This week end in Ibiza: Pacha, Sankeys, Nassau Tanit beach, Ocean Drive Hotel, Bubbles. So many free parties!

Well well, Easter week has ended, but in Ibiza it’s still party time, and next week end will be very interesting and with many free parties…Let’s start!

FRIDAY 1st of April

The night starts at Ocean Drive Hotel, where “Lady” Daniela Biagetti presents “Burger meets gin”, the entry is free and the good music is guaranteed. here you have the official Poster.


After dinner? Well, there is an interesting party at Pacha, where returns  “Side B”. In consolle will play Angel Linde, Vilas and Kevin Cook.


SATURDAY 2nd of April

During the daytime there is “the Party” at Nassau Tanit Ibiza: in d’en Bossa returns Spring Fever, by Ibiza Style. The party starts at 5pm, and in consolle will play two excellent dj residents of Ibiza Global radio: Eva Pacifico & Toni Moreno, with special guest Beauriche.

The entry is free.


For the night there are two interesting options: Sankeys Sabados!

The party created by David Vincent is back, with Matt’s Lam Lamont  6 Bone birthday sets, plus an interesting list of residents Dj’s. The entry is free and there is a special surprise for the ladies. Here you have poster and the complete line up.


From Sankeys to Pacha, Ibiza Global Showcase is back, with the pure Baleric sound of IGR Dj’s.  Here you have the poster with complete line up, that includes David Moreno, Angel Linde, Izan Hesse an Alex Under (Live). The entry is free by guest list, this is the link to the event page on Facebook where you will find all the infos for adding your names:



Well, and what about Bubbles?

At Bubbles will play there is the party “The Jungle” and will play Adrian Domus and Sebastian Ledhler! Free entry!


And then? Well SUNDAY 3rd of April, at Hotel Ocean Drive – during the daytime- the cult party “Hola Sundays” is back, with free entry and an amazing program…here you have the  official poster.


So, ready for a great week end in Ibiza?

Then, we wish to tell a great great THANK YOU to our dear friend Alessio Montana for this amazing picture of Ibiza!

Tonight, Bubbles Ibiza: Marco Yanes, Luigi Moretti, Thomas Gioia and Francesco Monti!

And tonight in Ibiza it’s time of another party “Ibiza-Style” at Bubbles (Marina Botafoch).

In consolle will play our friends Marco Yanes (Ibiza Talents)  & Luigi Moretti (Luigi realized recently an excellent set for The Sound Lab), plus Thomas Gioia and Francesco Monti.

The entry is free.

Here you have the poster of the event.

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Thursday, Fernando Pablo Link presents: Ibiza Vice at Bubbles! With Sarah Main, David Moreno and Van Peterkin!

Thursday 26th of February, at Bubbles (Marina Botafoch, Ibiza), from midnight till 6,00 am,  will be celebrated a new episode of the cult party “Ibiza Vice”!

The event, created and managed by the promoter  Fernando Pablo Link,  also this week presents a great line up composed by “The Princess” Sarah Main,  an  Australian dj and producer based since years in ibiza, that during summertime is the resident at Ushuaia, plus Van Peterkin and David Moreno of Ibiza Global radio: as you can see will play  three dj’s absolutely known and respected in ibiza,  that will guarantee excellent music.

The entry is free!

If you are in Ibiza, don’t miss this event (that has the emdia partnership of Ibiza by night) because of Thursday night is under the sign of Ibiza Vice!


Thursday, at Bubbles, it’s time of Ibiza Vice!

Thursday, 29th of January, starting at midnight till 6 am, at Bubbles (marina Botafoch, Fernando Pablo Link presents his  cult weekly party: Ibiza  Vice!

Ibiza Vice is  an event that since three years is a fixed appointment, during winter time, for Ibiza’s clabbers.

And this week the line up includes Marton b2b Chino Paino, Pepe Mateos and Van Peterkin. So, in the intriguing atmosphere of Bubbles,  it will be a long night with good music.

This is the poster of the party.

The entry is free!

miami vice

Thursday, Fernando Pablo & Bubbles present: Ibiza Vice! With Sarah Main, Gael, Gustavo Godoy, Van Peterkin and Ita Machado!

Thursday 15th of January, from midnight till 6 am,  in Ibiza, Fernando Pablo & Bubbles present the cult party  Ibiza Vice!

The entry is free.

Ibiza Vice is a project created by the promoter and art director Fernando Pablo that since three years is one cult appointment for Ibiza’s clubbers.

And also Thursday  there are all the premises for a great night, because of in consolle will play “The Lady” of Ibiza’s night, Sarah Main, an appreciated Australian dj and producer since years based on the island,  that during sumemrtime has a prestigious residency at Ushuaia!

The line up is completed by Gael, Gustavo Godoy (that usually we hear on ) Van Peterkin and a special feature by Ita Machado.

Ibiza by night is happy to be media partner of Ibiza Vice!

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:

Here you have the poster of the party!


Thursday, Ibiza Vice meets Underwoman at Bubbles! With Sarah Main, Gustavo Godoy, Tischy Mura and many more!

Thursday at Bubbles Ibiza will be celebrated a new special episode of “Ibiza Vice”.

The party created and managed by Fernando Pablo Link this week presents a meeting with another Ibiza’s party “Underwoman”.

In consolle will play “The lady” of Ibiza, Sarah Main, an Australian dj and producer based in Ibiza  that in summertime we use to hear in prestigious locations as Ushuaia and Ushuaia tower, plus our friends Gustavo Godoy, and Electrobabe.

Vocalist of the night will be the Italian performer Tischy Mura, and the program includes a leve act by Ita Machado!

The entry is free!

This is the poster of the event.


Thursday, Bubbles Ibiza, it’s time of Ibiza vice! With Sarah Main, Bruno From Ibiza and Gustavo Godoy!

Thursday, 18th of December, from midnight till 6 am, at Bubbles Ibiza, it’s time of Ibiza vice!

The party created and directed by Fernando Pablo Link this week presents three excellent names.

In consolle will play  Sarah Main, that during summertime has prestigious residencies at ushuaia and in other important locations,  Bruno From Ibiza and Gustavo Godoy that usually we hear also on !

The entry is free…and this is the poster of the event!


Thursday, Bubbles Ibiza…Special B-day! With D.J. Fortyseven, Joe Armstrong and Ale Panico!

Since last week Bubbles, the cult club of Ibiza, is back!

Thursday in the club of Marina Botafoch will be time for a …Special B-day party!

the line up will be composed by  D.J. Fortyseven, Joe Armstrong and Ale Panico!

Ibiza by night wishes a special Happy Birthday to Luca Paone, Ernesto and Carlos!

Here you have the poster of the party with all the details!


A week of parties!

Dear friends….

next week will be the opening parties time..but now save some dates for next days!


Bubbles Ibiza

Fernando Pablo Link presents: Ibiza Vice, with Alex Kennon and Martin Bundsen…. This is the poster of the event…


And before… don’t forget the  pre-party (still organized by Fernando Pablo Link at Miss mash!

Friday 17th of May



ushuaia presents: F.A.M. (food about music) on the beach  a great event with Carlos Jurado and friends!



Pacha presents: John Digweed and Angel Linde.. free entry for residents and a cup of champagne gratis before 1,30 a.m.!


Nova (Santa Eulalia del Rio) presents: Soldado!

This is the poster of the event!


Saturday 18th of May


Starting at 1,00 pm Ibiza jet opening party, with the music of Gaty Lopez!


Pacha presents…

A taste of pure pacha, with David Oleart, Sergi Mussa, the Shapeshifters, Dazzla and Graham Sahara!

And now …ready…because of next week will be the opening party week in Ibiza!!!!! And in these days we’ll talk about it!

Outside Ibiza


John Ferrer presents saturday 18th of May at Novo cafè: Versus party Ibiza.. a night of pure Ibiza sound…this is the poster of the event!!!


Ibiza vice! “The” party of Thursday night in Ibiza!

On Thursday night  in Ibiza the coolest party is at Bubbles, and it’s called “Ibiza Vice”.

Fernando Pablo Link, (in the picture below) one of the most active promoters of the island says:”Ibiza Vice is an intriguing and winning project. Since three months has become “the party” of Thursday night on the island“.


The line up includes, as Dj Resident, Alex kennon, that during the summer plays at the show “The face of Ibiza at privilege”, plus many guests every week, as Miguel garji, Tom Crane, Dj Aleksia, Sasa Mendone, Stefano Geminis, 

This week the party includes Alex Kennon, Sasa Mendone, Kameron Groove b2b Gustavo Godoy, and this is the poster of the event!


And, about the party of this week, Fernando Pablo says: “Quickly Vice Ibiza, has become a Festival of worship, for all residents on the island of Ibiza.
The line up of this month of April, will bring some surprises.
Thursday April 4,the responsables for making dance to the numerous fans that,Thursday after Thursday, fill room Bubbles,will be, Sasa Mendone (warm up), young dj and producer , it will be followed by the presentation of Kameroon Groove & Gustavo Godoy, djs Brazilian and Argentina respectively, this latter also producer; and by the end, the best time of the evening, with the dance floor reaching unimaginable temperatures dj and producer Alex Kennon, indisputable driver of the music of this party!”.

The party is free of charge!

And, before Bubbles, Fernando Pablo Link presents at Marina Botafoch a pre-party at Miss mash, a pre party with buffet, art and music!

Ready for the night?



Thursday night in Ibiza!

Dear friends, here you have a list of events for Thursday night in Ibiza!

Miss mash, Marina Botafoch

At the Miss mash there is the pre party of Ibiza Vice… and the event is organized from Fernando Pablo Link!

This is the link on fb to the event:

And this is the beautiful cover picture!




Like all the Thursdays, at Bubbles will be celebrated another episode of Ibiza Vice, with the music of Alex Kennon and Tom Crane! Free entry! And also here the organizations is by Fernando Pablo Link!

This is the link to the event!

This is the poster of the event!



Pacha presents: Vintage, with Sebastian gamboa and friends, during the night will play Anna Tur of Ibiza Global Radio and Mariano Grande!



9nine ibiza presents: Basic, with art, music and friends a special party with the presentation of the collection “Graffi”.. This is the poster of the party!


This is the link to the event:

So, have a great Thursday!

And now… save the date

Sunday 31st of March...

Pacha Ibiza… Ibiza talents anniversary!… Organized by Davide Avallone, special guest Danito, Marco Yanes and Alex Kennon! Soon ibiza by night will talk again of this party with more details!


This week in Ibiza!

Dear friends,

here you have a list of selected events in Ibiza this week..

Let’s start from tonight, with the classical appointment of wednesday night…


At the club la Kokotxa a night of excellent music with Jordi Tur and guest dj’s Alex Andre and Darmada.

From 21,00 till 5,00.Free entry. For more details, this is the link to the event on fb:




Bubbles presents the coolest party of thursday night “Ibiza vice”, organized by Fernando Pablo Link, and this week, with the sound of Alex Kennon and Bruno from Ibiza! From 23,55 till 6.00… free entry!

This is the poster of the event!


For more infos, this is the link on fb:

And before the Bubbles, don’t forget the pre-party at Miss Mash, with art exibition, tarots, numerology card, food, music  and more, still organized by Fernando Pablo Link.


And this is the link to the event of Miss mash:  Mirage Mirage presents: slope! With the music of Jack Steinel, Thomas Gioia, Jonathan Tena and Karmelin Halls.

This is the link to the event:

And this is the poster of the event!


Friday 15th of March

At calle Carlos V, n.12 Ibiza,”Embassy of Ibiza” presents a night of good music, with the sound of Joseph Serrano, The Goldiggers and J Fonnegra… this is the poster of the event!


And…. still Friday there will be the party “Touch” with Neverdogs, Cristian Viviano and Bones… this is the link to a special event!


Sirocco presents: Blue Tide, organized by Daniela Biagetti. One of the best events of the island this week has the soundtrack of four excellent djs: Mariano Somoza, Dj Pippi, Sergi Ribas and Miguel Garij, free mediterranean buffet from 21,30 till 23,30, music from 21,00 till late…



Pacha presents:playmovie, with the music of Nano Vergel, Abgel Linde and Jonathan Tena


The article will be updated soon!

Have fun!