facenight 2014 which has reached London, where it has been presented in the best clubs, we will launch also our calendar for 2015.

Thanks Tommy!