Blue Marlin Ibiza U.A.E presents: Sven Väth, Cadenza Showcase, Kölsch, Matador!

Ibiza by night today returns in Dubai, where Blue Marlin Ibiza U.A.E. has a super program for march 2016!

Let’s start from next 11th of march, when in the cult location of United Arab emirates will play Matador & Kölsch, two artists for a night of great music.

Here you have the link to the event page on Facebook:


Then, March 18th, is the turn of Cadenza Showcase, with Felipe Vaelnzuela and many more: here you have the poster  with the complete line up.

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:


And finally, next 25th of March, Papa Sven lands in Dubai for an unmissable party, and soon we’ll give more details about it!

Save the date and here you have the link to the event page on Facebook:


Are you ready for a great March at Blue Marlin ibiza U.A.E. and for Dubai by night?


Wednesday, Milan, Lift presents: Cadenza night! With Argy, Ezikiel, Matthew Lima b2b Matteo Raw and many more!

Today Ibiza by night lands again Milan: this week will be celebrated the “Milan Fashion week”…so next days will be rich of unmissable events!

And Wednesday 23rd of September, Milan, Lift presents at Hollywood: Cadenza night! In consolle will play as main guest  the Greek dj and producer Argy, Ezikiel, Matthew Lima b2b Matteo Raw and Simon Ricci!

For further infos, here you have the link to the event page on Facebook:

And this is the official poster with the complete line up!

Venue address: Hollywood, Corso Como 15, Milan.


Wednesday, Milan, Lift presents: Michel Cleis, David Moreno, Fabrizio Marra, Matthew Lima b2b Matteo Rauj at Hollywood!

As we already wrote, Ibiza by night during these and next months will pay a lot of attention to the nightlife in Milan.

And today we tal about a truly interesting event, that will be celebrated Wednesday, 16th of September: the promoter Lift presents a great opening party at Hollywood Milan.

The line up is amazing, and includes Michel Cleis, the Italo Swiss dj and producer that we heard and appreciated several times in Ibiza with Cadenza and Luciano’s team, plus David Moreno of Ibiza Global Radio and our friend Fabrizio Marra.

In the same night will play also Matthew Lima b2b  Matteo Rauj.

On these premises,  if you are in Milano, don’t miss this party, because of with these artists the good music is more than a guarantee!

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

This is the official poster!

Venue address: Hollywood, Corso Como 15, Milano.


Tonight, Watergate Berlin presents: Cadenza night! With Luciano, Franco Cinelli, Cesar Merveille, Felipe Valenzuela, Jimi Jules, Gas & Lino Pugliese!

Tonight, 5th of June, Watergate Berlin, one of the world’s most important and influent club presents: Cadenza night!

In consolle will play a great line up composed by Luciano, by the Argentinian dj and producer Franco Cinelli, Cesar Merveille, Felipe Valenzuela, Jimi Jules, Gas & Lino Pugliese!

In ibiza we have started the countdown for Luciano’s and Vagabonds opening party next Sunday at Space Ibiza.

And if tonight you are in Berlin…well follow the suggestion of Ibiza by night and don’t miss this event!

Here you have the official poster!


29th of May: Blue Marlin Ibiza U.A.E. presents: Cadenza Showcase! With Cesar Merveille, Argy and Gianni Callipari!

Ibiza by night follows to give news about Dubai’s partylife!

And today we talk about another great event!

Next 29th of May: Blue Marlin Ibiza U.A.E., starting at 13,00, presents: Cadenza Showcase!

In consolle will play  Cesar Merveille, Argy and Gianni Callipari: all these artists usually play in ibiza, and Gianni Callipari, a talented Italo-Swiss dj and producer, is a great friend of our community.

So ready for another great party under Dubai’s sun.

For further infos, costs and tickets this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

This is the poster of the party!

#dubai #dubaibynight


31st of January, Luciano and Gas play at Space Moscow!

Luciano follows his tour around the world: next 31st of January Luciano, starting at 23,00 presents a Cadenza night in the prestigious location of Space Moscow!

With Luciano will play Gas, and the line up is completed by mr Morek live, Cancelled, Pushkarev, Izhevski, Nuzhdin.

So, if you are in Moscow area, this is an opportunity to hear the sound of Luciano!

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

luciano space moscow

Tomorrow, daytime, Destino Ibiza presents: Luciano, Cesar Merville, Molly and Andre Butano!

Tomorrow, starting at 4 pm till 11,30 pm, Destino Ibiza presents: Luciano and friends!

With the great Luciano will play an amazing line up composed by Cesar Merville, Molly and Andre Butano!

For Luciano is a great return at Destino Pacha Ibiza resort.. and the party is one not to miss for the quality of the music and for the elegance of the location!

 For further infos and tickets: and

And here you have the poster of the event!



Wednesday, Ibiza, Luciano is back at Cova Santa with Gianni Callipari, Phil Weeks, Paola Poletto and many more!

Tomorrow, Wednesday 2nd of July, in Ibiza, Luciano is back at Cova Santa with an epic party that will start at 3 pm till 6 am!

The line up inludes a great friend of our community, the Italo Swiss dj and producer Gianni Callipari, Phil Weeks, Paola Poletto, Cesar Merveille, Dan Andrei, Francisco Allendes! We received this press note and we publish:”One of the most beautiful spots on the Ibiza, Cova Santa houses an indoor club and a sprawling outdoor complex that perfectly encompasses the Luciano & Friends’ tribal-meets techno ethos.
Quickly making a name for itself amongst the island’s most cultured partygoers over the past few seasons, Cova Santa is fast becoming the go to spot for techno enthusiasts looking for a raw Ibiza, away from the island’s mega venues and the kind of atmosphere that’s reminiscent of the true Eivissa of yesteryear.
Opening doors at 3pm on the outdoor terrace and continuing right through the night until 6am, Luciano & Friends will curate an event series that truly reflects the Cadenza boss’s unwavering alliance with underground music. Rekindling his passion for the true spirit of Ibiza, Luciano will be joined by a succession of fellow artists that embody everything Cadenza and enthuse the traditional spirit of the label while paying homage to its forward thinking, innovative style of recent years.
Opening on Wednesday 2nd July, the inaugural date of Luciano & Friends’ residency at the venue will no doubt become a staple of every techno enthusiast’s party calendar. Topping the bill, Luciano will lead the way in what is set to become a season to remember for Cadenza Music who celebrate their 11th year of producing seminal techno records for the scene’s elite”. ready..because of Luciano and friends are back… and thanks to Jack Doherty for the emdia support!

Here you have the poster of the event, that will be followed from the team of Ibiza by night.

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Ibiza by night meets Alfonso Leòn!

Ibiza by night meets Alfonso Leòn,  a young and talented Dj from Chile, that plays  in ibiza since few years.

Last summer Alfonso Leòn (in the pictures below) played in many locations as  Ushuaia and Booom, this winter was already guest at Mood up and is considered one of the most interesting young Dj from Chile!


Ibiza by night met Alfonso Leòn to talk about music, concerts and..of course.. the special relation with Ibiza!

IBN: Alfonso Leon and Ibiza, how has started the relationship?

Alfonso Leòn: “I first went to Ibiza in 2007, I had such a great time that I ended up going a few more times over the years on vacations and finally lived there for a couple of seasons. What I experienced on the island helped me decide to pursue a career in djing, I had been making electronic music for some years, and had been playing in Chile in a really underground fashion, but I was also studying Biology and had a great love for science. Finally I told myself I can´t be in both worlds, and bearing in mind the madness of trying to make a living out of music, I just went for it. It was a big risk, but the island responded and I was given opportunities which would never have happened had I not been there. At the end of the day, an island is empty without the people in it, so if I owe to someone it is to those who supported me and influenced me in the process. Ive made a great deal of good friends and have really great memories in the island, I don´t think I will be ending this relationship any time soon“.

IBN: You play in Ibiza in sumertime and also in wintertime, recently at mood up.. which is your perception of the island during the winter? Do you like the amosphere of Ibiza in wintertime?

Alfonso Leòn: “My perception is what my friends living there have always told me, that its a quite and relaxing place, perfect for recharging your batteries from an always hectic summer. I myself lived in a small town in the south of Chile for a few years, so I imagine it musn´t be so far of. Personally Id much rather walk through playa d’en Bossa during winter than during summer, if that answers your question“.


IBN:Last summer you played in many prestigious locations in the island.. as Ushuaia and Booom..which are your favourite places in Ibiza?

Alfonso Leòn:”To me its more about the party than the specific location. Off course its nice to play in clubs with great sound systems, friendly staff, beautiful designs etc. But this is the body, not the soul. I’ve been fortunate enough on playing in parties which I feel close to on a personal level, like “Vagabundos”, Luciano & Friends”, “Next Wave”, where I know first hand how those involved have poured their hearts into it, and these have been the best experiences for me. Be they held in Ushuaia, Booom!, Pacha, Privilege or anywhere, it doesn´t matter“.

IBN:  You played both in South America and in Europe.. are there big differences with the sound, the relationship with the crew?”

Alfonso Leòn:”I couldn’t speak for South America, but I think in Chile there is a difference in sound to what Ive heard elsewhere. It is and island of sorts, due our geographical boundaries, and there is a very tight knit scene since the beginning of the 90s. The first generations of Djs and producers where really influential to those coming after, and so forth. There also exists a lot of influences from Chilean and South American music. So there is bound to be a difference, and maybe a proportionately larger presence in underground music than what I’ve heard in places like Ibiza, Barcelona or Buenos Aires“.

IBN: Cadenza and Alfonso leon.. tell us something about your cooperation…

Alfonso Leòn: “Since Luciano founded Cadenza almost ten years ago I’ve been closely following its progress. I just love so many releases from the label. Our cooperation works this way, in a nutshell, Cadenza offers me opportunities which I try to respond to with the best of my abilities. I hope some day to fulfil my dream of releasing my music there too“.

IBN: Alfonso Leòn Dj and Alfonso Leòn producer..which are the differences? Do you prefer the studio work or the club atmosphere?

Alfonso Leòn: “The big difference is that in the studio I can be selfish, but in the booth I cant. I mean, I can be a bit selfish sometimes, but its a more social part of me that comes in play. I am in real time trying to make people dance, its my job, and what makes my job satisfying is that people dance to the same tunes I like, so thats where I achieve a connection with the audience. in the Studio, the connection is with myself. Both aspects breath life into each other, their both different and complimentary ways of expressing myself through music“.

IBN:What about your future projects? Can you give us a preview of your concerts for next months?

Alfonso Leòn: “Right now my main priority is finishing the projects I’m currently working on so as to start releasing them on a regular basis, I’ve also got great collaborations with friends coming up too. We founded a little collective with my friends in Barcelona, called “Minoria”, which is a project that will keep us busy in the city as we make weekly sessions. For my upcoming gigs, I’m always posting my presentations on my social pages, so follow me for the latest news! But to name some, Im looking forward to play in Cromie for Luciano & Friends in South Italy, as last year it got cancelled due to Cyclone warning in the area, and a our three man Minoria warm up for Zip in his upcoming presentation in Barcelona“.

Thanks Alfonso!

For further infos about Alfonso Leòn:

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Luciano and Gianni Callipari! The Swiss tour next Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Luciano, one of the most loved dj and producer of Ibiza, will be next week on tour in Switzerland for three amazing concerts: 23th of January in Geneve at Weetamix, 24th of January in Basel at Nordstern, and the 25th of January at Vanilla in Lugano!

With Luciano will play Gianni Callipari (in the picture below) the italo swiss dj that last summer in Ibiza played successfully at Ushuaia and at the epic Vagabundos parties!


Ibiza by night met Gianni Callipari and he said about the Swiss tour:”I’m everytime happy to play alongside LUCIANO and specially at Nordstern Club where I have my monthly residency.. It will be BIG fun like always with LUCIANO & the Cadenza-Family see you around..“.

So.. are you ready for the sound of Ibiza in Switzerland?

Here you have the poster of the tour!


Sunday in Ibiza! Amnesia, Avicil at Ushuaia, El Hotel Pacha

Here you have a list of suggested events for today and tonight in Ibiza!



Amnesia presents a kid’s super foam party! from 18,00 till 21,00! It’s a charity party..don’t miss it! This is the poster of the event!




Ushuaia presents one of the winning shows of summer 2013! Avicil!..and with Avicil will play also Fedde Legrand and John Dahlback! The show will be from 17,00 till midnight!

Here you have the poster of the event!

For further infos:


Hotel Pacha

Hotel Pacha presents: Gaty Lopez in Love and music..from 23,00!



Booom presents Vagabundos..with and excellent line-up!

Tonight will play Carl Craig, Mirko Loco, Lee Van Dowski and Ernesto Ferreyra!

The warm-up will be by Gianni Callipari, an italo-swiss Dj who is much more than a young promise..don’t miss it!

This is the poster of the event!


Are you ready for a great night of music?

Hotel pacha