Abitissimi, The Italian “Sartoria” for everybody!

Abitissimi.it it’s a new fashion project created from the Italian young businessman Filippo Cuomo.

TheĀ idea? Very easy, Abitissimi.it wants to offer excellent and elegant Italian clothes for an accessible price!

As Filippo Cuomo said to Ibiza by night: “With my brand abitissimi.it I want to offer to our customers worldwide elegant Italian clothes with the “sartoria style” for a correct price! It’s possible to mix the Italian style with interesting prices”.

Actually Abitissimi.it is partecipating in Miami as fashion partner to a reality show by “The realtor tv”…and for the future there will be many new project also related to Ibiza.. but soon Ibiza by night will talk about it!

For further infos: http://www.abitissimi.it