Veto Social Club presents:”Mint”, with Dimitri Nakov, Nick Stim, Mikaela, David Moreno, Marianna Nasa and many more! Free entry.

Veto Social club Ibiza (Ex Grial) presents the first party of the new project “Mint”.

The line up is very intriguing: Marianna Nasa live, Dimitri Nakov, Nick Stim, Gustin, two special guests as Mikaela (Love the underground) & David Moreno (Ibiza Global radio).

If you want to here these  dj’s  you have just to go to Veto Social Club next Friday 27th of November, starting at 23.

The entry will be free.

Here you have the official poster!

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Text by Ale I.M.D.


Monday, Pacha Ibiza presents: Ibiza rocks house + Vivant, with Nathan Barato, Dimitri Nakov, 2manydjs, Kenny Dope and many more!

Monday, 28th of July, Pacha Ibiza presents a double party!

In the main room will play 2manydjs Dj Set, Kenny Dope, that presents Disco fever, Claptone and Idris Elba!


Here you have the poster of the event!


But there are more surprises! In the Global room will be celebrated the second episode of “Vivant” con a super line up..composed by the Canadian dj and producer Nathan Barato and Dimitri Nakov, two great friends of Ibiza by night, and will play also Sabb and Raxon!


Here you have the poster of the party…and be ready for a great party at Pacha!

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Tonight, Pacha Ibiza presents: Pete Tong and friends at Ibiza Rocks House plus Vivant! With Dimitri Nakov, Nick Stim and friends at Vivant!

Tonight, Pacha Ibiza presents a double event Pete Tong, Derrick Carter, Friend Within and Tiga at Ibiza Rocks House, the show of monday night!

Here you have the official poster!



But there is a surprise, in the Global Room of Pacha will be celebrated the opening party of  “Vivant”, the new show created by Dimitri Nakov, and friend..and today will play Nakov, a great friend of our community, Nick Stim, Djebali and Chris Bones!

Here you have the poster of the event..and soon we’ll talk about it with Dimitri!

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Ibiza by night meets Dimitri Nakov! The exclusive interview!

Dimitri Nakov (in the picture below) was one of the best surprises last summer in Ibiza..

He played several times at Ushuaia Tower during the show “Never say never” of Sasha..and he was absolutely appreciated..

Ibiza by night met Dimitri to talk about his relationship with the island..and about future projects..


IBN: So, Dimitri, how was your summer in Ibiza?

Dimitri Nakov: “I am very pleased with this summer. It isn’t always easy to have time for oneself in Ibiza and enjoy it for all it has to offer but I managed to be part of a great, and very successful, weekly Sunday night at Ushuaia Tower with Never Say Never, spend time in the studio & go out to hear great music across the island, not forgetting the occasional cheeky after set”.

IBN: Dimitri Nakov and Ibiza, how is the relationship between you and the island? Tell us.. how is your typycal day when you are on the island?

Dimitri Nakov:A typical depends greatly on which day at which time of year but I would say a perfect day is some beach, friends and great food, a studio session, dinner with my mates and lots of music. I have been coming to Ibiza since 1986 more or less, still very young, and still this summer I stumbled across an amazing restaurant with an amazing sea view that was half empty mid august simply because it is a hidden treasure. Ibiza never ceases to surprise!”.


IBN: Dimitri and Sasha.. tell us something about your professional cooperation….

Dimitri Nakov: “I met Sasha in the mid 1990’s in London. I was fresh out of school and already immersed in music. He took me on as a studio assistant and gave me some warm up sets. In the late 1990’s the Twilo/Sasha&Digweed USA thing meant that we ended up separated until we bump into each other again quite by chance 7 or 8 years later. Since then we started Never Say Never together, were in the studio together, toured together and lots of time in different restaurants together.

If you want me to answer the 3rd question with Sasha I will need some time as he is in London in the studio, I am on tour in Brazil”.

IBN: Let’s talk about your music, which kind do you like to play?

Dimitri Nakov: “A difficult question to answer. It would seem that my job is to do whatever it is I do and let the public and medias categorise and place it according to their judgement or understanding.

I have always loved house and techno, and all music to be honest, so I like to mix it up. I don’t think I follow trends but I do know I like my breakfast, lunch and dinner to be different from each other, I wouldn’t like to limit myself to one style of music just as much I wouldn’t like to each penne pomodoro all day every day. However much I love Italian food!

The short answer, house, tech house, bass and beats and melody. I like vocals but I originally got into electronic music because it was instrumental”.

IBN: You have played in a lot of locations worldwide, which is the coolest place where you made a set?

Dimitri Nakov: “Tough question. Womb in Tokyo is amazing. Warung Brazil is more than amazing. Amnesia Ibiza is incredible. I have never played at DC10 but I have hopes to do so, and I can only imagine it would be in my top 10. Universo Parallelo at the beach in Bahia is also incredible. Palms, a great sound system, 1000 people or more in the sunshine with a pirate ship in the middle of the sand dance floor there a few years back was one of the ‘coolest’. This year I will be playing there along side Jamie Jones and Dixon amongst many others. I have had some of my best sets there in the past”.

IBN: what about your future projects?

Dimitri Nakov: “While doing some gigs with Sasha at the beginning of 2014 I will kick start a new party concept in a new place in Bahia Brazil. More tropical paradise with the Never Say Never concept but this time in Brazil.

I also have some music coming out finally, a collaboration with Sabb and an Ibiza local singer who goes by NASA. Currently working wonders in my sets.. and much more from this project. I will also be releasing a new version of my track with Cari Golden, this time in collaboration with John Monkman. There will be a video to accompany it as well. Very excited about this one too. Then back to Ibiza for more Never Say Never next summer”.

Thanks Dimitri!!!

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Daytime in Ibiza.. three suggestions!

Here you have three suggestions for the daytime in Ibiza! And two are excellent parties with free entrance, let’s start!

La Sal rossa (Playa D’En Bossa)

Cocoon meets Vagabundos: today, starting at 5 p.m., party time with Ilario Alicante, one of the most appreciated Italian djs of the new generation, plus Aky Yakitory plus special Vagabundos Guests..  Free entry!

This is the poster of the event!


Ushuaia Tower

Starting at 8 p.m., Sasha presents the cult show “Never say never”.

With Sasha (6 hours set) will play Dimitri Nakov!

The entrance is free!

Here you have the poster of the event!



Ushuaia presents: Avicil and friends, starting at 5 p.m. until midnight.

With Avicil will play John Dahlback and Plastik Funk.

Here is the poster of the party!


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These are the news for the day! Soon the party calendar for tonight!