Friday, Pacha Ibiza, Carlos Jurado presents Fude with Ibiza live radio!

Next Friday 14th of March, starting at 21,00, in the exclusive atmosphere of  Pacha Ibiza, Carlos Jurado presents a new one episode of  FUDE (Food Under Design & Electronic) his successful dinner-show!

Every week there Fude is dedicated to a  new theme and… next Friday will be  celebrated the “Tex- Mex”!

But Friday there will be more surprises! Because of during the party there will be the participation also of Ibiza live radio ( !

In consolle will play Carlos Jurado and guest Dj’s will be Miss Luna, the Director of Ibiza Live Radio and Angel Linde!  ..and during the night there will be a photo exibition of  Jakub!

The r.r.p.p. of the event will be  by “Lady” Daniela Biagetti!

Here you have the poster of the event!

Ready for a Tex Mex party?


Friday, Ibiza.. Carlos Jurado presents at Pacha a new episode of Fude!

Friday at  Pacha Ibiza, carlos Jurado presents a new episode of FUDE, the successful show of Friday night!

The theme of the week ill be “Italian night” be ready for an amazing Italian menu (last Italian party in december was amazing…).

The soundtrack of the night will be of Carlo Jurado and guest Dj will be Mariano grande and the Italian Dj franco Moiraghi!

The pr of the night will be by Lady Daniela Biagetti!

During the party there will be an art  exibition of Tamara Viale!

This is the link to the event page on Facebook:

And this is the poster of the party! Ready for the Italian night?



Friday, Pacha.. it’s time of Fude night!

Friday, at Pacha, starting at 9 p.m.,  before Ibiza Vice..there is the other one cult party. Fude!

Fude, invented by Carlos Jurado and supported at the p.r. by Daniela Biagetti, week by week has become the best way to start the friday night!

This week the theme is “Noche Japonesa”, and the music will be by Carlos Jurada and by guest Dj Paolo driver.. during the the party is scheduled also an exibition of Maramar

This is the link on fb to the event:

And this is the poster of the party with more contacts.


So, have a great and complete night Friday at Fude with excellent food and good music,  and then ready for the other show, Ibiza Vice!