Tonight Ibiza by night radio show presents: Cristian Godoy on Ibiza Live Radio!

And tonight, starting at 20,00 till 21,00 (Spanish time) Ibiza by night presents a new one episode of Ibiza by night radio show on, the radio founded and directed by our dear miss Luna!!

the guest will be a dj and producer that has become a member of our family: Cristian Godoy!

Cristian ia a dj and producer that was born in Chile and since many years plays in Ibiza in prestigious locations as cafè del Mar.

We are very happy to have with us Cristian (in the picture below), so be ready for one hour of great music!

12092684_10156164824765074_643363249_nSo, after a list of dj’s that becomes evey week stronger and longer and includes Miss Luna,  Rafa De Siria, Sarah Main, Joan Ribas, Nice7, Dos, Leo Lippolis, Christian Adamo, Felix Da Funk, Gaty Lopez, Viktor Martini, Eli Rojas, Aldoina, Dazzla,  Cristian Viviano, Reelow, Kika, Stefano Cioffi, Stephan Esse, Felix da Funk,  Franco Moiraghi, Lorenzo Calvio, Eran Lump, Agent, Give us the tools, Sasa Mendone, tonight Cristian Godoy will play for us! And stay tuned, because of Alex Del Vecchio will be the guest of next episode, and then will play Frank Storm!

Ibiza live Radio: the specials of the week, with Miss Luna, Ibiza by night radio show with Lorenzo Calvio, Wicked 7 Network with Pirupa, John Ferrer, Felix Da Funk, René Goldman and many more!

Well is starting a new great week at Ibiza live Radio, the web radio created and directed by our great friend  Miss Luna!

This week will play many artists and friends of our community: Wicked 7 Network presents  Thursday Daisy  Hearthbreaker and Saturday  (Wicked 7 Network London) another friend of our community, the dj and producer Pirupa!

And the line up will include also  Felix Da Funk, John Ferrer,  René Goldman, Angel Cielo, Fabrizio Marra, a live stremaing next Sunday from London (stay tuned…Ibiza by night will talk soon about it) … and many other  sets!

But…but… don’t forget… Saturday, from 20,00 till 21,00 will be broadcasted a new episode of Ibiza by night radio show.

This week we have a new guest, the Italian Dj and producer Lorenzo Calvio, a name that many friends in Ibiza know very well after the brillian summer 2014..and in next days we will give more news about this special!

So, after Stephan Esse, Christian Adamo,  Aldoina Filangieri, Gaty Lopez, Eran Lump, Reelow, Kika, Cristian Viviano, Agent, Reelow, Stefano Cioffi, Sasa Mendone a new one friend join our community…and in next weeks be ready to hear also the music of Dos, Bec and Paul Kenny!

Here you have the poster of Ibiza live radio with all the specials of the week!


Saturday, Ibiza by night radio show presents: Christian Adamo on Ibiza live radio!

Next Saturday, from 20,00 till 21,00 (Spanish time), Ibiza by night radio show presents on a new one guest: Christian Adamo!

Christian Adamo (in the pictures below)  is an Italian Dj and producer based since a few years in Egypt..where has a residency in the prestigious location of Stargate, at Domina Coral Bay, Sharm el Sheikh…..and..of a big friend of our community!


Mr Adamo will play for us a set of Tech house..and, as he said:”I am very happy to join the family of Ibiza by night and Ibiza by night radio show…with the Tech house sound from Sinai!“.


So..after a list of excellent artists, as Aldoina, Stephan Esse, Cristian Viviano, Gaty Lopez,  Eran Lump, Kika, Reelow, Stefano Cioffi, Agent… we are happy to introduce to our community the sound of another brilliant dj..and many thanks to Miss Luna, owner and art director of ibiza live radio,  for the support!

Ibiza Live radio: the specials of the week! With Miss Luna, Ibiza by night Radio show (with Christian Adamo), Wicked 7 Network, Felix Da Funk, John Ferrer, René Goldman and many more!

Ibiza by night follows  also this week the media partnership with Ibiza live radio! Here you have  the radio’s programs with all the specials for next days at! Ibiza live radio is the web radio station based in Ibiza that has been founded and it’s directed by Miss Luna!! This week the line up will include as usual djs from worldwide and great friends of our community, as Miss Luna, Felix Da Funk (with his show “Born in Ibiza”), our friends of Wicked 7 network with two shows (Thursday with Saulo Pisa, and Saturday – in the version Wicked 7 network London, with Barbara Bush) John Ferrer (with the show “Versus party Ibiza”), Fabrizio Marra,  Renè Goldman with Soulon  and live streamings !!!!!!!!!

But there are more news.. next Saturday, from 20 till 21 spanish time there will be a new edition of Ibiza by night Radio Show.. after Stephan Esse, Stefano Cioffi, Kika, Aldoina Filangieri, Cristian Viviano, Reelow, Agent, Eran Lump, this week will play  a great friend of our community, Christian Adamo, an Italian  dj and producer based in Egypt where plays in a  prestigious location since years ….but.. don’t worry… soon we’ll talk again about him! And this is the poster of the week with all the programs!


Waiting for new year’s day… some events..

Dear friends…

we are next to new year’s day…but before…there are a lot of excellent parties in Ibiza…here you have a list of suggested events…

Thursday 27th of December

Miss mash presents:

Art, aperitif and music with “The art parade”!

The program of the night includes an exposition of art by the artist AndreaPop Naif plus a great performance of music.

The soundratck of the night will be of two  djs: Analogic System and Ivan G.



Bubbles and fernado Pablo link presents a great night… “Global showcase+ Ibiza Global Radio!

During this night (that will start at 23,55 till 6,00 will play two top Dj ‘s of Ibiza Global radio: David Moreno and Anna Tur! Free Entry!


Friday 28th of December

The Event


At pacha super-night.. with the second episode of  “Ibiza talents”, the show promoted by Davide Avallone

The line-up of this intriguing night includes Agent, Marco Yanes, Manu Gonzales and Angel Linde for a party with excellent music!


For further details about the party and for the guest list this is the link of the event on facebook:


Sushipoint presents a night of food and music with Iban mendoza and the warm up of Sasa Mendone


Saturday 29th of December

Guaranà, Santa Eulalia, presents  dj Tom Pool!


Sushipoint Ibiza

Sushipoint Ibiza presents. Stefano geminis and Sasà mendone live set!

And now…for the last day of the year.. start to save  a couple of  dates

Sankeys Ibiza presents, 31st of December 2012.. History of music of Ibiza…with SolDado, Reche, Nano Vergel…this is the poster of the event!


Still the 31st of December, at Mirage

Ibiza Underground Christmas revolution! with Tato, Analogic System, Rickzor, Ruger Elewan and Borja S!


And now…dear friends… have a lot of fun…See you soon.



P.s.   If you want to follow the official fanpage of Ibiza by night on Fb… this is the link:

Ibiza Talents!!!

Dear friends,

the 28th of December, in Ibiza, at Pacha, will be celebrated the second episode of “Ibiza talents”, season 2012-2013, the most intriguing show of wintertime in ibiza.

After the great success of the first night, last 30th of November, Ibiza talents returns with a great line-up.

During the night will play Agent (Cocoon rec- Desolat- Moon Harbour), Marco Yanes (Ibiza talents), that returns after the brilliant result of the first night, Manu Gonzales (Natural Rhythm – Ibiza Global Radio) and Angel Linde.

The event is organized by Davide Avallone, a name that guarantees good music and a professional show!

And, as we can read in the official page of the event.. “We live Ibiza intensely,
summer and winter same way…Ibiza lifestyle is our only way to be and the talents that grow up on the island represent all of us“.. a way of life that Ibiza by night agree 😉


To enter in the Pacha, there is a free guest list until 2.30 a.m.

For more details this is the link to to fb page of the event:

And this is the link to the Official page of Ibiza talents:

So, dear friends, if you are in Ibiza… don’t miss “Ibiza talents” the 28th of December!

Have fun!

Steve Massa