Sundays at Space reveals a second list of confirmed artists: Alan Fitzpatrick, Deetron, Uner, Matador, Jonathan Ulysses, Dazzla and many more.

Sundays at Space a few days ago revealed the fist list of dj’s guests for summer 2016 (read here).

Now we know a second  list of confirmed artists:

Alan Fitzpatrick, Awaken, Banana Boogaloo, Basement Freaks, Bones, Bossa Blowout!, Dave Chambers, Dave Phillips, Dazzla, Deetron, DJ Sneak, DJ Suspect, Dusky, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Huxley, Ibiza Sonica, J-Star, James Zabiela, Jamie Gittins, Jonathan Ulysses, Kevin Cutts, Little Prince, Maribou State (DJ SET) , Marquis Hawkes , Matador, Melon Bomb, Mirko Di Florio, Misfit DJs, Real El Canario, Rodriguez Jr, Sean Hughes, The Freestylers, Tom Novy, Uner.

On these premises, Sundays at Space could be a truly intriguing party!  Don’t forget, there is also the option to buy the week end pass, as said the organizers: “As Space marks its 27th anniversary this season it will undoubtedly continue to enforce why this venue has proudly earned its position as one of the world’s most celebrated and loved clubbing destinations. This year you will also find Ibiza’s most prominent and standout clubnight from 2015 Do Not Sleep hosting their weekly residency throughout the season.

With the introduction of a special ‘Weekend Pass’ being made available for those of you that want to push on through Saturday and Sunday. The new pass consists of entrance to ‘elrow’ on Saturday and the following ‘Sundays at Space’, giving the holder access to both parties and re-entrace during the ‘Sundays at Space’ event during the day – handy for refuelling and going out for dinner“.

So, save the dates and see you there.

If you want to know the updated list of opening parties, click here.


Saturday, Pure Pacha presents: Bob Sinclar, Dazzla, 2manydjs (dj set) and Danny Howard!

Saturday? It’s time of Pure Pacha!

And Saturday 20th of June the line up includes as main guest Bob Sinclar, that’s having  brilliant season in Ibiza 2015.

The line up is completed by the Australian dj and producer Dazzla, and by 2manydj’s and Danny Howard.

Here you have the official poster, and be ready for a great party.

#pacha2015 #ibiza2015


Saturday, daytime, Ibiza by night radio show presents: Dazzla!

Saturday from 1.00 pm till 2.00 Ibiza by night radio show presents a special episode on, the web station founded and directed by Miss Luna!

And we are absolutely happy to have a special guest, a Dj that for us is much more than a friend: DAZZLA!

Dazzla (in the pictures below) is an excellent and refined Australian dj and producer.

He’s  based since many years in Ibiza, where plays since years  in prestigious locations as Pacha and Nassau beach club, and  has played worldwide with Pacha Agency.


Dazzla recorded a special set, so save the date, because of this is an unmissable radio show!


And these are all Dazzla’s useful links:


Tonight, Ibiza by night radio show presents: Alex Del Vecchio!

Tonight, from 20,00 till 21,00 (Spanish time) will be broadcasted on Ibiza live radio ( a new  episode of Ibiza by night Radio show! Ibiza live radio is the web station created and managed by Miss Luna.

And tonight we have as guest Alex Del Vecchio, that realized a great podcast for us!

Alex Del Vecchio (in the picture below) is an Italian Dj and producer based since several years in Ibiza, where created the successful party “Skraken”. Alex is an excellent dj and also a great friend of our community, so we are very happy to have him in our dream team!


So, be ready for an hour of good  music!

ibiza live radio

And, after a list of dj’s that becomes evey week stronger and longer and includes Rafa De Siria, Sarah Main, Joan Ribas, Dos, Leo Lippolis, Christian Adamo, Gaty Lopez, Eli Rojas, Aldoina, NiCe7, Cristian Viviano, Stefano Cioffi, Stephan Esse, Sasa Mendone, Franco Moiraghi, Lorenzo Calvio, Eran Lump, Agent, Give us the tools…and soon our family will include also other important surprises: in two weeks we will have a special session with our dear friend, the Australian Dj and producer Dazzla (Pacha Agency), then our dear friend Nick Stim…and then…big big surprise…”The One”…Miss Luna, will realize a specials session just for us. And don’t forget, during summertime  also Sabrina Terence (the Queen of Dubai)  will play for us… be ready… because of many more top guests are arriving!

Thursday, Fernando Pablo Link presents: Ibiza Vice at Bubbles! With Sarah Main, Dazzla, Van Peterkin and Marco Moony!

Thursday 2nd of April, the cult party “Ibiza Vice” presents a new episode at Bubbles Ibiza (Marina Botafoch).

The show created and managed by Fernando Pablo Link also  this week has as main guest Sarah Main and, after the  exclusive 4 hours set of last week, the Princess Sarah is back!!

Also this week for us is a pleasure to talk about Sarah Main: she’s one of our favourite dj’s on the island.

Sarah is an Australian dj an producer and is based in Ibiza since many years.

She plays as dj resident at Ushuaia (with performances also at Ushuaia tower and in other top locations around the world) and her sound it’s absolutely elegant!

Recently Sarah recorded also a special session for Ibiza by night radio show on, and that episode was one of the most liked of our history.

The line up is completed by another great friend of our community, the Australian Dj and producer Dazzla, that during summertime plays at Nassau and at Pacha, and by Van Peterkin plus a live set  by Marco Moony!

This is the poster of the event, that has the media partnership of Ibiza by night!

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

And remember, Thursday night in Ibiza is under the sign of Ibiza Vice!



Friday, Pacha Ibiza presents FUDE! With Carlos Jurado, Dazzla and Jeancedric!

Friday, 13th of March starting at 21,00 till 2,00 am Pacha Ibiza presents: Fude!

We like to remember that Fude (food under Design & Electronic) has become, in just two years, the main Ibiza’s dinner party   of Friday night in Ibiza during winter and spring time.

The secret? Every week there is a theme’s change, a different menu, a different show!

The dinner show also this week will start at 21,00 with a special theme “Nuit francaise”.

In consolle will play the “Doctor”  Carlos Jurado, the Australian Dj and Producer Dazzla  and Jeancedric.

During the night there will be a fashion show by velvet and an Exposition by Jerome Ferrière!

And during the night there will be also a tango show  by Lucien Lecarme with Sonia Prenner.

This is the poster of the party, that has  since two years the media partnership of Ibiza by night.

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:


And here you have the poster with the special menu of the night by the chef Victor Martinez!


Saturday, Pacha Ibiza presents: Housepital! With Carlos Jurado, daZZla, Donaes, Suzi Suzuki!

Saturday, 28th of February, Pacha ibiza presents a new episode of “Housepital”.

The successful saga has arrived at its second season, and also Saturday Pacha  will be transformed in one of the most happy hospitals of the world!

The “Music doctors” will be Carlos Jurado, the Australian dj and producer daZZla, Suzi Suzuki and Donaes!

So next Saturday prepare yourself for the best musical cares on the island, because of Housepital, with its music and its nurses is one of the best events in Ibiza’s winter season.

For further infos, and for the free guest list until 2.00 am, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

Ibiza by night is happy to be media partner of the event also for the season 2014-2015! And this is the poster of the party!


Friday, Pacha Ibiza presents: Carnaval night by San Valentin! With Carlos Jurado, Dazzla, Angel Linde, D- Project & Javier Gonzalez!

Friday 13th of February, starting at 21,00  Pacha Ibiza presents:  Fude… Carnaval night by San Valentìn!

Fude (food under design & electronic) since two season is “the”  cult appointment of Friday night.

this week Fude returns with a special edition “Canaval night by San valentin” and presents “The Ibiza project”  with an excellent line up that includes “The Doctor”  Carlos Jurado, Dazzla, Angel Linde, D- Project & Javier Gonzalez!

During the night there will be a performance by Soho fashion and an art exhibition by Manuela Garcia Martin! And, as said Fude’s team:”We invite you to a great night of double celebration, CARNAVAL by SAN VALENTÍN. Masks, romanticism, seduction and lots of colours, promise an unforgettable night at Pacha on Friday from 9pm till 6am“.

So…dress properly, because of Fude next Friday will be unmissable!

For further infos, these are useful links:

Ibiza by night is happy to be media partner of one of the most interesting and selected  parties of wintertime!


Tonight, Pacha Ibiza presents: Ibiza rocks house, with 2manydjs, Dj Pierre, Riva Starr, Dazzla and Graham Sahara!

Tonight, Pacha Ibiza presents: Ibiza rocks house, the successful show of Monday night!

The line up is very interesting and  includes  2manydjs, Dj Pierre, Riva Starr, Dazzla (in the funky room) and Graham Sahara.

For further infos and tickets:

Here you have the poster of the event!


Tonight, Pacha Ibiza presents: Bob Sinclair, Dazzla, Danny Howard, Juan Magan!

It’s’s time of Pure Pacha!

And tonight Bob Sinclair is back with “Paris by night”…the line up of the  party includes Dazzla,  a great friend of the community of Ibiza by night, Danny Howard and Juan Magan!

Ready for an elegant night?

For further infos and disco

And this is the poster of the party!




Tonight, Pacha Ibiza, David Guetta is back!

It’s Thursday, and  at Pacha Ibiza, F*** Me I’m Famous is back!
The great partyof David Guetta and friends returns with a new one episode, tonight presents a line up that will include Glowinthedark, the Asutralian dj and producer Dazzla  and JP candela!!
The King Mida of disco music, is successfully continuing a season rich of surprises and super guests at Pacha Ibiza.
Ibiza by night will update you about all the news of Guetta’s show..that’s absolutely one of the most liked on the island!
Here you have the poster of the party!

For further infos:


Tonight, Pacha Ibiza presents: Steve Aoki, Dazzla, Danny Wade and Garmiani!

Tonight, Pacha Ibiza presents a new episode of Aoki’s Playhouse, the show of Wednesday night, with Steve Aoki, that tonight ill have as guests also Dazzla, the Australian dj and producer, plus Garmiani and Danny Wade.

En el cielo will play Angel Linde and Hector Mella Lorca!
Be ready for a night of music, shows and flying cakes!
For further infos:
Here you have the poste rod the party!