Nice to be & L’Arenile host Sven Väth & Einzelkind!

The countdown has started: in a few days in Naples will land Sven Väth & Einzelkind.

Nice to be, the promoter created and managed by Diana Donzelli & Marco Donzelli, announced the date on this site several months ago (read here), and now everything is ready: the party (organized by Nice to be & L’arenile di Bagnoli)  will take place next 24th of April, starting at 3pm till 3 am.

Diana Donzelli said:”It was 1998 when I cooperated for organize a party with Sven, then – with my previous partners of Orbeat. We never stopped to love him and we hosted  him several times with my previous partners till 2010. Me and my brother Marco brought him back in 2014, and for us it was a great joy. Sven makes the difference, he’s a true dj, a “Vinyl dj”, and we are so proud to have him back with us, because of he’s different, and when he plays he has still the same enthusiasm. See you at Arenile next Sunday, it will be an unforgettable night!“.

IMPORTANTS UPDATES: The event will take place  also in case of bad weather, because of the promoters creates a special plastic cover. So don’t worry.

With Sven Vath will play the resident dj’s of Nice to be: Lello di Franco AKA LDF
Elvio Iannitti, Vnp plus the warm up by Paul K. & Ludo Erre .

Here you have the officiale poster, and we are very happy to be media partner of this event.


If you want to know the programs of Nice to be for next months, click here.

For further infos about Sven in Naples, this is the link to the official event page on Facebook:

Don’t forget, there will be also an official after party… for further infos click here.

Nice to be presents: Margaret Dygas, Agostino Casillo, Elvio Iannitti, and hosts “Need it” with Giorgia Angiuli (live), Artslaves and Dinamix in Naples (Italy)!

Margaret Dygas is a German dj and producer (with Polish origins) that plays an intriguing sound techno, dub and  deep, and has a prestigious residency as Panorama bar/ Berghain Berlin, and the team of Ibiza by night heard her in September in Milan at Tunnel club (Sorgente Sonora)!

Next Saturday, 31 of October, the promoter Nice to be, leaded by Diana Donzelli & Marco Donzelli, brings Margaret Dygas in Naples.

The line up is completed by two excellent dj’s. Agostino Casillo & Elvio Iannitti, that we heard in Naples several times (Elvio Iannitti realized also a session for Ibiza by night The Sound Lab).

In the  Room #3 Nice to be hosts “Need it” and will play Giorgia Angiuli (Live), Artslaves and Dinamix.

 So, be ready for a night of great music!


For further infos, here you have the link to the event page on Facebook:

And this is the official poster!

Venue address: Duel Beat, Agnano, Naples.


Saturday, Naples, Nice to be presents: Nina Kraviz, Elvio Iannitti and Diego Amura!

Today we talk about another interesting and unexpected event in Naples (Italy).

Saturday, 8th of August, in Naples, starting at 23,30 till 6,00, Nice to Be, the promoter created and leaded by Diana Donzelli and Marco Donzelli,  presents another great party with  main guest Nina Kraviz.  During last months Nice to be organized parties with artists as Maceo Plex, Ricardo Villalobos, The Martinez Brothers, Jeff Mills, and now it’s time for Nina Kraviz.

We heard Nina several in Ibiza at Dc 10, Enter, and we really appreciated her sound.

The venue address is Arenile di Bagnoli.

The line up is completed by two  residents dj’s of  Nice to be: Elvio Iannitti (that already played for Ibiza by night-The Sound Lab) and Diego Amura.

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

If you are in Naples area, this is an unmissable party!


Sunday, Naples, Nice to be and Carillon present: Art Department, Elvio Iannitti, LDF, Paccone and many more!

Sunday, 17th of May, in  Naples (Italy), starting at 19 till 2,00 am, the promoter  Nice to be, created and managed by Diana Donzelli and Marco Donzelli, and Carillon present a great event at Neo Entertainment Point.

The main guest will be Art Department, that actually are one of the most interesting name in the house global scene.

The sound of Art Department has been influenced from house music, but also by underground and new wave, so it’s an intriguing mix of musical experiences.

Trust us, this is an appointment not to miss!

The line up includes  also Elvio Iannitti, a dj that we already appreciated several times (and recorded a special set for Ibiza by night The Sound Lab), LDF, and in the main room the warm up is by Alfonso Mauro.

In the Neo Garden will play  Paccone, who is  an interesting emerging artist, and also Raffaele Castaldo.

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

And this is a poster of the party!

Venue address: Neo Entertainment Point, Via Coroglio 144, 80124 Naples.


Saturday, Naples, Nice to be presents: Ricardo Villalobos – Warehouse edition” and Elvio Iannitti!

Saturday, 21st of February, starting at 23,30, at Mostra D’Oltremare Napoli, the organization Nice To Be, leaded by Diana Donzelli and Marco Donzelli,  presents a great event: Ricardo Villalobos – Warehouse edition!

For Ricardo “the Shaman” Villalobos is a great return in Naples, a city that still loved his sound.

The team of Ibiza by night heard last Friday Ricardo in Milano, and he played a great set… so we are ready for a  reply!

The line up is completed by Elvio Iannitti, an Italian dj that recently has played for The Sound Lab and is one of diamonds of Nice to be.

So, prepare yourself for a great party next Saturday in Naples.

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

and also:

Address: Mostra D’Oltremare, Viale J.F. Kennedy, Naples

And this is the poster of the party (artwork by Vincenzo Paccone).


Ibiza by night presents: The Sound Lab episode #2, with Elvio Iannitti!

And today it’s time for the second episode of The Sound Lab!

soundlab Every week Ibiza by night will present one or two emerging dj’s , and he/she will realize an exclusive podcast for the Sound Lab. Today we talk about Elvio Iannitti (in the picture below), a young and brilliant Italian Dj based in Naples.

10630612_10205137094937086_5010612319953574660_o Elvio has realized several production and has already played in many prestigious locations, and soon we hope to hear him also in Ibiza. And if you want hear Elvio….next Saturda 21st of Februaryy, Elvio will play with Ricardo Villalobos in Naples, at Mostra D’Oltremare, and the event is organized by Nice to be, leaded by Diana Donzelli, but tomorrow we will talk about it. So, enjoy Elvio’s Music! This is the link to the set:

And These are Elvio’s useful Links:

So, enjoy the set!

But.. but…you can also partecipate to our project! Our team will hear your sets, and some of them will be presented with dedicated articles (and we will include also the links to the sets).

If you want to send your music, please join our group on Facebook Ibiza link (this is the easiest way):

And if you want hear all our episodes, this is the section where you will find all the podcasts: Then start to send there your sets… someone of our team will hear you and soon you could have nice surprises!

And the list of friends that will be presented by The sound lab is already intriguing… after Alex Del vecchio and Elvio Iannitti,  the list will include Harry Housen, Ettore Ennetielle, John Ferrer, Kika (that has already played for Ibiza by night radio show), Ivan Fly Corapi, Dario Condoleo, Monella, Maurizio Marengo “the sultan” Christian Adamo (also from “Ibiza by night radio show”)… and many more are joining our team…so stay tuned and send us your music!

6th of December, Naples, Nice to be presents: Miss Kittin, Elvio Iannitti, Julien Sandre and Rame!

Saturday, 6th of December, in Naples (Italy), starting at 23,30 till 6,30 Nice to be presents at Duel beat  a great event with Miss Kittin, Julien Sandre, Elvio Iannitti and Rame!

Miss Kittin is one of the most important dj, producer and performer of electroclash, and last summer played successfully several times in Ibiza, at Music on and in other important locations.

Julien Sandre is an artist absolutely interesting, with many musical influences, that starts from funky music till the pure house.

Elvio Iannitti,  another great artist grown in the tech-house factory of Naples…and he could be the real surprise of the party!

And then, in the same night, also  Rame, that’s  an appreciated Italian Dj from Pastaboys: he  will play in the room nr.3 of Duel beat!

For all the details, here you have the link to the event page on facebook:

Many thanks to Diana and Marco Donzelli for the media support.