Tonight, Booom’s time of “Phantasmagoria”: Mike and Claire Manumission are back!!!

Tonight, starting at midnight,  something great is happening in Booom !

Mike and Claire Manumission are back with “Phantasmagoria”..their new project!

With ‘Derrick Carter Does Disco‘, the creators of Manumission return to Ibiza with Phantasmagoria, a celebration between music, dance and cinema.

Booom will be transformed, with the noirish setting of smoke and low-key lighting into a sleazy underground futuristic blues club SEXUS.  Cumulating every Friday night throughout August, Phantasmagoria will be played out over 8 hours with the soundtrack set by resident Craig Richards, alongside guest stars including Derrick Carter, Skream, Matthew Herbert & Ivan Smagghe with music programming by Derren Smart of London Electronic.

Be ready for an unforgettable night..and expect many surprises…. because of  Claire and Mike are back!

And this is the poster of the event that will be followed by the team of Ibiza by night!

Many thanks to Laura Llorente for the media support!


21st of June, Cornino (Sicily), Cristian Viviano is back!

Next 21st of June, at La Capannina (Cornino, Trapani, Sicily) Cristian Viviano is back with “Southern roots”.

Cristian Viviano is a dj and producer absolutely appreciated in Ibiza (where played at Pacha, Ushuaia, at Booom, at mood up parties and in many other prestigious locations) and also a great friend of our community.

Cristian Viviano (in the picture below)  returns to Sicily, his land, with this new one project and said to Ibiza by night:”After several years spent in ibiza I decided to launch a project in my homeland, Sicily. The project is called southern roots, in collaboration with the reset crew from Trapani, we will propose some quality events.


The key of the project is the music of course combined with the desire to live the club in a different way. Our main goal is to grow along with an interested audience in search of new products and non-mainstream music! We will propose the best DJs on the international underground scene to be able to ensure that our research will become a school for you but also for ourselves!“.

So… there are all the premises for a great party!

The line up is completed by Avenir, Sebastian, Alexlab, and Spa & Jim.

Here you have the poster of the event.

And this is the link to the event page on fb for further infos :

This is the link to the official website:

Welcome back to Sicily Cristian!


Tonight, Booom Ibiza presents: Defected in the house with Nic Fanciulli, Andrea Oliva, Oliver $ and Paolo Rocco!

Tonight at Booom Ibiza it’s time of a new episode of  “Defected in the house”!

The classical show of Ibiza presents a line up that includes Nic Fanciulli, Andrea Oliva, Oliver $ and Paolo Rocco!

Here you have the poster of the event.. and with this line up this is a party not to miss!


Job opportunities at Suara for Ibiza!

Suara, the new show that will be celebrated every wednesday at Booom Ibiza, is recruiting staff!

This is the text of the announcement published yesterday on the fb fanpage:

“Suara is recruiting the promo team for our weekly party at Booom Ibiza starting June 4th to September 24th. We will be doing the casting next week at Ibiza (May 12th to 16th). If you wanna be part of the hottest party of this season please send your CV to with the subject: SUARA BOOOM. We need fun people with a good level of English who wanna be part of the kitty army in Ibiza. Meeeow!

Buscamos RRPP para nuestro evento semanal Suara en Booom Ibiza que arranca el próximo 4 de Junio hasta el 24 Septiembre. Estaremos haciendo el casting en Ibiza entre el 12 y el 16 de Mayo. Interesados, enviar CV con el asunto SUARA BOOOM a Importante buen nivel de inglés y ganas de ser parte de la armada gatuno en Ibiza. Meeeow!”.

This is the official poster!



This is the link to Suara’s fanpage on fb:

 If your dream is to work in Ibiza..well this is an opportunity…good luck! And please…don’t send us cv!!!


Defected in the house announces the first six parties at Booom Ibiza! With Nic Fanciulli, Andrea Oliva, Nick Curly, Guti, Kenny Dope, and many more!

Defected in the house, one of the classical and most appreciated shows in Ibiza, announced the line ups for the first six parties, every Tuesday, at Booom Ibiza.

Under Defected in the house will play famous dj’s and producers as Nic Fanciulli, Andrea Oliva, Nick Curly, Guti, Kenny Dope, Simon Dunmore, Dennis Ferrer, and many more!

The opening party will be celebrated the 20th of May in the disco club of Marina Botafoch.

Here you have the complete programs and Ibiza by night will follow to update you.
Be ready, because of Defected in the house is back!

DefectedITH_logo white



Guti, Noir, Oliver $, Secondcity, Sam Divine



Kenny Dope, Breach, Sam Divine, Cristoph



Nic Fanciulli, Oliver $, Andrea Oliva, Paolo Rocco



Noir, Flashmob, Copyright, Sam Divine, Simon Dunmore



Dennis Ferrer,  Nick Curly, Krankbrother, Sam Divine



Kenny Dope,  Guti, Catz n Dogz, Secondcity

Saturday night Ibiza.. Jonathan Roi presents “Mood up” with Neverdogs, Cristian viviano and Franz Costa!

Saturday night, at Boom Ibiza, Jonathan Roi presents his successful show “mood up”.

The line up of of this week will be absolutely intriguing …with Neverdogs, a cult band very loved in Ibiza, Cristian Viviano (happy birthday!!) and Franz Costa!

Ibiza by night gives the media support to the event!

For further infos, this is the link to the fb event page:

If you stay in ibiza next Saturday..don’t miss this event!



Ibiza by night meets Alfonso Leòn!

Ibiza by night meets Alfonso Leòn,  a young and talented Dj from Chile, that plays  in ibiza since few years.

Last summer Alfonso Leòn (in the pictures below) played in many locations as  Ushuaia and Booom, this winter was already guest at Mood up and is considered one of the most interesting young Dj from Chile!


Ibiza by night met Alfonso Leòn to talk about music, concerts and..of course.. the special relation with Ibiza!

IBN: Alfonso Leon and Ibiza, how has started the relationship?

Alfonso Leòn: “I first went to Ibiza in 2007, I had such a great time that I ended up going a few more times over the years on vacations and finally lived there for a couple of seasons. What I experienced on the island helped me decide to pursue a career in djing, I had been making electronic music for some years, and had been playing in Chile in a really underground fashion, but I was also studying Biology and had a great love for science. Finally I told myself I can´t be in both worlds, and bearing in mind the madness of trying to make a living out of music, I just went for it. It was a big risk, but the island responded and I was given opportunities which would never have happened had I not been there. At the end of the day, an island is empty without the people in it, so if I owe to someone it is to those who supported me and influenced me in the process. Ive made a great deal of good friends and have really great memories in the island, I don´t think I will be ending this relationship any time soon“.

IBN: You play in Ibiza in sumertime and also in wintertime, recently at mood up.. which is your perception of the island during the winter? Do you like the amosphere of Ibiza in wintertime?

Alfonso Leòn: “My perception is what my friends living there have always told me, that its a quite and relaxing place, perfect for recharging your batteries from an always hectic summer. I myself lived in a small town in the south of Chile for a few years, so I imagine it musn´t be so far of. Personally Id much rather walk through playa d’en Bossa during winter than during summer, if that answers your question“.


IBN:Last summer you played in many prestigious locations in the island.. as Ushuaia and Booom..which are your favourite places in Ibiza?

Alfonso Leòn:”To me its more about the party than the specific location. Off course its nice to play in clubs with great sound systems, friendly staff, beautiful designs etc. But this is the body, not the soul. I’ve been fortunate enough on playing in parties which I feel close to on a personal level, like “Vagabundos”, Luciano & Friends”, “Next Wave”, where I know first hand how those involved have poured their hearts into it, and these have been the best experiences for me. Be they held in Ushuaia, Booom!, Pacha, Privilege or anywhere, it doesn´t matter“.

IBN:  You played both in South America and in Europe.. are there big differences with the sound, the relationship with the crew?”

Alfonso Leòn:”I couldn’t speak for South America, but I think in Chile there is a difference in sound to what Ive heard elsewhere. It is and island of sorts, due our geographical boundaries, and there is a very tight knit scene since the beginning of the 90s. The first generations of Djs and producers where really influential to those coming after, and so forth. There also exists a lot of influences from Chilean and South American music. So there is bound to be a difference, and maybe a proportionately larger presence in underground music than what I’ve heard in places like Ibiza, Barcelona or Buenos Aires“.

IBN: Cadenza and Alfonso leon.. tell us something about your cooperation…

Alfonso Leòn: “Since Luciano founded Cadenza almost ten years ago I’ve been closely following its progress. I just love so many releases from the label. Our cooperation works this way, in a nutshell, Cadenza offers me opportunities which I try to respond to with the best of my abilities. I hope some day to fulfil my dream of releasing my music there too“.

IBN: Alfonso Leòn Dj and Alfonso Leòn producer..which are the differences? Do you prefer the studio work or the club atmosphere?

Alfonso Leòn: “The big difference is that in the studio I can be selfish, but in the booth I cant. I mean, I can be a bit selfish sometimes, but its a more social part of me that comes in play. I am in real time trying to make people dance, its my job, and what makes my job satisfying is that people dance to the same tunes I like, so thats where I achieve a connection with the audience. in the Studio, the connection is with myself. Both aspects breath life into each other, their both different and complimentary ways of expressing myself through music“.

IBN:What about your future projects? Can you give us a preview of your concerts for next months?

Alfonso Leòn: “Right now my main priority is finishing the projects I’m currently working on so as to start releasing them on a regular basis, I’ve also got great collaborations with friends coming up too. We founded a little collective with my friends in Barcelona, called “Minoria”, which is a project that will keep us busy in the city as we make weekly sessions. For my upcoming gigs, I’m always posting my presentations on my social pages, so follow me for the latest news! But to name some, Im looking forward to play in Cromie for Luciano & Friends in South Italy, as last year it got cancelled due to Cyclone warning in the area, and a our three man Minoria warm up for Zip in his upcoming presentation in Barcelona“.

Thanks Alfonso!

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