Ibiza opening parties 2016: some useful suggestions!

The countdown to the Ibiza opening parties 2016 has started, and here are some suggestions (especially if it’s your first time on the island) for your holidays.

Car or scooter?

Rent a car or a scooter? This is always the first question: if you want to visit the island, especially all the beautiful beaches, there is enough ground to cover so we suggest you rent a car.
There are several agencies where it is possible to rent a car.
Please, however, pay attention to the REAL conditions: some agencies firstly talk about “unlimited mileage” but the reality can be different, and also make sure you pay attention to “casco insurances” bought on line.


Well Ibiza is the paradise of clubbers, and starting in May there will be a huge number of opening parties.
All that remains for you to do is to pick which ones you want to go to – if you want to know the UPDATED dates of the confirmed opening parties,   click  here then buy your tickets and have fun!

Hotel, Apartments & Residences

Before you choose your hotel or apartment first of all check the map of Ibiza, and pay special attention to the distances between where you pick to stay and where you want to go.
Ibiza is a big island, so try to find the best solution for you so you are not so far away from the biggest clubs.
Sometimes people think they will save money by renting a hotel or apartment that is far away from the nightlife but then they end up spending double the amount they save on taxis or petrol.  If you rent an apartment in Ibiza, we recommend you to pay attention to this article, because of in Ibiza many people had bad surprises…so please read here.


Ibiza is a special place, but it’s not the island where everything is possible. Ok?
So, keep calm, have fun, but don’t destroy yourself and don’t forget alcohol testing also exists in Ibiza… 😉 😉

The beaches

First time in Ibiza? There are some unmissable beaches: Salinas, Cala D’Hort, Benirras, Cala Bassa, Cala Comte, Cala Vadella, Cala Salada, Agua Blanca, Playa es Codolar, Cala San Vicente, Sa Caleta, to mention just a few.
So, don’t forget, Ibiza isn’t just about the nightlife, it’s also a paradise to discover by day.


The sunsets

Well in Ibiza there is a must: the sunset in San Antonio. At least once you have to live this experience.

Sunsets are also beautiful in Benirras and  Cala Comte and …if you have time…visit Punta Galera.

Other suggestions

If it’s your first trip in the island, we suggest to visit also the old town, the small streets, the beautiful shops over there and, of course, Dalt Villa.

Bring your camera with you.

The food

In Ibiza it’s possible to find every kind of cuisine. Soon we’ll talk again about it, but don’t worry, you won’t remain hungry 😉 😉

These are just some first suggestions for a great holiday in Ibiza, but stay tuned, because of soon the dream team of Ibiza by night will be back with other useful news. So, book your flight and be ready for a great opening parties season!

Text by: Steve M.

Editing by : Emma M.

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Ibiza in winter: a treasure to discover.

Ibiza in winter? It’s totally different from the Ibiza you got to know during your Summer holidays, but it’s still marvellous and it’s still magic!
Everything changes on the Island. Forget the crowded beaches, forget the nightlife with its mega parties in clubs such as Amnesia, Pacha and Privilege. Now is the time to discover another island, one that could possibly capture your soul even more than the one that you fell in love with during the summer.

Together we’ll visit Ibiza during winter. We’ll start with the climate and then our trip will take us to the beaches, the nightlife and finally, the social side of the island… So, are you ready?! Let’s go..!!

The Climate

During Autumn and Winter Ibiza has a mild climate. It’s still possible to go to the beach and enjoy a bit of sun until the middle of November. During the night, the weather is cold (especially inside the island), but still totally acceptable. This year people used to go to the beach till the month of December.

The Beaches

Well, this is a beautiful surprise of the Island. Do you remember the beaches such as Salinas, where you didn’t have the space to put your towel? Well, now they are all there just for you and no, you didn’t arrive on a Caribbean island, you are still in the heart of Europe!


(Cala Bassa in winter)

Prepare yourself to also discover Ibiza’s other jewels: from Cala D’Hort, Cala San Vicente, Cala Comte, to Cala Bassa (the beach club is open all the year), Agua Blanca, Portinax and Cala Salada – just to name a few…they will appear different, beautiful and be quite deserted.

11888063_989079534478037_6265112198109709637_n(Es Vedrà)

You’ll love the beaches like never before and you’ll have the opportunity to visit the far sides of the Island without being stuck in traffic and without parking problems.

This is probably the greatest present Ibiza has to offer in autumn and winter!

If you have the time, don’t forget to visit Santa Eularia del Riu, it’s elegant and charming.

The Sunsets

The best places are still the same: San Antonio, Cala Comte, Benirras and Punta Galera.

But with fewer people around everything is even more magic. Trust us.


(The port of Ibiza)

The Nightlife

The nightlife, as we have already mentioned, also changes immensely.

Forget David Guetta, Avicii, Solomun, Marco Carola & Music On, they are all far away.
At the weekend Pacha is open, still playing excellent music, but during the winter season several excellent local Dj’s play.

Also, the atmosphere, especially during Vintage night, is very cool.

And, aside from Pacha? Well, there is an interesting list of clubs: Veto Social Club, Sushipoint Ibiza and Hotel Pacha at the weekends. Clubs where good music rules and the entry is free.

In December 2015 has re-openend another cult club, Bubbles, in Marina Botafoch, that still organizes cool free parties, and there is also another intriguing event named “Castle”, but soon we’ll talk about it!

Then, if you like live music and a bit of a retro atmosphere, Teatro Pereyra is the perfect place!

And there are also tow more locations to mention: Nassau -Tanit beach and Lips Reartes!

At Nassau Tanit beach every month there is a cool appointment with Rewind After tea party” the event created and managed by Gloria Geseri and Daniela Biagetti, and during last months played stil excellent line ups with dj’s as Tuccillo and Miguel Garji.

Also Lips Reartes presents  some excellent free parties named: “Keep on dancing”, and along these months have played top artists as Shaun Reeves, Dan Ghenacia, Bushwacka, Tuccillo, just to tell some names.

There is also a big surprise for Autumn – Winter 2015-2016: Sankeys Ibiza, the cult club at Playa D’En Bossa, owned by Dave Vincent has re-opened for some special events. After two excellent dates in November and December 2015, with guests as Carl Craig, Nicole Moudaber, Martin buttrich, the next appointment is scheduled for 17th of February.

So, stay tuned because of  excellent music also returns to the Island in Autumn and Winter!

The Costs

Well, this is another beautiful surprise from Ibiza in autumn and winter. The hotels, the apartments, car rental and the restaurants (especially for lunch) will cost less than summer, so you’ll find your holiday is approximately 30-40% less expensive.

11150870_921742554545069_4453579299302132816_n(Salinas beach in autumn)

The Social Life?

Don’t worry, in Ibiza you’ll never feel lonely! If you go out during the evening to the centre of Ibiza, there are several bars at Plaza del Parque or, still in the town centre, there’s La Cava, or “Can Terra” (a bar which is the heaven of Pinchos), where it will be very easy to socialize and to find new friends.

So, if you feel ready to discover a different Island; just book your flight, pack your luggage and prepare yourself to fall in love with another paradise – but still called Ibiza.

Text by Steve M.
Editing by Emma M.