Ibiza by night meets Christian Dori!

Continuing the partnership that started in summer 2013, Ibiza by night meets Christian Dori today, the founder and CEO of the international review ‘Night & Day Magazine Ibiza Formentera Miami’.

Dori is an eclectic person who deeply loves Ibiza, and the magic island remains the centrepiece of the interview..

Ibiza by night: Christian why did you decide to create the Night and Day Magazine project?

 Christian Dori: Night&Day was created as a spin off of a bigger project, that included a TV show, a website and a review. I wanted to show the world that our Ibiza wasn’t the Island that certain TV shows, such as the Italian program ‘Lucignolo’ or ‘Viajeros’ in Spain, portrayed. I was tired of watching programs that just showed one side of Ibiza, and just the bad part of that side, of a marvellous island!


 Ibiza by night: What does Ibiza represent for you?

 Christian Dori: Well, Ibiza is “the night” that everybody knows about. However, it’s also Eivissa, the other side of the Island, with its magic places, enjoyed by a cosmopolitan community.

 Ibiza by Night: Let’s talk about Night and Day magazine. What surprises are in store for summer 2013, and how do you see summer 2013 in ibiza?

 This year, Night&Day is showcasing some graphical changes, which, even if they haven’t been promoted, are substantial. You can see them at first sight. These changes were made also taking the ideas and suggestions of our friends into consideration, and also trying to keep in line with the changes on the island. Ibiza is an island that is always on the move. 
Summer 2013? Well, it will be a very long season, as usual!


In the picture: Christian Dori

 Ibiza By night: To finish our interview, Christian, tell us about the future projects of Night&Day magazine.

 Christian Dori: The future of N&D? I want to create other editions of the review, in other locations like Madrid and Brazil, and next year I want to restart our Augmented Reality project, but this is something that we’ll talk about soon…

 Thanks Christian!

A special thanks!

Dear friends,

I wish to tell a special thanks to Christian Dori because of his magazine,  “Night and day mag “(www.nightanddaymag.com) gave me a space to write an article to explain the project of Ibiza by night.

Christian was very nice with me and I really appreciated him.

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks Christian and also a big hug to all nightanddaymag’s team!