Ibiza live radio this week presents: Miss Luna, Ibiza by night radio show with Alex Kennon, John Ferrer, Fabrizio Marra, Ivan Garci and many more!

Here you have – also this week – the  schedule of Ibiza live radio’s (www.ibizaliveradio.com) main events .

The web radio station created and directed by our top friend Miss Luna presents also this week a schedule rich of prestigious guests.

The programs of the week includes Coyu Podcast (Thursday from 11 pm till midnight),  Fabrizio Marra (Saturday from 9.00 pm till 10.00 pm), John Ferrer (Friday from 9,00 pm till 10 pm), Tocadisco, Bruno From Ibiza, Jp Chronic, Ivan Garci for Poolside (a new one excellent entry!)  …and our Miss Luna will play several times !

But there is another surprise, this is the link to the new section of Ibiza live radio with all the programs: http://ibizaliveradio.com/schedule/

This week we have the sixth, special,  appointment of 2015 with Ibiza by night Radio show, this time is a special appointment fo Miami 2015,   next Sunday from 10,00 pm till 11,00 pm, with a super guest, Alex Kennon!

Alex Kennon  is an elegant young dj  and producer  born in Italy but based in Ibiza since many years where plays in prestigious locations as Pacha at “Insane”, but soon we will talk about him!

ibiza live radio
So, after a list of dj’s that becomes evey week stronger and longer and includes Rafa De Siria, Sarah Main, Joan Ribas, Dos, Leo Lippolis,  Christian Adamo, Gaty Lopez, Eli Rojas,  Aldoina, Paul Kenny, NiCe7, Cristian Viviano, Reelow, Kika (soon she’ll will be back…), Stefano Cioffi, Stephan Esse, Sasa Mendone, Lorenzo Calvio, Eran Lump, Agent, Give us the tools…and soon our family will include also other excellent dj’s as… Franco Moiraghi, Sabrina Terence (the Queen of Dubai) … be ready… because of many more top guests are arriving!!!!

Friday, Pacha, Davide Avallone presents: Ibiza Talents! With Alex Kennon, Eder Alvarez, Taia, Rickzor b2b Rumme and Inga!

Friday 27th of February, at Pacha, returns Ibiza talents!

The party, created and managed by the promoter Davide Avallone (that during summer is the promotion manager of Music on), also this time presents a great line up.

In consolle will play Alex Kennon, a young Italian Dj and producer that has already scored excellent results on the island, including the residency at Insane Pacha, plus Eder Alvarez, Taia, Rickzor b2b Rumme  and Inga: as you can see a line up that’s a guarantee of good music!

Ibiza talents in these years has proposed several artists, as Neverdogs, Marco Yanes, Reelow, that now are absolutely known and respected in the International scene, and this is the proof of the good scouting of Davide Avallone.

Here you have the poster of the party, that has the media partnership of Ibiza by night.

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook:


And this is the link to Ibiza Talents fan page on Facebook:


ibiza talents

Ibiza by night radio show presents: Aldoina, Sarah Main, Alex Kennon, Give us the tools, Leo Lippolis. A first list of great names for a great 2015!

Ibiza by night radio shows starts the 2015 with five important names!

This year on http://www.ibizaliveradio.com, the radio created and directed by our love Miss Luna, will play a list of excellent dj’s!

Let’s start to discover some names…

Saturday, there will be a great return, with our Italian princess Aldoina Filangieri.

Aldoina has played for Ibiza by night radio show last year, and a few weeks ago in Ibiza, but…stay tuned that we will talk about her tomorrow.


After Aldoina a strong Italian duo: Give Us the tools.

They play a great tech house sound…and their set usually burn the locations…It’s pure energy!

They will be an interesting surprise for summer 2015 in Ibiza…hear their set and trust us!


And then… SHE, the queen of Ibiza, Sarah Main, an Australian Dj and producer landed on the island since many years

Sarah  during summer time has a prestigious residency at ushuaia…and during winter time is around the world on tour.

Her smile and her music are so classy…and we are proud to have hear in our family!


After Sarah, I am very proud to announce that at ibiza by night radio show has landed a Dj that is for us a former member of our family: Alex Kennon.

Alex, after the brilliant opening party at Privilege Ibiza in 2014 and after the residency at insane Pacha…is ready for new great adventures on the island and around the world…and he will record a great set for us.


Last but not least an Italia Dj and producer that shares his life between Usa and Sicily: Leo Lippolis.

A great person, a great dj that we met and we heard in Ibiza last summer in some exclusive private parties.

Leo during his tours  will record a great set also for us…and will give a lesson of elegant music!


And stay tuned, because of many new wicked  names are arriving soon…

So, on these premises…are you ready for an amazing season on Ibiza live radio with Ibiza by night radio show?


27th of December, Trani (Italy) Alex Kennon!

Next Saturday 27th of December at Lampara, Italy, will play Alex Kennon, a dj and producer based in Ibzia that had played for the opening party 2014 at Privilege   and in the last months has played several times at Pacha as resident  for the cult show Insane!

So…ready for a night of good music.

The line up is completed by Fabio ricciuti!

This is the poster of the event!


Tonight, Pacha Ibiza presents: Riva Starr & Alex Kennon in Insane Again!

Tonight, Pacha Ibiza presents: Insane Again!

Insane was the good show of Friday night last summer…and now returns for a winter edition!

In consolle will play some good  friends of our community: Riva Starr and Alex Kennon (Ibiza by night interviewed  Alex last winter) ..so be ready for an excellent Friday night, and don’t forget, before Insane there is the dinner show FUDE with Carlos Jurado, Joan Ribas and friends!

Here you have the poster of the party.

For further infos: http://www.pacha.com


Friday, Pacha Ibiza presents: Be Crazy…Halloween edition, with Jean Claude Ades, Alex Kennon and Technasia!

Friday, 31st of October, Pacha Ibiza presents one cult party: Be Crazy, but in…Halloween edition.

The elegant show of  Jean Claude Ades, that since a few years scores brilliant results in Ibiza (last summer his parties were celebrated at Lio ibiza), will return for a special Halloween night… so dress properly a prepare yourself to.. Be Crazy!

The line up of the event is completed by another friend of our community, the Italian Dj and producer Alex Kennon and by Technasia!

For further infos, this is the link to the event page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/558793257586271/?fref=ts

And also: http://www.pacha.com

This is the poster of the party!


Tonight Pacha Ibiza presents: Insane! With Josh Wink, Alex Kennon and Willie Graff!

Tonight, Pacha Ibiza, presents an extra edition of “Insane”!

And the line up of the cult party of Friday night, tonight will play Josh Wink,  the Italian dj and producer Alex Kennon, and Willie Graff!

Be ready for the last “Insane” of the season… and the team of Ibiza by night will be there!!!

This is the poster of the event.

For tickets and further infos: http://www.pacha.com


Tonight, Pacha presents: Insane closing party! With John Digweed, Alex Kennon, Reboot and Mk!

Tonight at Pacha Ibiza will be celebrated the closing party of “Insane”..the event of Friday night.

For Insane it was a good season..especially if considered that had two big competitors as Music on  at Amnesia and SypermartXé at Privilege.

For the closing party will play a line up composed by John Digweed, Alex Kennon, and for the Italian dj and producer summer 2014 was rich of satisfactions, Reboot and Mk!

Four excellent names for a final party not to miss.

Here you have the poster of the event, that will be followed by the team of Ibiza by night.

For further infos: http://www.pacha.com


Tonight, Pacha Ibiza presents: Insane! With John Digweed, Alex Kennon, Mk, Groove Armada Dj Set!

Tonight Pacha Ibiza presents “Insane”, the show of Friday night!

The line up includes John Digweed, Alex Kennon, a great friend of Ibiza by night, Mk, and a Dj set of Groove Armada! As you can see.. tonight will play many excellent names  for an awesome party!

Here you have the poster of the event..and for further infos: http://www.pacha.com.

The pre party will be celebrated at Cafè Mambo in San Antonio!



27th of June.. Destino Hotel Ibiza presents: Avalanche! With Alex Kennon, Javier Gonzalez and many more!

Next 27th of June..starting at midnight,  in the great atmosphere of Tox club (Destino Hotel Ibiza- Pacha Group) will be celebrated the opening party of   Avalanche, the party created by Cristian Fiori!

The line up includes one of the Italian djs most liked in Ibiza, Alex Kennon,  plus Javier Gonzalez, Ariel Georgalos and Sofi Lucius..and the party has the media support of Ibiza by night!

Here you have the poster of the event..and relax during the day..because at Avalanche will be a long night of fun!

The entry is free if you put your names the names in the guest list!

This is the link to the event page on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/events/1430703100524702/?fref=ts


Friday, Pacha Ibiza..it’s time of Insane! With John Digweed, Dennis Ferrer, Alex Kennon, Mk!

Friday at Pacha Ibiza..it’s time of Insane!

The line up will include  a master as John Digweed, plus Dennis Ferrer, Mk and the Italian dj Alex Kennon!

the pre party will be celebrated at Mambo cafè (San Antonio) …and this is the poster of the event!


And don’t forget..if you wanna hear great funky music… in the Funky room there are two names that are a guarantee.. Pippi and Willie Graff!

Have a great Friday at Pacha..and for further infos http://www.pacha.com

Friday, Privilege Ibiza, the opening party with Fedde Le Grand, Deorro, Paul Ritch, Gaiser, Alex Kennon, Elio Riso and many more!

Privilege, one of the best and most loved disco club of Ibiza,will celebrate the Great  opening party next  Friday 30th of May!
In the main room will play a superstar as the dj and producer Fedde Le Grand, plus Deorro, Blasterjaxx, Dj Oliver b2b  Alex Kennon, Rey Vercosa (live show), Obek + Mc Apster.
Also the line up for the Vista club it’s very interesting and will include many dj’s respected in Ibiza, as Paul Ritch (live), Gaiser (live), Technasia b2b Dosem, Los Suruba, the argentinian dj Elio Riso, Arian, The pharm residents!
Here you have the poster of the event!

Welcome back Privilege!

And Ibiza by night will be ready to follow a new one epic summer!

For further infos & tickets : http://www.privilegeibiza.com