Job opportunities in ibiza for Summer 2014 at Cirque de la nuit Ibiza. the requirements!

A few days ago Ibiza by night gave news of the job offer of Cirque de la nuit Ibiza.

Yesterday the management sent us all the requirements needed, and this is the press note:


Experience Ibiza the 2014 season, look behind the scenes backstage, meet the international crowd, expand your language skills and make some money. As a PARTY PROMOTER you will be selling individual events or individually tailored party packages to the international audience. Your portfolio incl.: IBIZA BOAT PARTY, IBIZA POOL PARTY and all IBIZA CLUB TICKETS (Amnesia, Pacha, Space, DC10, Ushuaia, Sankeys, Zoo Project, Privilege). Make it happen and apply now !!

In 2013 the two biggest event / promotion / ticket sales agencies of Playa d’en Bossa (BERMUDA & BEACH PALACE) merged up and operate together as CIRQUE DE LA NUIT IBIZA.

We offer competitive commissions and provide accommodations. Qualifications:

– 20 – 30 years old – available from May – September 2014 (at least 6 Weeks available!) – an appealing & friendly outer appearance – main keywords: reliable, team player, motivation, confidence & eloquence – experience in sales-promotion (not mandatory) – speaking: English, German, Spanish, Dutch or Italian (not mandatory!)

So…if you have the requirements and do you wanna try… good luck!

For further infos:



This is the promo video that Ibiza by night already published!


Ibiza by night isn’t a job agency and doesn’t offer any job opportunity.

Ibiza by night doesn’t assume any responsability for the job opportunities that are offered directly from the employers under its responsability.

Circoloco! NYD in Ibiza with Sven Vath, Jamie Jones, Matthias Tanzmann, Laura Jones and many others… in London with Davide Squillace, Tale of us, Infinity Ink and many more!

Circoloco, the cult show of DC 10 Ibiza,  this year will celebrate two NYD…. one in Ibiza and one in London!

In ibiza, starting at 12.00 am..Circoloco will return in DC-10 witha super line up that will include a legend as Sven Vath, Jamie Jones, Matthias Tanzmann, Laura Jones, Cassy, Tania Vulcano and many more.. this is the official poster of the event!


But, still the same day.. in London..another Circoloco… with Davide Squillace, tale of Us, Richy Ahmed Infinity Ink and many more!


This is the official poster of the event!

Two Circo locos..two great start in the best way the 2014!

For further infos, this is the link to the Circo loco’s fanpage on facebook:

If you are in Ibiza or London.. Enjoy!!

Tonight, Lips Ibiza.. Flash is back!

Tonight, at Lips Ibiza (Playa d’En Bossa) Flash is back!

The super guest of the night will be Dorian Paic…and the line up is completed by Ivan escura, Jaf, Taia and Peter Le Cool!

The entrance is free!

Here you have the poster of the event.. if you are in Ibiza don’t miss this amazing night!


Marco Carola tonight in Naples and in Ibiza the 31th of December!

Marco Carola, the is back in Europe! After the successful season in New York and Miami with Music on, Carola returns firstly tonight in his city in Italy, Naples, at Duel beat for the traditional show.. “Classic Christmas Style”… and here you have the program of the party with all the details…


And then..after Naples, Carola returns in “Music on” version in his cult place, the Amnesia, for an unforgettable 31th of December..

The line up will include also great names as  Jamie Jones, Marc Antona, Leon, Mar-T- Neverdogs and Pan Pot!

This is the poster of the event!


Are you ready for two great sets?  

For further

A special Xmas and 2014 for our special friends!

Dear Friends,

I am very happy to wish you Merry Christmas and a brilliant 2014!

The family of Ibiza by night in the last months has increased.. and I am very happy about it.. I am proud of your love and your support.. so…. it’s time to say thank you…

first of all to Ivan Fly Corapi that created the Xmas Flyer of Ibiza by night, then the professor Rafa De Siria, the websister Benedicte Gauthier, Jesus Sierra, Aitor Contreras Navarro, Katie “blue eyes” Hayley Knight,  Pat Quintero, Edu Clarà, Guadalupe “turbo” Revuelta, Tommy Paone Neverdogs e Neverdogs Marco (two djs..two brothers), Papa Jean, Luca Paone, Jonathan Roi, Carlos Jurado Guzman, Lady Daniela Biagetti, Gloria Geseri and the magical team of “Can horse”, Tischy Mura, Samira Estrella Drissi, Alex Andre,  Ximena de Leon, Gaty Lopez, Fernando Pablo Link, .. then the great family of Music on.. Ernesto Senatore and Carly, Roberto Postiglione, Luca Piccolo, Fabio Addimandi, Davide Avallone and Carolina, the magical sisters Raffaella Postiglione and Michela Postiglione, Mimmo Addimandi, Toto Postiglione, Viviana Addimandi, Filippo Mexico,  Domenico Scavone, Noemi Avallone, Angelo Scarano and Imma Pellegrino, lady Eleonora Caselli, then Christian Dori and Selvaggia Brown, Margarita Vita,  Axana Oxana, Diana Ban, Antonio Pica,  Cesare Cinquina, Fabrizio Marra,  Ernesto Ranni, Kike Lopez, Sophia Bellouke Sparks, Alex Andre, Maria Acevedo, Noe Lia, Gilberto “Gilbo” Balocco, Maxi en Ibiza, Natasha ibiza, Raimondo Barbaro,John Ferrer, Mauro Nakini, Renè Goldman,  mr Makkeroni Stefano Nicolini, Pio and lady Nicolini, Italo Bros, Pamela magic Pam and Juluud, Lorenzone Belfiglio Mariano Somoza, Sergi Ribas, Domenico Ruggeri..the Aussie king…Davina,Francesco fra nove zero nove, Princesca Vigneri, Christian “The sultan” Adamo, Raffaele Scognamiglio, Ku best year,   Sergi Villalta, Soldado Ibz, Marco Marzano, Ottavia Panigada,Fede Mendy, Sasa Mendone, Matteo bon Vivant, … and then.. Fabione Detroit, the excellent Francisko Franko Sangiovanni, Gioele D’agnone, Dincer Sharif, Luca Carta & Lorenzo Mion,Elisa Paonne,  Alessia Ferrante (change football team!!), Gianni Callipari and Andrea Oliva,  Leticia Rodriguez Carola,  Isa Skimal, Robertone Olivieri Paolo Firenze, Fabrizio Marra, Rene Brunner,  Mavi e  Valerio Deliberti,  Marco Faraone, Paolo Regis, Viktor Buda, Leon, Gabry la Sirena, Ettore Ennetielle, Mara dell’Osso, Gianluca De Tiberiis, Romeo Lorenzo Piatti, turbo woman Michela Pedretti, “the Mind” Andrea Decuzzi, Loretta Lory Pettene, Maria Chiara Buccianti,  Joel Yern, Maribel Torres, Lucky bros, the sweet Sylvia Operè, Carmen Valero, Iban Mendoza and Eva Wey, Federica Cencig and the great Franco Moiraghi, Naiara Tekila, my great photographer La Skimal, Faye Valentina, my bro Dazzla Ding and Ugne, the Nassau team (Cristobal and friends!!! I love you!!), Baby Marcelo, Flavio Vecchi, Nathan Barato, Carlo Lio, the great Jose Maria Ramon of Ibiza Global radio,  Emma Cortès (lady a  bonne intendeur..), Alex Kennon, Jey Indahouse, “the master” Joan Ribas, Ivan Terrenzio, Fabio Terrenzio and lady Terrenzio, Alex del vecchio, Giulia Courtney, Clelia Carpi, Psyed Yo,  Giovanni Cirillo, mayerlin benitezthe family of Bella Napoli.. Emiliano Rendina and the all family… Claudio Di Tullio,  Giulia Courtney, Fabio Terrenzio and first lady, Sylvia Operè, Jey Indahouse, the team of La troya.. with a special hug to Karl Morin, Felix da Funk,  Giusy Nicolosi, Igor Ribnik and Enter’s team, Mariateresa Bac, Igor Ribnik,  Luna Ibiza, Giovanni Isla on, Gustavo del Greco, Emelian Kovalenko, Cristian Viviano, the great Daniele Petronelli, Nacho Capella, Andrea Scozzesi, Jose Luis Cruz Serrano, Zoffy, Jose Maria Ramon, Asso Spades, Luigi Moretti, Marco Yanes, Francesca Di Berardino, Eleonora Georgieva, Sonia de Monti, Bohemia Ibiza, Dj Sly Chile, Pasquale Caracciolo, Valentina Chugainova,Chiara Masciulli, Imma Tarragò Molina, Eran Lump, daniela Piani, Jordan Jordanov, Ilario Alicante,  Gianni M.,  Cristiano Pao, Caterina Bianchi di Vigny, Vertaten Erkki, Joel yern, my young bro Jordi Tur, the team of Ibiza global Radio.. David Moreno, Tony Moreno, lady Anna Tur and Miguel Garji, Matteo Sacco, Stefania Talesa, Olimpia Credentino,  the magical Francesco Silenzio, Efrain Navarro, Matteo Panzariello and lady Giulia,   the new entries Julien Tax and Ilaria Tintori Castiglia… well surely I forgot someone… but forgive me.. I love you all!!!!

And, at the end, I want to remember Daniele Trezza.. Daniele even if you left us you will still remain in our heart!


31th of December.. Sven Vath, Ricardo Villalobos, Paul Ritch and many more…. Cocoon moves to Roma

Cocoon, the cult show of Monday night at Amnesia Ibiza, will move the 31th of December to Rome, Italy,  at “Amore music experience” (Fiera di Roma).

The line up of the show will include Sven Vath, Ricardo Villalobos, Extrawell live, Paul Ritch live, Dana Ruth and Dj Red!

If you are around Italy, this is a great event! Ibiza by night will follow to inform you about the programs of Ibiza’s heroes for the end on 2013!

Here you have the official poster of the event..and..don’t forget the 1st of January Sven Vath will be at Circoloco Dc10 Ibiza…


Ibiza by night meets Alex Kennon!

Alex Kennon is an appreciated Italian Dj and producer  resident in Ibiza.

Despite of his young age, he has worked the last two seasons  like dj resident in a prestigious show as “The face of Ibiza”  at Privilege.

But Alex (in the pictures below) works  in Ibiza with brilliant results also in winter time.

Since two years Kennon is the resident Dj at Pacha of “Ibiza Vice”, the successful show created by Fernando Pablo Link, plus parties at Booom and in  best clubs in ibiza, and  last week he amde also  a radio  sessions at Ibiza global radio.

Ibiza by night met Alex Kennon to talk about his winter in ibiza and the future projects….


IBN: So Alex, how’s going your winter in Ibiza?

Kennon: “To be honest this winter I’m gonna be between Ibiza -London-Barcelona, but I will be presenting in Ibiza for one monthly gig in Pacha, and with a new musical party project/concept called Lock with my friend DjOliver, and others gigs“.

IBN: Why many artists as you choose to live in Ibiza during the wintertime?

Kennon: “I think because we still feel the magic of the island after summer and as a base in winter is for sure a  box for inspiration and good lifestyle“.


IBN:You are the resident of Ibiza vice also this year, how’s going this experience

Kennon: “Ibiza Vice is a success project from last winter that was made in another club, and finally this year the promoter has the opportunity to show it in Pacha , one of best worldwide brand of Nightclub. It’s a really interesting experience and will join us soon great artists like Mandy, Nathan Coles, and others“.

IBN: You played in London, do you plan other gigs outside the island?

Kennon: “Yes the 1st nov was my debut in London with Italoboyz that was incredible and fully emotional experience, for Avalanche party in Hide club, and I’ll go back to London the 8th of february to act in another club, as outside gigs in schedule Swiss 21th of December at Pixclub, Italy 27th of December at Demodè Bari and 31th of December at Perugia at Gradisca club with Timo Maas, Thailand tour , London and probably a Southamerican tour“.

IBN: Let’s talk about your new production..we are curoius..please tell us someting about Kennon’s sound….

Kennon:”About my upcoming productions, will be released the 28th of november my next Ep called ” Party Girl”, there will be 3 original tracks plus 2 remixes included, one from Yapacc, a super live act artist from Berlin (Perlon records) and another groovy remix from the Germans duo  Pornbugs vs Dole & Kom ( Bondage music , Acker records) on the underground italian label Metroklang records, where release artists such as Argenis Brito,Ricky erre Love, Yapacc and Aldo Cadiz. The sound is a mix deep, acid and tech sounds“.

  Soundcloud Link for previews

Official Video :

IBN:As producer there is something cooking in next months?

Kennon :”As production I’m working on a secret project,  a new Ep for Bondage Music, with Sis, and  collaborations with many friends artists we’ll talk soon about it“.

Thanks Alex!

For further infos, this is the link to the fan page of Alex Kennon  on facebook:

Today, afternoon, Pacha presents a charity event!

Today, starting at 17,00 until  21,00, at Pacha will be celebrated a charity event to support  APNEEF, an association of Ibiza that help families with kids with problems!

Here you have the poster of the charity event with all further details, that has the full support of Ibiza by night!

And this is the link to the press note (in spanish) written by our friend Rafa De Siria:ña-de-apneef/10151908969859263

Please help this right cause!


Pacha Ibiza goes to Southern Korea, with Dazzla Ding and Sarah Main!

The world tour of Pacha Ibiza continues!

Next stop of the tour will be next 24th of December, at Sheraton grande Walkerhill,  Seoul, in Southern Korea !

Dazzla, the cult dj of Pacha, Nassau beach and many more prestigious locations of Ibiza (in the picture below), will play with Sarah Main (Ushuaia ibiza) in a party that will bring the soul  and the sound of Ibiza in the far east!


If you are there.. don’t miss it!

This is the poster of the event!


Friday, Pacha.. it’s time of Fude night!

Friday, at Pacha, starting at 9 p.m.,  before Ibiza Vice..there is the other one cult party. Fude!

Fude, invented by Carlos Jurado and supported at the p.r. by Daniela Biagetti, week by week has become the best way to start the friday night!

This week the theme is “Noche Japonesa”, and the music will be by Carlos Jurada and by guest Dj Paolo driver.. during the the party is scheduled also an exibition of Maramar

This is the link on fb to the event:

And this is the poster of the party with more contacts.


So, have a great and complete night Friday at Fude with excellent food and good music,  and then ready for the other show, Ibiza Vice!

Saturday.. The return of Mood up with Alfonso Leon!

Saturday, 14th of December, starting at 21,30, Mood up is back at Sirocco (Playa D’en Bossa)!

The show invented and managed by Jonathan Roi returns with an amazing program, that will include also an after at Moma, from 4.00 a.m. till late.

The line up will include Alfonso Leon, a well known dj  that played many times last summer in Ibiza at Ushuaia and in many prestigious locations, plus Antz, Pablo Vega and Johnny Rey!

The program of the party will include also a free Mediterranean aperitivo till 23,30 and Sirocco’s restaurant will be open from 21,30!

The entrance will be free, but only by guest list (send names to

For further details, this is the link to the event page on facebook:

And this is the poster of the event.

Ready for the party of Saturday night?


31st of December 2013.. Pacha Ibiza.. The official program!

After many rumors, and after that Ibiza by night published in advance the line up.. everything is confirmed..

The last party of Pacha Ibiza will be with an excellent cabaret show and with a lot of music!

The 31st of December Pacha will present a dinner show with the cabaret show of Lio, and then, music all night long with Sergio Mussa, Victor Nebot, Oriol Calvo and Riva Starr!

So, also for the last night of the year, Pacha is ready to offer a special party!

For further infos:

Here you have the poster of the event!