Saturday, Pacha Ibiza presents: Housepital! With Carlos Jurado, Graham Sahara, Enric Ricone and Gianni Aragno!

Saturday, 28th of March, Pacha Ibiza presents “Housepital”!

The successful party, leaded by Carlos Jurado, has arrived at its second successful season, and also next Saturday Pacha will be transformed in one of the most beautiful hospitals (or ..housepitals…?) of the world!

The “Music doctors” will be Carlos Jurado, Graham Sahara, Enric Ricone and Gianni Aragno!

So …as we already said…next Saturday prepare yourself for the best musical cares on the island, because of Housepital is a great and an happy party!

And… don’t forget…you will find excellent music Doctors, but also a lot of nice nurses ready to take care of you!

Here you have the poster of the event, that has the media partnership of Ibiza by night!

Ready for Ibiza 2015?