Thursday Hotel Destino Ibiza presents: Luciano, Gianni Callipari, Huxley, Joan Ribas and many more for the first anniversary!

Next Thursday 26th of June, starting at 4 pm till 11:30 pm, Destino Hotel (Pacha group) will celebrate its first anniversary!
And for this special party will play a great line up that will include Luciano, Gianni Callipari, the italo swiss dj and producer that Ibiza by night interviewed a few months ago, Huxley, Javier Gonzalez, Javi Green, Joan Ribas, Carlos Pulido & Lopezhouse and Iban Mendoza.
The party will follow after 11,30 pm at Tox club privè be ready for an unforgettable night!
Happy anniversary Hotel Destino!
For further infos, reservations and tickets (25 euros including one drink), here you have the official poster with all useful contacts!


Saturday, 1st of March, Nino Budapest presents: Joan Ribas!

Ibiza by night follows to update you about Nino Budapest (Hungary) place that since some weeks has started to receive guests dj from Ibiza (Pacha Agency) like Sarah Main, Dazzla Ding and many others

This week is the turn of an artist that is deply respected in Ibiza. Joan Ribas, for years resident dj at pacha and now also music director of El Hotel (Hotel Pacha Ibiza) , that will play next Friday!

So, if you are around Budapest, don’t miss it and be  for a night of great music, because of the great sound of Ibiza is arriving!

This is the poster of the event!


Joan Ribas, Gaty Lopez and Pablo Hernanz: an elegant NYE party at Hotel Pacha (El Hotel)!

Next Thursday, starting at 20 till 3 a.m. in the elegant location of Hotel Pacha (el Hotel, Marina Botafoch)  will be celebrated “NYE party”.

In consolle will play an excellent trio of Djs: “the master” Joan Ribas, gaty Lopez, an appreciated Italian Dj and producer resident in Ibiza and Pablo Hernanz.

Here you have the poster of the party




A special Xmas and 2014 for our special friends!

Dear Friends,

I am very happy to wish you Merry Christmas and a brilliant 2014!

The family of Ibiza by night in the last months has increased.. and I am very happy about it.. I am proud of your love and your support.. so…. it’s time to say thank you…

first of all to Ivan Fly Corapi that created the Xmas Flyer of Ibiza by night, then the professor Rafa De Siria, the websister Benedicte Gauthier, Jesus Sierra, Aitor Contreras Navarro, Katie “blue eyes” Hayley Knight,  Pat Quintero, Edu Clarà, Guadalupe “turbo” Revuelta, Tommy Paone Neverdogs e Neverdogs Marco (two djs..two brothers), Papa Jean, Luca Paone, Jonathan Roi, Carlos Jurado Guzman, Lady Daniela Biagetti, Gloria Geseri and the magical team of “Can horse”, Tischy Mura, Samira Estrella Drissi, Alex Andre,  Ximena de Leon, Gaty Lopez, Fernando Pablo Link, .. then the great family of Music on.. Ernesto Senatore and Carly, Roberto Postiglione, Luca Piccolo, Fabio Addimandi, Davide Avallone and Carolina, the magical sisters Raffaella Postiglione and Michela Postiglione, Mimmo Addimandi, Toto Postiglione, Viviana Addimandi, Filippo Mexico,  Domenico Scavone, Noemi Avallone, Angelo Scarano and Imma Pellegrino, lady Eleonora Caselli, then Christian Dori and Selvaggia Brown, Margarita Vita,  Axana Oxana, Diana Ban, Antonio Pica,  Cesare Cinquina, Fabrizio Marra,  Ernesto Ranni, Kike Lopez, Sophia Bellouke Sparks, Alex Andre, Maria Acevedo, Noe Lia, Gilberto “Gilbo” Balocco, Maxi en Ibiza, Natasha ibiza, Raimondo Barbaro,John Ferrer, Mauro Nakini, Renè Goldman,  mr Makkeroni Stefano Nicolini, Pio and lady Nicolini, Italo Bros, Pamela magic Pam and Juluud, Lorenzone Belfiglio Mariano Somoza, Sergi Ribas, Domenico Ruggeri..the Aussie king…Davina,Francesco fra nove zero nove, Princesca Vigneri, Christian “The sultan” Adamo, Raffaele Scognamiglio, Ku best year,   Sergi Villalta, Soldado Ibz, Marco Marzano, Ottavia Panigada,Fede Mendy, Sasa Mendone, Matteo bon Vivant, … and then.. Fabione Detroit, the excellent Francisko Franko Sangiovanni, Gioele D’agnone, Dincer Sharif, Luca Carta & Lorenzo Mion,Elisa Paonne,  Alessia Ferrante (change football team!!), Gianni Callipari and Andrea Oliva,  Leticia Rodriguez Carola,  Isa Skimal, Robertone Olivieri Paolo Firenze, Fabrizio Marra, Rene Brunner,  Mavi e  Valerio Deliberti,  Marco Faraone, Paolo Regis, Viktor Buda, Leon, Gabry la Sirena, Ettore Ennetielle, Mara dell’Osso, Gianluca De Tiberiis, Romeo Lorenzo Piatti, turbo woman Michela Pedretti, “the Mind” Andrea Decuzzi, Loretta Lory Pettene, Maria Chiara Buccianti,  Joel Yern, Maribel Torres, Lucky bros, the sweet Sylvia Operè, Carmen Valero, Iban Mendoza and Eva Wey, Federica Cencig and the great Franco Moiraghi, Naiara Tekila, my great photographer La Skimal, Faye Valentina, my bro Dazzla Ding and Ugne, the Nassau team (Cristobal and friends!!! I love you!!), Baby Marcelo, Flavio Vecchi, Nathan Barato, Carlo Lio, the great Jose Maria Ramon of Ibiza Global radio,  Emma Cortès (lady a  bonne intendeur..), Alex Kennon, Jey Indahouse, “the master” Joan Ribas, Ivan Terrenzio, Fabio Terrenzio and lady Terrenzio, Alex del vecchio, Giulia Courtney, Clelia Carpi, Psyed Yo,  Giovanni Cirillo, mayerlin benitezthe family of Bella Napoli.. Emiliano Rendina and the all family… Claudio Di Tullio,  Giulia Courtney, Fabio Terrenzio and first lady, Sylvia Operè, Jey Indahouse, the team of La troya.. with a special hug to Karl Morin, Felix da Funk,  Giusy Nicolosi, Igor Ribnik and Enter’s team, Mariateresa Bac, Igor Ribnik,  Luna Ibiza, Giovanni Isla on, Gustavo del Greco, Emelian Kovalenko, Cristian Viviano, the great Daniele Petronelli, Nacho Capella, Andrea Scozzesi, Jose Luis Cruz Serrano, Zoffy, Jose Maria Ramon, Asso Spades, Luigi Moretti, Marco Yanes, Francesca Di Berardino, Eleonora Georgieva, Sonia de Monti, Bohemia Ibiza, Dj Sly Chile, Pasquale Caracciolo, Valentina Chugainova,Chiara Masciulli, Imma Tarragò Molina, Eran Lump, daniela Piani, Jordan Jordanov, Ilario Alicante,  Gianni M.,  Cristiano Pao, Caterina Bianchi di Vigny, Vertaten Erkki, Joel yern, my young bro Jordi Tur, the team of Ibiza global Radio.. David Moreno, Tony Moreno, lady Anna Tur and Miguel Garji, Matteo Sacco, Stefania Talesa, Olimpia Credentino,  the magical Francesco Silenzio, Efrain Navarro, Matteo Panzariello and lady Giulia,   the new entries Julien Tax and Ilaria Tintori Castiglia… well surely I forgot someone… but forgive me.. I love you all!!!!

And, at the end, I want to remember Daniele Trezza.. Daniele even if you left us you will still remain in our heart!


Ibiza and more!

Dear friends…here you have some events in Ibiza’s nightligfe and more…


Opening party…Insomnio @ la Kokotxa…. with Jordi Tur, Miguel Garji, javi Viana..and entry…here you have the complete program!



Fernando Pablo Link presents Deep hoseworld bizarre, with the music of Alex Kennon and Toni Moreno!


Microclub..with music and more..with Papo, Marco Loko, Jessica Lopez, Idontlike, from 20,30!


Sushipoint Ibiza presents…opening party with Dj Sasà Mendone!

Pacha Hotel

House Vibes session, with Pablo hernanz hosted by Joan Ribas…


Pacha friday and saturday presents: pacha se mueve contigo…with a nice line up..this is the calendar!


Nassau beach, daytime, Dazzla Ding plays from 13,00 till 20,00… music and more from the Australian dj!

Saturday night


Big opening party! here you have the program of the season!


Blue Marlin Ibiza

From 20,00 till 2,00 great night with Jo Mill and the opportunity to eat at a special menu.. for more info… and this is the poster of the night!

And now..outside Ibiza…save the date..Amnesia will be at Ade Amsterdam…. the 20th of October …. with Together…this is the program!

And now, dear friends, have a great week and see you soon!!!

p.s. Ibiza by night has also a fanpage on facebook! This is the link:

Thursday and Friday in Ibiza!

Dear friends…

the time of closing parties has came… but…but… let’s finish in the way? Isn’t it?

Sumemr 2012, at the end, was a marvellous summer…and now let’s see what will happen in next days…





Tonight is the closing party of “Enter” …one of the coolest party of Ibiza…Richie hawtin and his group will finish with an amazing fiesta..will play also Paco Osuna, Remo, Hito, Nick Curly and more….here you have the poster of this unforgettable night!


FRIDAY 21th od September



Friday at Amnesia will be celebrated another great episode of “Music on” ..the great show of Marco Carola and friends… As you know Marco Carola made two extra shows ..and friday with the italian Dj will play  Neverdogs, Oscar Mulero and Marc Antona… this is the complete program of the night!

Other events



Tonight at privilege will be celebrated the closing party of “The Face of Ibiza”: Baby Marcelo and his friends will reserve another great show..with music, performance and trasgression… This is the poster for the last party! And the line – up is absolutely intriguing..with the performance of Baby Marcelo, the sound of Alex Kennon,  Dj Oliver and more…here you have the poster of the event….

Friday 21th of September

Privilege presents: Supermartex! Another fascinating show…this is the program of the night!

The Space


Friday the space presents “Beat and raw”…an unconventiona party…here you have the poster of the event!

Ushuaia beach Hotel

Ushuaia presents two nice parties, still from 17,00 till midnight!


Luciano is back, and with him will play Alfonso Leon, Argy and Brothers’vibe…


Closing party of of the sound more particular in the island… This is the complete program…

Pacha Hotel

Fernando pablo Link and Houseworld de luxe presents a fashion night at Pacha Hotel, with the music of Alex Kennon, Pablo Palumbo and Dj Resident Joan Ribas…with fashion of Boho Style and Q-Trenquen (design boots)…



Cream closing party!  With Paul Van Dyk, Calvin Harris, Benny Benassi, Adam Sheridan, Burns, Gareth Emery… for more info!

So dear friends! have a lot of fun!!!


Sunday and Monday in Ibiza!

Dear friends,

here you have a list of events for sunday and monday in Ibiza!!

let’s start!

The event

Privilege Today!

Dear friends, today I want to start with an unusual event… a kid’s party!

Today from 17 till 20 at Privilege will be celebrated a charity party… “Ibiza sonrie por los ninos”.. It will cost just 5 euros  and please, don’t miss it!

This is the poster of the event!


Privilege presents: a state of trance… with Armin van Buuren, markus Schultz, Aly  & Fila and more…here you have the complete program….



Monday Ushuaia presents the sisters nervo plus Adrian Lux and Hardwell, from 17,00 till midnight!

This is the poster of the event!

The Space


Space presents: We love space..the cult show of Sunday…here you have the complete  program of the night!



Amnesia presents the closing part of Pop Star…with Brian Cross, Cedric Gervais and more…here you have the complete program….


Amnesia presents…Cocoon…with Sven Vath all night long…, Dubfire and friends…more info at

Pacha hotel


Pacha Hotel presents: Trendy night, fashion show Diez Luna & Bolero, Dj resident Joan Ribas..

This is the poster!



Atzaro & Sushi lounge presents, the closing party, with Dj Howard, Sasà Mendone, Anna Tur, Bruno from Ibiza and OHM-G…from 20,00 till late…

Ocean beach hotel


Sebastian Gamboa and friends presents… Vintage pool party edition..this is the program….

Jet apartments(playa d’en Bossa)


Jet apartments presents a musical day with Dj Gaty Lopez, from 13,00 till 20,00!  This is the poster of the day!

So, dear friends… I hope that you’ll have a lot of fun!


Tuesday and Wednesday in Ibiza!!!!

Dear friends, here you have some suggestions for today and tomorrow in Ibiza!

The Space

Tonight at the Space will play the great Carl Cox and friends…here is the program of the night!


Tomorrow, still at Space, “Be”…Toolroom knights…with an interesting line-up…This is the poster!


Amnesia presents tonight:Together! With a great line – up and a great guest, Steve Aoki! This is the poster of a great night!!

Tomorrow Amnesia Presents: “La Troya” …th most trasgressive show of Ibiza that this week is called… “Casate en el templo de el amor”..a name…a you have the poster….


Privilege presents Tonight… XXLERATOR…a party rich of surprises…here you find the program and the line-up!

Tomorrow… from midnight till 07,00…next wave!!! This is the poster of the night!

Ocean drive hotel

Ocean drive hotel presents “look’s up september” .. the party of Tuesday night! From 20,00 till 01,00.. with the music of Carlos Jurado Guzmàn and Sylvia Operè… Carlos abd Syylvia organized the evening with Diego Demitroff, Daniela Biagetti and Carlos Santacruz! During the night, which is one of the most elegant in Ibiza, buffet music and surprises in a fantastic location!


Bubbles presents: Not guest list tonight, from 23,55 till 6,00feat, deep Houseworld bizarre, with Dj Phunktek System and guests… The event is organized by Benedicte Guathier and Fernando Link!

Pacha Hotel

Pacha Hotel presents wednesday night the “Energy night”..with sax performances and Dj resident  Joan Ribas!  Here you have the poster of the event!

So dear friends…have fun! And see you soon!


Wednesday in Ibiza!

Dear friends,

today the day will be very busy…too many events…let’s start to talk about it…


Ushuaia  Today at Ushuaia will play, as all wednesdays, the Swedish house mafia, and for the Swedish will be present Steve Angello, plus a special guest…Erick Morillo! And with them also will play An 21 & Max vangeli…this is the complete program of the day! From 17,00 till midnight!

Nassau beach club

Nassau beach presents: music and fashion with Dj Andy Piper, from 13,00 till 20,00!

By night


Amnesia presents: La Troya. The most trasgressive show of Ibiza is back…And this week “La troya va in convento”….The night seem to be… very intriguing.. During the night there will be also the espuma party!..these sare the posters of the night!

And this is the second poster!

The Space

Space Ibiza presents: Be at space! And tonight there will be a superguest! Fedde Legrand! This is the complete program of the event for an excellent night!


Privilege presents the first closing party of the season… Redfoo closing party! This is the poster of the night….

Pacha Hotel presents

Energy night, with Dj resident Joan Ribas plus guests…this is the complete program of the event!

So dear friends, have a great friday and see you tomorrow!


Friday in Ibiza!

So dear friends, are you ready for an unforgettable week end? This is the party calendar for today:



Marco Carola and his show “Music on” is back…another episode of one of the unforgettable parties of summer 2012 is ready! Marco Carola  will play all night long on the terrace, and in the main room will play Joseph Capriati, Maetrik and Carlo Lio. This is the complete program of the night:


Ushuaia presnts: Sasha and friends, from 17,0 till midnight in an unforgettable location!

Nassau beach

Nassau beach presents: music and performances with the sound of Dj Andy Piper from 13,00 till 20,00

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin presents “Playboy”..a party to discover….


Space presents: “Beat and raw”, one of the most unconventional shows of summer 2012. This is the complete program! And during the night Peter Hook will play  (he was the bass player of historiacal bands as Joy Division and New order!!!)the Japanese popstars, Klaxosn and more!


Privilege presents: Supermartex another great friday night party! This is the program!

Pacha hotel

Pacha Hotel presents “Golden night”, with Jordi Tur, Dj Resident Joan Ribas and more…this is the complete program! Shardana Shardana presents: Aperitive in music! from 21,00 till 4,00 with the music of Gauthier DM and Moody Pat La plage Ibiza presents: Get no sleep Ibiza, with the music of Fritz Kalkbrenner, Pan Pot and Steffen Baumann! This is the poster of the event! And now save the date


Playa es codolar- Soul beach: Gloria Geseri presents Rewind after tea party! With the sound of Alex Kentucky and many other surprises… from 14,00 till late….

PLASTIK (Playa d’En Bossa)

Ibiza Global radio party! with all the staff of Ibiza global radio: Anna Tur, Jose Maria Ramon, Toni Moreno, Miguel Garji, David Moreno and more!! A night of great music!



Bubbles presents: no logik label night, with the music of Gaty Lopez, Gee Van Dee, Daniele Petronelli and Natalino Nunes, from 23,00 till 7,00! So dear friends, have a nice friday!

Wednesday in Ibiza!

Dear friends of Ibiza by night onight there are many of suggestions…

Let’s start from the Amnesia...with the great opening of ” La Troya” one of the collest and most “particular” show of Ibiza….

Let’s follow with The space with the Toolroom Knights, from 10 pm with Atfc, Chus & Ceballos, Mark Knight, Forza, Marcoloco, Oscar Cano and Danny Marquez

Hotel Pacha presents:

Energy, with Dj Gold Dust, Ivan M-Sax live, I-One and guest, Dj resident Joan Ribas from 20.00 till 03.00

Lìo: first anniversary party..with music, cabaret and more…

Pacha: subliminal party..with Erick Morillo and guests….

Bubbles Ibiza.… music and more with the sound of Brandon Rullan (Miami) and Dj Stef Manni (London).

So dear friends…here you have some nice ideas for the night…Enjoy!!!!

p.s. Save the date tomorrow…Tomorrow at Delano beach “Prieè” with Jordi Tur dj Resident..and many intriguing performances…. here you have the flyer….

P.s. 2 the link of our fanpage on facebook is:

Friday in Ibiza!

Hi friends..tonight there are a lot of events in Ibiza… here you will find some suggestions…the party calendar has become absolutely rich of events….

Let’s Start…

Pacha presents: Pure pacha with Pete Tong, Madeon, Funkagenda and Angel Linde… from 23,59

Pacha Hotel presents.. Universal love..Dj resident Joan Ribas, plus Efrain Navarro B2B Jose Fernandez, Elio Munoz B2B Carlos Leòn & Moeeb


Great opening party, with a long list of dj’s … Oriol Calvo, Dj Oliver, Nalaya Live, Markus Schultz, Hernan Cattaneo, Tuccillo, Manu Gonzalez…here you have the complete line-up…

Space presents: Space sessions, from 22,00 …with Juanio Martin, Rene Asmez, Muzzaik, Garz, mario Alvarez and Dan Othran…Eden: opening party with Bassjackers, Apster, Jason Bye, Rue Jay and Alex Ellenger

Ushuaia…from 5 pm to midnight..”Senses”  with Neverdogs, iban Mendoza, jean cedric and Marysol Maior

Es Paradis “Fiesta del Agua” with Jonathan Ulysses and Steve Valverde

Ocean Drive Ibiza …Opening party..from 21,00 with Alex Andre, Jordi Tur, Inaky garcia, Jock Garcia, Darmada and Odeen R..

Shardana…from 21,00 Aperitive in Music  with Dj’s Kocis and Andrea Aureli….

Have a nice friday!!!!